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The children are preparing lunch. Chester made the curry warm while Lacus and Lee wiped the table and covered it. Lucas drinks glasses with water. "Food is ready!" Chester calls and puts a pot of curry on the table. Noel put rice on the table and sat together at the table. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Lacus opened the door, outside there is a blond boy, who always hangs by the Ferid. "Hello, I'm all alone, Ferid is in the mission, please let me in until the Ferid brings me back to the orphanage," begged the blond boy. "Of course, come on in, I'm Lacus Welt and who are you?" Lacus invites him. "Thanks, my name is Mikaela Hyakuya you can only call me Mika, I'm glad to meet you, Lacus, Hey, what are the other kids' names that are true your family, I've heard about tomorrow the Hyakuya Orphanage is getting a new family member also from an orphanage? " Mika starts entertaining. "No, we are all brothers and I'm Chester Welt, I'm big brother of Lacus, so I'm glad to meet you, Mika." Chester talks to Mika. "I'm Noel and I'm six years old." Noel exceptionally said in full sentences. "I'm Lee World and I'm five years old," Lee introduced himself. "I'm General Lucas Welt at the Vampire Annihilation Unit! I'm going to kill every bloodsucker!" Lucas cheekily said to Mika. "If you're upbeat, come on boy sooner! This boy is obsessed with the devil, take good care of your brother so that he does not come on the wrong side, if he's on the wrong side we have to destroy him! " Mika tries to scare the Lucas. "A lunatic, I knew it! You came to destroy us all, I'll kill you!" Lucas bellowed and hit the mika with his fist on the floor. "Lucas stop you idiot right now!" Chester scolded, clutching Lucas tightly around him. Mika gets nosebleeds. But you do not mind, I still like my new friend, Hahaha! "Laughed Mika and gets up again. "We're really sorry but Lucas is an aggressive idiot, but you're fine, bleeding Mika's nose," Lacus speaks to him. Hey, we can make friends, we'll see each other more often when you're wearing this dress, I'm not a vampire yet, and officially, I live in Hyakuya House But I'm Ferid his darling, so I'm allowed to be here for a couple of days every other week. "Ferid actually wanted to bring me back, but that's where the mission with Lucio comes in. That's why I'm here on my own as a free man." Mika talks to Lacus , "Lacus does not say anything about the camouflaged vampire boy, he disguises himself as a human but he's a vampire," warns Lucas the Lacus. "No, I do not think he's a vampire," Lacus assures himself. "I'm really not a vampire, I have no fangs and no pointy ears, I'm a normal boy," Mika said to Lucas. "Then with me, I'm obsessed with devil, you're obsessed with vampire, you're the only person who feels comfortable with a vampire, that's not normal, you're really not a normal person, I'm sorry about that, I'm real you think you're a vampire, but I'm still careful with you. " Lucas clarifies with the mika. "So if it's peaceful now, we can start with the food before it gets cold, Mika, do you want to eat with it, it looks like it'll serve you with a portion of curry and rice," Chester said as he dined. "Yeah thank you for inviting me to eat, I love curry and rice." Have a good appetite all together! "Lee wished and started eating." Thanks you too Lee! "Thanks everyone at Lee's." Ready on the squares ! "yells Lucas and Lacus," Hey, what are you doing, I wanna join in! ", Mika says," You do not really want to do that to Mika. It's unhealthy to go slinging. "Chester guesses against Mika.
"I am also a fast eater." said Mika.

Chapter 7 Comming soon!

Author from Original Story of german is :iconkujfa12:

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Translatet in english by Sephikuji

Everyone gathered at the palace of Queen Krul. Also the Lacus with his siblings gathered there around the messages of the queen to inform. In a short time later, the students from the Evil Academy come to. "Oh no, Emanuel is here too, the mean half-brother, he's a student from the Evil Academy, he's coming up with a plan on how to rip our DNA, and he's responsible for our father's bad luck." Lacus sighed when he saw Evil Academy uniforms. Chester tapped his shoulder on Lacus and said to him, "Look at the right side of the palace!" Lacus looked at it briefly on the right side and sees the Ferid with the blonde boy standing. "This man is on the hatred list right after Emanuel." Lacus sulks softly and inconspicuously.

