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Zombie Apocalypse Meme

Because it's highly possible I've been waaaay too inspired by *DeviantDead...

Do you enjoy the idea of post-apocalyptic couture made of garbage bags and old denim? Do you spit in the face of disaster with a chic chain-mail mesh-lined trench-coat with hidden pockets for knives or extra ammo or trail-mix or whatever? Let's face it: do you long to chronicle your changing or possibly deteriorating fashion as the zombie horde grows ever larger?Then I think I have your meme, here.

Please feel free to use your OC instead of yourself. God knows I would just be a zombie for all the stages if I did actually draw myself. Including before.


Brushes from dA stock (I will dig up who and post as soon as I find it! c:).
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If you're interested in how you REALLY handle in a high stress zombie apocalypse, look into the LARP known as Dystopia Rising. Seriously, it's fun, dramatic, and honestly, a lot like scream therapy.
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I'm a bit late to the party, buut...…
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Awesome meme~! xD Do you mind if do use this?
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how do you draw on this? I'm kind of new to DeviantART, and i REALLy want to draw on this
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You have to download the image (there should be a button to the right that says "Download"), and then open it in a graphics program like Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp, Paint, etc. If you want, you can also draw on paper, scan it in, then copy/paste the drawings over the downloaded file. Whatever works for you!
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okay thank you so much Chuuplz (Fixed) 
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im gonna do one can i use this
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Now the question is, study for my science test or do this.
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ive ben w8in for something like this o.o

im doing it

i so am

this is gonna be my first meme :D
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One of the only memes I've done so far.... It was really fun!
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