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2013 OC Ball

By Sephiramy
Download for the full size! It's gigantic!

I have compiled together all of the sketches I did for last week's 2013 OC Ball that ~Digitoonie and I ran over on tumblr! It was a GREAT time, I think I'm still a little art-drunk. Or art-hungover? Hum.

Anyway, there were SO many awesome characters, it was hard for me to pick who to draw... and then as time wore on, it was hard for me to stop picking who to draw! I still wish I would have had more time. (Or at least made it an even 40, rather than the 38 I accomplished. Oh, well. There's always next year! Maybe. Maybe.)

I am going to endeavor to list all the cameos I have here... some, I only know their tumblr, but if you have a deviantArt and you are out there, please give a shout, and I'll update it! Er, unless you like having your tumblr linked, which is also fine. c:

In some kind of rough left-to-right vignette-to-vignette order...
:bulletyellow: Sef via ~lazysmirk, Raj via jakface, Lucifer via ~Digitoonie, Rafi via *Kayzig, Silvano via ~Spesiria, Helvetica via *gabiiiiiii
:bulletyellow: Rocky via *Kayzig, Kilo Monster via *Kilo-Monster
:bulletyellow: Illa via marblemartin, Edgar via prawnlegs, Neroll via stopitsembellished, Ophelia via amphiaria, Charlie via =starsandpolkadots
:bulletyellow: Tripod via *Oly-RRR, Tam via ~KacyDoodles, Ayshia via *Kilo-Monster, Wyse via ~manic-pixie, Bella via elzee3
:bulletyellow: Simon via
amphiaria, Lucifer via ~Digitoonie
:bulletyellow: Pierre via *rassafraggin, Akio via ~gravitationaltim, Blue and Tigris via ~Coelasquid, Little One via ~KacyDoodles, Char-Foot via mortalityplays, Nolan via stonelions, Minnie via *rassafraggin
:bulletyellow: Zia via *Kayzig, George and Pixie via ~Adoradora
:bulletyellow: Qiang via warchiefeny, Milo via cafiffle, Izzy via ~Adoradora, Lottee via buttart, Mr. Gasmask via start-price-of-cats, Eleanor via ~chainSMA
:bulletyellow: Lucifer via ~Digitoonie, Emperor Steven via ~heysawbones

There are also, of course, appearances by my jerks, Roddy, Mona, Desma, and Penn.
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Pinkaila's avatar
Adore your style so so much!! <333 so unique yet has a familiar quality? XD I can't even explain... reminds me of Disney coz it's just so gorgeous and perfect ;u; so much personality shines through your characters too~
starsandpolkadots's avatar
Toradh's avatar
Woo, thank you to put all these together, it’s such a lovely collection of expressions, dresses, and situations!
Now I'll have to check out the other participants…
savagelucy42's avatar
I need to compile all mine, too. I love these by the way, gah I have no idea how you found time to produce all this art AND manage a tremendous queue!
persekore's avatar
I wish time and life hadn't totally swamped me at the last minute here. :( I was so looking forward to getting Cait and Tobias all dressed up and playing nice.
persekore's avatar
I hit enter and it posted instead of giving me a new line. Well then, be that way: even if I couldn't draw, it's been so much fun watching everyone put on their best and come join the party! I do hope you do it again next year!!
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LunaBell's avatar
soo much win. 

this was so fun >W<
Sephiramy's avatar
This makes me happy! I am so glad you had a good time!
rodentfanatic's avatar
It's hard for me to totally match up who is who but my fave bits are the lady with the giant slug and the lady out-laughing all the dudes =D Also I love that Desma gets a new dress by the end as a continuity nod!
Sephiramy's avatar
Aw, haha, yes! I think those two were the best liked by most of the guests - I'm pleased so many enjoyed them. C: Those would be Pixie and George, and then the first one credited with Sef, Raj, Lucifer, Rafi, Silvano, and Helvetica.
Kayzig's avatar
Nefarious Laugh-Offs are my new fandom.

AAAAAHHH though!! You did so awesome at this, no one throws an art party like Gaston you! *u*
Sephiramy's avatar
Sooooo many people loved the laugh-off, I feel it is the crown jewel of the OC Ball crown!

And d'aww. ;u; Thank you, seester! <3
MiaMuffins's avatar
George is so precious :XD:
Sephiramy's avatar
George was the belle of the ball. I think he received more cameos than anyone!
Adoradora's avatar
You are an absolute marvel, and if you needed to take an entire month off after this I don't think anyone could possibly blame you.
Sephiramy's avatar
Shucks, thank you so much! I don't know if I will even make it 24 hours before I want to draw, again, haha, but a break from deadlines will be good for me. c:

Thanks again for letting me borrow George, Pixie, and Izzy! I hope you had a good time, the art you made for it was great, and very engaging... as usual!
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