Soon the queen will come out of her palace and demand attention. "Dear Vampires and Livestock, I ask for your attention !! We are about to fall if we do not hurry up our plan! We need more reinforcement and more men and more livestock! Therefore I search more livestock under 13 years to collect !! And you livestock listen well, if your life is worth it, if you do not cooperate with us you either die from us or from the virus that is spread in Japan, consider when we are destroyed by humans, you have no protection from the virus !! And I still have something to report the Japan Imperial Army yesterday kidnapped a boy named Lucio from the hospital, he will be called a guinea pig of the Seraph of the end We have to stop people Before the experiment comes to pass, our mission is to save this boy and turn him into our livestock! I hand over the word to Lord Ferid Bathory " hold the Queen Krul a speech.

Ferid goes to the corridor. "I am Ferid Bathory the 7th ancestor of the Vampires and give more detailed information on this mission, we will see through the human plan and ruin the plan by saving the 12 year old boy named Lucio Welt from the abuse of the experiment we need two groups of 12 people one group distracts people and another rescues this boy, protects him and brings to our main quaternary! To all vampires who of you is involved sees in the notice in the headquarters! The mission begins in 4 hours at the landing field !! Prepare well it will not be easy for me to develop your new weapons!
Dismissed! "Ferid announced to the vampires.

"Come on guys let's go to the city square! There's a plan change." Kenshin asked his brothers. Lacus and others follow the Kenshin hastily. At the city well the Kenshin stopped. "From here you can go to your apartment on your own, you go ahead, I'll come after you but I have to go to headquarters quickly and see if I'm involved in that, I'll get back to you as soon as possible and let you know if I have to participate in this mission. " Kenshin said to everyone. "Well, I'll transfer the responsibility, see you later, Kenshin!" Chester said, taking his little brothers by the hand. "See you later, my dears!" Kenshin says goodbye and rushes to the main quatier. "Come on brothers, let's go to our hood!" Chester orders and runs back to the apartment.

When the children arrived at the apartment, they all climbed up the loft and sat on the cushions. It had been silent for a while, everyone was stunned by the thought. In a short time later, Kenshin comes back from headquarters with one of his weapons equipped. "I am sorry brothers but Ferid has enlisted me in the mission I have to save the Lucio world, that means you have to be alone for a while I brought food for you I hope it will be enough for me to be back Fear, I'll be back as soon as possible, do not be shy, do not peel off, little ones! See you later! "Kenshin told his siblings and left.

Chapter 6 comming soon!

Author from Original Story of german is :iconkujfa12:

