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Radiation VR1.1

By sephirotess
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Radiation(V1) by Sephirotess:


- 8 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian & Serbian,
- 5 shapes,
- colors, font face, font size... can be modified,
- easy configuration. Use the "config panel" to change settings.

- Serbian language thanks to HipHopium (,
- Spanish language thanks to Agelyk (,
- German language thanks to luzifersenpai (

Section "Divers":

- Date: full date (local language) & uptime,

- Dock1: applications dock (8 links) + Windows dock (notepad, calculator, Explorer...) + controls (hibernate, restart, shutdown...),

- Slideshow: it indicates the number of pictures in the folder & the total size. It indicates the path & the name of the file (mouse over the picture). The first orb opens the folder of the pictures. The second has for function to offer a preview, the third permits to stop and to restart the slideshow. The fourth set current picture as wallpaper. The fifths permits to preserve (or not) the aspect ratio (left and right click) and the last one apply (or not) a grey scale (left and right click),

- Time,

- Weather: information (from for 5 days. Icons by HipHopium :-).

Section "HDD":

- Letters (HDD C to Z ): shows the letter of the HDD & indicates the free space. Mouse over for more information,

- Recycle Bin: shows number of files.  

Section "Sound":

- Player: shows the name of the artist, the title of the song, title of the album and the cover album. It indicates the position of the title and the total length. Buttons: play/pause, stop, previous, next, volume up and volume down. Left click on the bar to change song position,

- Volume: left click on the percentage increase sound & right click decrease sound.

Section "System":

- Battery: shows battery level,

- CPU: CPU usage,

- Processes: number of open processes,

- RAM: shows free RAM. Mouse over for more information,

- SWAP: shows free SWAP. Mouse over for more information.

Wallpaper "Radiation". Original author unknown.…


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nice distribution of the elements (skins) on the desk I am a dummy! 
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Thanks a lot :hug:. It's a slightly different style from my usual work. Glad you like it ;-).
how do i download it?
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There is a "download" button on the right, To the top of the page ;-). Thanks for the fav & for the "watch" :-).
How do you play songs on it?
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To use the skin, the player (Winamp, WMP ...) must be open. Then you can use the skin to control the player and play the music ;-).
I have Windows Media Player on but nothing is happening with the music player on the desktop.
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Use the control panel (config folder) of the suite to change the player you want to use with the skin ;-). The default player is Winamp :-).
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Wow..Good skin i like it! ;) (Wink) Nod Clap 
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Thanks a lot :hug:. I worked a lot on the skins background :-). And thanks for the fav :hug: ;-).
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You're welcome! Hug I really like this combination of colors..And also the shape corresponds to this type of background. ;) (Wink) 
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I played with the colors, so that they correspond (more or less) to those of the wallpaper :-). The shapes were a bit tricky to do. I wanted something round, or oval. It was not obvious ;-). I really like the final result. I am disappointed with the ridiculous number of downloads ... :-(.
ApexXx-SenSei's avatar
The end result is really good.. I know it is always a problem to make the desired shape. ;) (Wink) When i make some shape, i change it 5-6 times, until i'm satisfied with the end result. :D (Big Grin) lol 
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sephirotessHi!   muchas gracias amigo!!!!! Clap Clap  
                            Sep by Dimahd45  Thank you!!!!Hug 
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You're welcome & I like your wallpaper :hug:.
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