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Your page is amazing!!! 

I'm a musician / comedian writing a blog on various topics. 
Mental health, music, art, etc. 

I'm featuring various artists throughout the writings and giving shout outs to their pages.
If you're interested in being featured on the blog please reach out. 

The trade off is.... 

I funnel my viewers to your page. 
I get cool art on my blog. 

Message if you're interested :) (Smile) 

Check out the website.
Hitoshura738's avatar
and I see this while blazed and listening to Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson, fuck that looks eviltrippyawesome :iconiloveitplz:
PhilthyT's avatar
Great use of color.
shadowlovesyou's avatar
what program do you use?
KaylinDroid's avatar
This makes me happy :D
Very nice wallpaper.
XTAZ-718's avatar
This freaks me out in the best way.
Reago's avatar
this is my new background thankyou
This piece is nothing short of epic
I got it on my desktop as well!
Keep doing what youre doing!
Sepha's avatar
Thank you! :D
jeezkay's avatar
this is so awesome!
L-o-g's avatar
Holy shit those things are spirits.
Rainbow-Germ's avatar
LtCrack's avatar

Comin from a trippin man.
Vneck08's avatar
Very dream like... I absolutly love it.
nick-erard's avatar
wow this is one of the greatest fractals ive seen.
Sepha's avatar
alpha-la's avatar
could you please make a jpg of that one?? it's gorgeous, i want it on my desktop, but i can't save png files :(( very freaky indeed
Sepha's avatar
Sure thing!
It's now a jpg, I'm honored you want to use it as a desktop ^^
alpha-la's avatar
that's soooo nice of you :))
Sepha's avatar
You're the nice one, thank you for wanting to use it ^^;
Nostradamus217's avatar
DUDE , i like this the best out of your gallery

( sorry your recent pics just dont , inspire nothing )

THIS HOWVER IS GENUISE ! kicks my coloring anyday
Sepha's avatar
Yeah, this is one of my personal favs as well :D
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