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Translatet in english by Sephikuji
An hour after taking the blood, Kenshin returns to the apartment with his brothers. Kenshin looked at the clock. "Time for breakfast! I have another boiled rice left," Kenshin told the brothers. "Big brother what is your name?" Lee asks him. "I'm Kenshin World And what's your name Little brother I've been missing here for over six years Lacus was the youngest brother for me," Kenshin tells him.
"I am Lee your current youngest brother." Introduces Lee. "I'll tell after the meal how I became a vampire," announces Kenshin. Chester hands out the rice. Lucas pours every water. "Finally eat!" Cries Noel before he starts to eat. Lucas and Lacus shovel the rice in quickly. Noel and Lee swallowed each other. "You do not laugh while eating!" Commented the Chester. "I'm done!" Said Lacus, pushing the bowl away from him. "Eating fast is unhealthy Lacus!" Chester comments again. "It's better to eat than rotten dishes, it spoils you because you're too slow!" He countered. "Look, Lacus, what I have there!" Said Kenshin to him and shows him a baby picture of him. "You just carry a picture of me as a baby?" He asks the Kenshin. "You've been 1 year and 8 months old and Lacus was a high school highlight!" Kenshin said. "You were underdeveloped Lacus," the Chester comments again. "You do not have to comment on every little thing, the giant baby can not stand for its developmental delay," said Lucas to Chester.
"Hey Noel, the last time I saw you, you were a newborn baby, you're already six, right?" Kenshin calls the Noel. "Yes, I'm six, I'm in school," Noel replies in concise sentences. "I'm already finished eating now, so I clear the dishes." Chester said and puts the dishes in the dishwasher. "Let's go to the living corner and make us comfortable, I'll tell something about my experiences," suggests the Kenshin. "Where is the living corner?" Asks the Lacus. "Did not René show it? It's behind the sleeping place." Kenshin answers.
The boys storm to the living area.
Behind the sleeping area, a sloping ladder goes up. At the top there are several cushions and a couch.
"It looks very comfortable, I take the couch." Lucas said and sat down on the couch. "Still, I miss my parents, I want to go home, I want to go to mom and dad!" Noel said tearfully. "We're going to plan a getaway soon, and how best to get home," Lucas said.
Kenshin shook his head. Unfortunately, I can not escape it, but I did not survive as a human, and Koyoke also tried before me and finally became a vampire, nobody comes out alive, either you die or you become one Vampire: Involuntarily you become a monster the longer you are a monster, the more you lose your mind.A young vampire said to me, "If you have a lot of discipline and morality, you can live like a human who can not die natural death." explains the Kenshin. "That means we'll have to stay here for good or bad and become utility animals, so I'd rather be a vampire than die." Means Chester. You can escape if you're faster than a vampire, but you rarely have to flee some of those out of the city, and most of the time you have to sacrifice yourself in order to escape someone. "Kenshin revealed the escape route. "Tell Kenshin, do you know the guy named Ferid Bathory who has the vampire with the blond boy with him, he's a bit too hypocritical for my taste, I'm scared of him, Kenshin please protect me from him." implored Lacus. "Lord Ferid is in contact with the Hyakuya sect, and this kid's favorite kid from the Hyakuya orphanage, he's responsible for soldiers right now, who's just so nice when you fit in with him." Describes Kenshin. An SMS signal lights up on Chester's mobile. Chester reads it out. "Hi guys, I hope you're fine, have the vampires kidnapped you, if so, please do not follow anything that pleases you ... I ask you if you go to sleep please do a good night ritual with the Lacus, Noel and Lee! If Kenshin is with you, please let me know, your mother. " Chester writes the SMS back.
An announcement: "An important message from Queen Krul! At all present here in Sanguinem, you must all gather in front of my palace! I ask you also take the livestock"

"Have you heard that? We must go to our queen as soon as possible!" Announces Kenshin...

The Chapter 5 comming soon in english!

Author from Original Story of german is :iconkujfa12:
The Original is…

Translatet in english by me Sephikuji!
At night, the Lacus can not sleep. He unobtrusively looked at the René as he keeps watch with us. His brothers are sleeping soundly like a stone. René, too, was falling asleep. He himself is very tired but he does not dare to sleep. Suddenly a light goes on. A vampire enters the room. "René, you have to wake the children and help them get dressed, and in an hour you should be taking blood," he said to René and leaves. "All right, boys It's almost four o'clock in the morning! In an hour you have to go to blood," he wakes the boys. "Oh man it's still night you vampire!" Moans the Lucas and turns around. Then the René clings to the collar of Lucas and pulls him out of the sleeping bag. "Slowly I'm running out of patience, I know you do not want to be here, but I expect you a little more respect and kindness from us vampires! Got us now, buddy." he scolds Lucas.
"We're really sorry, René, but he's really an idiot, but please do not do it to him!" The Chester implores. René drops the Lucas and apologizes. I'll try to stop my aggression, who needs to comb my hair, okay, three out of five, start with the youngsters, "René said to the boys.
Lee sits down and lets his hair comb. Chester and Lucas help the Noel and Lacus get dressed and comb his hair.
"Does it hurt when you tapped blood, René?" Lee asked. "In the beginning it can be uncomfortable, but you'll get used to it, smaller, and while we're at it, I want to ask for your name, and I'll have to register for the blood test," René announces. "All five hot world! And I'm something special and is also called Lucas!" He introduces cheeky. "I am Lacu's world!" "I am Lee." "Noel." I'm the smartest of them all and I'm Chester! I'm already 10 years old! "Chester introduced herself. "Well, then we have a walk in front of us guys, it's sorted by alphabet, you have to go to the far corner of the blood collection point, it's about 1.6km to go." The René tells the boys.
They are leaving now. Seconds later, a big man stands in the way with a big grin on his face. "Who's such a funny guy? He scares me." Whispered Lacus to the Chester. Suddenly, a blond boy of the age of Lacus appears behind the man's cloak. Next to me, Ferid Bathory is the 7th ancestor of the vampires, he's a very nice guy, he lived here in the sanguine, "the boy tells about the Ferid. "Exactly I am the good Mr. Ferid Bathory, I am a noble so a powerful vampire, you dear see each other again!" Ferid introduced again and continues. "Keep away from him kids, his fuss is wrong. Yesterday you saw a vampire tied with a long ponytail, he nearly died by him, he lives because the queen made him a vampire Be at the blood collection hall for 10 minutes! " Warns René the boys. They rushed to the halls the last few meters. At the entrance there is a vampire with a name list on each side. I'll pick you up after that, wait here when you're done. " Says René and goes to the HQ. "Hey, look no further than the left side, this vampire is sure to be our big brother!" Says the Lacus. "Good idea we should contact this vampire, he is Kenshin, he has typical world eyes and hairstyle!" Chester agrees. I can remember it again, I'm so sorry, brothers, I'm a bloodsucker, please do not hate me ... "" Hey freshman, you can not talk to the livestock! "Yells another vampire purely. "These people are my family!" Contradicts Kenshin the vampire. "Then René should take over your posts, then you can take care of the new livestock, will you bring them to the blood for the night, we'll talk in private," the vampire said to Kenshin. "Okay," confirms Kenshin.

Chapter 4 comming soon!

Author from Original Story of german is :iconkujfa12:

The Original is…
Translatet in english by me Sephikuji!
After a long ride you finally reach the destination. The vampires finally opened the door of the van. Please come on line and you will all be registered. "The vampire said and let the children get out. Lucas and Chester take Lacus and other brothers by the hand.
"I wonder why the vampires are so friendly, maybe we humans wrong them," he notes as he stands by the line. A vampire knocks on the shoulder and laughingly says, "Do you all know how to be like you humans, many years ago I had to do this, I'm your contact, you can call me René." "My name is Lacus and I'm eight years old, this is my brothers, but it's not all, Kenshin disappeared six years ago, and Koyoke became a vampire." he at the Rene. Another vampire picked up the five children and brought them to one apartment with beds and sofas. Then everyone gets a uniform robe in their hands. Lacus looks at the vampire right on his face. "You're one of us, are not you a vampire, you have the same characteristics as my brothers and I," he notes. "I'm so sorry, guys, I really want to be alone," the vampire said and ran out of the room. The René comes in the apartment. "I do not know what my colleague has, he is a new guy, his name is Kenshin, but he is your brother, is not he?" We found him unconscious on the ground at the age of eleven remember nothing at all. "René tells the boys and helps you to move. "Thanks René for helping me move, you're really nice," he says thank you. "Yes thank you René!" Noel and Lee also thanked. "Do you both need help with moving?" Ask the René.
Lucas and Chester shake their heads and say nothing. "Well then I'll get something to eat for you, be good and wait here until I come back." Said René to the boys as he leaves the apartment. Lucas hits the Lacus and scolds him. "Are you handicapped or something! Slime the vampire!" "You idiot, we have to play in the matter," he scolds back.
"Lacus is right, we have to stay with them no matter if our parents live or not, after all we drove the vans for five hours, the risk of dying is very high outside." Means Chester.
"Okay, I'm going to be a livestock for the damned bloodsucker." Meckles Lucas and calms down again.
"It's nicely decorated and cozy but where is the TV?" Ask Lacus softly.
The René returns to the apartment and brings the food.
"So guys today are giving fried noodles with curry." "Lacus would you cover the table? The plate is on the shelf of the kitchen." Shank the René him. "Yes, it's clear, where are the cutlery?" Asked he. "I make the cutlery Lacus," said René. "The table is set, you can come to the table, there's something to eat!" He calls to the others. Everyone comes to the table and eat the fried noodles.
"René could you explain to us how the daily routine works?" Lucas asks René.
"You have not eaten anything yet, eat something young or you'll tip over," said René to Lucas.
"Lucas why are not you eating? This is really delicious," Lee said to Lucas.
"No, I'm not hungry, I'll eat later," Lucas said. "Well, I'll explain to you how we do it everyday." At 5.00am in the morning, take blood. "I'll go tomorrow, and you'll get protection and food." Explains René the process.
After the meal everybody moves in the bed and everyone goes to bed.

Chapter 3 comming soon!

Author from Original Story of german is :iconkujfa12:

The Original is…

Translatet to English by me Sephikuji
At five o'clock in the morning, Lacus enters his mother's room and wakes him up. "Lacus, you have to get up, you have to go to school and do not forget you have to pick up your Little Brothers from Kindergarten. Hurry up!" "Alright Mama, I'll pick up my brothers after school, the Akito is already working or is not he?" He mumbled and gets up. He rushed to the bathroom and made him ready. He quickly reaches for his schoolbag and runs to the bus stop. There his big brothers were waiting for him.
In a short time the school bus arrives and picks it up. At 7.30 am the bus arrives at the school. "See you later bus driver!" He says goodbye to the bus driver.
"Have fun teaching Lacus and study hard, see you after school!" Lucas calls after him as he walks in his classroom. "Same brother, see you!" He calls back.
He then goes to his classroom. He sits down in his place and arranges his school supplies. A student from his class comes to his table and throws his prepared things on the floor. How many siblings do you have in total? It lurks almost only of your kind You come from the lowest hole! "The classmate Vincent. "Leave me alone!" He yells back and gets his things back up.
The teacher comes to him and pulls him out of the classroom. "Lacus Welt I can not bear the same story with you every day! I send a blue letter to your parents, you fly from school!" The teacher scolds him.
"That's not fair, I'll tell my mom about it," he replies to the teacher. "You stay in the corridor until school is out! Understood!" The teacher says unfriendly to him. "Yes, sir!" He replies.

Five hours later, the school bell rings. Lacus walks out of the school gate with his brother and waits for the bus to arrive.
Instead, a van comes with two men dressed in white cloak. The two said, "Come, children, we will give you a new home, you are safe, your parents are dead." She roughly grabbed his arm and pulled him into the van. "My parents are not death!" Shout et. Lucas gives him a kick and whispered to him. "Be quiet Lacus, they are vampires, they need us as livestock, and we do that if our parents really are dead." Another brother whispered to the Lacus and Lucas. "Lacus is right we have to try to escape, we have to pick up Lee and Noel from kindergarden and pick up Little Lea from Nursery." Whispered Chester.
"I hope that's fine, people we have to stick together no matter what happens, can we rely on it?" He implores his brothers. "Yes brother we will take care of you." Said the two
In the front, a slot opens. A vampire looked back. "Do not worry, children, we will not harm you, we will save you from the plague, you will not die with us," said the vampire to the children. Suddenly the van stops. The door opens at the back and a vampire and two more children get in the back. In a minute later, the van continues.

Chapter 2 comming soon!

Author from Original Story of german is :iconkujfa12:

Link to Original…

Translatet to English by me Sephikuji
Hi people,
I have a question for you opinion.
You know the Ferid of Seraph of the end who killed the Hyakuya family?
But why did he let the Yuu escape? And why does he manipulate the Krul that makes the Mika a vampire?
Why does he do anything when he knows that afterwards he is punished by the King Lest Karr and King Urd Geales?
Does he really want to kill the Hyakuya family or has he been forced by the High Council?
On which side does he really stand? Is he really a villain or a good man?

What is your opinion? Please write a comment! :)
Chapter2 Lord of the misfortune Mika : When the vampires came to the sanctuary with the hostage, Mika pulls him to the sanctuary to the Ferid. Ferid receives the Mika with the hostage and says to them, "Mika, you have successfully completed the secret mission! Now make this seraphim a vampire, I know you are capable of it. Give him your blood, Mika. "Mika throws the hostage on the ground, forcing him to drink his blood. Ferid laughed as he saw the Yoichi turn into a vampire and gave further orders: "Now Seraphim connect with me!" The Yoichi stands up and connects his body with Ferid his body. Subsequently he goes to Ferid his body. Now Ferid gave the Yoichi a True Name: "Your true name is Varia Paliria, now you are my ruler." The Yoichi slipped out of the body again. Mika asked, "Can you explain to me what happened?" Ferid tried to explain to Mika, "I'm going to do an experiment with Seraphim and myself. Over ruler and Amatus, I would like to Amaterize with this Seraphim. When I am Amaterized, the Seraphim gives me his strength. This is the only way to get our city back, Mika! You're also a Seraphim Mika, if it worked out, I'll make Lacus a co-rider. "Then Mika replied," I should connect with Lacus? Hahahaha! That's fine by me! I am doing everything to destroy people. "Ferid patted the Mika's shoulder and spoke softly to him:" I will make you my ruler, to be able to connect you to Lacus. But your true name gives Lacus. But you can now slip into my body. I'll get the Lacus world, wait with Yoichi here. "In two minutes, the Lacus comes into the room where Mika and Yoichi were waiting. Lacus goes to the Mika and speaks to him: "Hi Mika, I hope you know what you have to do. I just know that I need to connect with you. I hope it will be all right. Your true name is Latura Orea! "Mika joins Lacus. He slipped his body into the lacus and stayed inside for a while. Yoichi talks to the Lacus as he looks like the mika in Lacus's body indoors. "Apparently Mika likes you, Lacus.  My ruler is Ferid Bathory, I know him only since today. If a seraphim is in your body, he will automatically go with you. He is resting in your body. "Lacus replied," I must get used to it. Can Mika possibly control my body? Okay Yoichi I will rest first. That would be most sensible what I can do now. See you tomorrow, Yoichi Saotome! "Then he leaves the room and goes to dormitories. He took off his boots and lay down on camp beds. Mika comes out of the Lacus body again. He took a chair and placed beside the camp bed of Lacus. He sits down, then takes Lacus's hand and lasts for a while. Lacus seemed at first unconscious. Mika looked around to see if anyone was in the dorm, when he realized there was no one in this dormitory, put to it and covered himself with him. He turned and took the Lacus hand again. In a while later, a few vampire guys enter the dormitory. All so in Lacus his age about, they have not noticed the two before until, one approached, he spoke grinning: "Oh as sweet, Lacus has a friend who sleeps with him in a bed." When the Mika heard jumped out The bed and takes this vampire to the collar and speaks with an angry tone to him: "You have to be very cowardly that you an Spotless unconscious vampire!" The other vampire guys were again off. (Mist he is the Ferid 's Guedel Lord' s misfortune.) Mika read his mind: "Yes, I am the Lord of misfortune, listen well to fellow! Never go with a seraph vampire, that's deadly! I'm very thirsty. "And bite into the vein of these vampires and drink his blood until he dies. He runs with this corpse behind the fleeing vampire and throws this corpse on it. Then he goes back to the dormitory and goes back to the Lacus. (I'm so sorry Lacus, because of this insurrection before, maybe this bastard is right, I'm really in love with you, but I'm glad to be with you Lacus.) The Mika thinks right now. Ferid enters the dormitory and sits down on the camp bed next to the Mika and Lacus.He asks Mika: "Do not worry Mika, the lacus is only very exhausted, he is in deep sleep, he can not hear you. But he can very well feel your closeness. Maybe you should stay up until he wakes up again. Perhaps René was still able to create an extra after which he died today. I'm sorry about those newcomers. They are so distorted by myself, I have my difficulties to keep the under control. Do not worry I have sent to a Dangerous Mission the chances are low to survive. Lord of misfortune, they have called you. Still, you're no longer a normal vampire, you're now ranked among the nobles. You can create new vampires, and only the nobles can do that. I will stay here just for the safety of both of you. "Mika replied," Ferid, I want to go back to the vampire city. I want you to be our ruler, not the Lest Karr who rules with people. Where is the Crowley Eusford? Is he here in this Kabuff too? "Ferid answered the questions:" Crowley is now self-employed. He left us, he's also fed up with this situation with Lest Karr and his human vampire unit. "Mika turned to Lacus And kissed him very obviously from Ferid as his answer. "Mika did you just kiss me? Who are you? I feel so empty, only I know that he is Mika who has kissed me. "Lacus sighed as he woke up. Mika rejoiced when Lacus woke up and hugged him. Lacus also embraced the Mika and language: "Thank you that you were with me Mika. Mika I like you too, but who is the person who is watching us? He looks very scary. "Ferid jumped out of bed and started the Lacus:" What does it matter to forget my name? "Mika denied Lacus:" Does Ferid Bathory reassure you, or should I call you Arslan? He will surely remember you again, but please be patient, he was certainly unconscious. "Ferid sat down again and apologized. "Now remember again, he is the seventh-generation noble Ferid Bathory. He's a vampire, Mika let's go. Wait, you've got fangs, Mika, you're also a vampire Mika. "Labte Lacus irritates to the two.
Chapter 1 Mika the Traitors?: When the Yu 's group set up, the vampires came running and attacked the squad. There seemed to be no nobles. But the vampires are too strong that it can hardly be conquered. The Mikaela also advances with the Horde. He pulled his sword out of the hull and slaughtered all of the troops. Until the Yoichi Saotome at the command of Lacus did not. Mika tried to tame the Yoichi as a hostage and dragged him. Before the Mika retreat with the other vampires, Lacus took the Mika aside, and spoke to him: "Mika sieh times, we also got something. The René, will die by his wound. It does not heal, we should give him at least one worthy, he was a good comrade. "Mika nodded her head and went to René and apologized to him. René then speaks his last words: "Mika, Lacus ... I know I was not of great use to you. But I can not go with you anymore. Please forgive me that I was so hard to you two, I was not much better than you. Take care of children! Take the hostage and bring to some nobleman, that is your last command from me, Farewell your loved ones. "So René falls to dust. Lacus lifts his black man under cape and takes with him as a souvenir of his master. The Yoichi asked the two: "Do you have feelings like humans? I'm sorry about your friend. I shot him down. "Then the Lacus replied:" It is a misconception that the vampire is different than humans! A vampire is nothing else but human beings who have to feed with the blood and still have to eternal life. Excuse me for my tone, smaller. One day you also wake up as a vampire, Yoichi Saotome. We'll still have fun together as comrades. "Mika continues to take the hostage until they get to the van. Lacus collected other vampires before he entered the cockpit. Mika asked the vampires for the information: "Give something new as long as I get away? I heard the people watching us, is it true? "The vampire nodded and gave an answer back:" Yes, it is terrible, we flee ourselves before our city. We now lived in Old Shrine to this place would never seek mankind. At the very least, Lord Ferid Bathory said so. "Then the Mika replies:" To a sanctuary, to what can only be a Ferid, I do not hope that I am the Evangelical or Catholic and whose direction is The other vampire looked at the face of Mika as with Full is tear. He gives him a cloth handkerchief and addresses him: "Do not cry, boy. It will surely be all right again, as before. It's only passing that we have to live in a holy place. You can only call me Koya. "Mika took Koya's handkerchief and wiped his tears. He then returned the used handkerchief again and thanked him: "Thank you, Koya. Oh, I'm Mikaela, but you can call me Mika. "Koya smiled," No cause, Mika! It was more than understandable that I help you. Finally, you remember my dead son whom I had 230 years ago. "

In the same time the Yu woke up again. Looked around the environment again. He sees the Narumi, Kimizuki, Shinoa and Mitsuba's death lying on the square. He himself was also seriously wounded, limped back to the headquarters of the vampire hunters. On the way he cursed himself: "Mika, how could you !? Why did you kill my friends? First you make a friendship with these silver haired vampire nobles and now you betray me and my friends. You are a spy and a traitor of vampires! "
Prolog: Four months later the project "Seraph of the End" was finished 16-year-old Yuichiro Amane with his friend Mikaela Shindo and the troop to the beach. A new mission was issued by Guren Ichenose. They are supposed to make a frontal attack on the vampires. Narumi Makoto asks the Yuichiro the mission details the Mikaela to conceal. Mikaela felt quite suspicious about the matter because he was not allowed to be part of the discussion. He looks at his vampire uniform and leaves the waiting place. With rage and hatred for people, he kills all the children who stood him in the way. (You can just exclude me as much as you want, but do not think I'm your friend Yu, I'm a vampire, so what, I want to be a human again!) He was thinking about his old vampire Comrade runs away. He said to the two: "Will you take me back to your party? You are right, people are greedy and disgusting. Please forgive me that I ignored you both." The Lacus replied," Good Mika, I made the same mistakes as you did. I also believed that I was a man, that people were the good-natured people Beings. They betrayed me when I became a full vampire. " When Mika heard this, he ran to Lacus and hugged him with relief. In the Yu and his troop: When the Yu wants to pick up the Mika at the agreed place, he sees how Mika left his bags left and felled. Narumi goes to the Yu and tries to make it clear that Mika is no longer his friend, he is a vampire. Narumi then spoke to Yu: "Yu can you see that too? From a distance? The vampires seemed to be near us. A horde of vampires and the mika is also there. Come on! We should put our position! "
Hi people,
in germany is 6 week holydays. I have last 2 week very many time for my digital and acrylcolour artworks.
But after the last two weeks come I in the 11 class in professional school, I have just little time for my artwork.
I hope your like my artwork in Deviantart:)

In next time is my list of my favourite persons in Games, Anime and Miku Miku Dance (Vocaloids& Utaus) 

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I am sleeping in a warm and soft bed. I am in my dreamworld, with beautyfull land, villages, lake and more.  I see humans, animal, mage and fairy.
I going in the village and enjoy the wonderfull and purely air.  In few minuts later, see I a handsome man with silver hair with blue eyes. He say to me  "come with me, my lady, I am Kuja." And I go with Kuja and say "Its fine, I am Julia. I am fan for you.  I feel now he´s lovley heart. I touch him body an feeling he' s warms. He touch me too and say "I love you my beauty".

And so is my dreaming to happy end.
2 years after the destroying of Terra and the battle of necron in FF9.
It is friendly and nice in the Gaia. But the Day comming....
Villager of Alexandia is suprisend of the day. The Man with a black cape is comming.
He say: "I will spreaking with Queen of Alexandia."
Villager: "Yes she is in to castle."
He say: "Thank you very much"
Vilager: "What is this guy?"
And so go the Man with black cape to the Castle.
Pluto Soldat: "Stopp not go!"
He say: "Here is my passcard"
Pluto Soldat: "Okay. your entry the castle"
He go to in Thronsaal of the Queen of Allexandia.
Queen of Alexandia: "Hello what can I you helping?"
He say: "The Gaia is in dangerious, the evil power is return! Please come with me!
Queen of Alexandia: "OK let me see!"
The chaos is reborn. New warrior is in the battlefield:
FF3 Xant
FF9 Necron
FF12 Vayne
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I am a fan from Final Fantasy 9 and Zelda Games. My favorite charakter is Kuja. By Zelda is Link and Ganondorf
But Kuja is for me number 1. 
I like to Games: 
Super Mario
Disgaea 4
Super smash bros.
Dissidia 012
Dragon Crown
Pac Man
Banjo Kazooie
Donkey Kong