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Free Icon: Bastion Squirt

Sepent sure did love Bastion.
Sepent thought it was one of the greatest games he ever played.
After wanting to do something Bastion related for months, Sepent finally pulled himself together and made a icon, for anyone to use as they pleased.
Sepent also likes to talk about himself as if he was a part of Bastion.
That game was great.

So, yes - made a free squirt icon. Feel free to use it if you'd like, as long as you remember to credit me for it! :]

Squirts © Supergiant Games
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© 2012 - 2021 Sepent
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Sahdirah's avatar
ZOMG Thank you! Definitely setting this as my icon later. :)
Sepent's avatar
Haha, that's awesome! Feel very free to do so! :)
Sahdirah's avatar
D: For some reason DeviantArt's telling me that it doesn't fit 50x50 and less than 15 kb. Do you have any ideas?
Sepent's avatar
I'm very sorry for the slow response!
I just tried downloading it myself, and everything appears fine. I'd suggest trying it through another browser, or redownloading the image, though if that doesn't work, my best bet is to google the issue, sorry! :(
Where in the process did the problem occur? After downloading it, or when you tried using it as your avatar?
Sahdirah's avatar
Haha, I'm terrible at replying too. I tried it again just now and was all ready to lay out the steps to how it had broken this time (cause it was still not working) - then I tried to save my avatar (again), and it inexplicably worked. Soooooo I guess that's solved! :P

Thanks again for making that avatar. :)
Sepent's avatar
Haha, well, I'm very glad it works now!

You're very welcome. Honestly, it's a joy in itself to see people appreciate (and use) content that I've made and shared with everyone - so thank you too! :)

I hope you have a great day! :D
Sahdirah's avatar
Thanks, I will! :P
AmiBunny's avatar
This looks really great! :D
Sepent's avatar
Thank you so much - it's very appreciated! :)
skyedeathwolf's avatar
Could you make one for my bastion group comming soon
Sepent's avatar
Oh, I suppose I could give it a shot; anything specific you want on it? What about size and such?
skyedeathwolf's avatar
Well the size would be quite big
Sepent's avatar
So no specific format?
What exactly did you want in the picture, again, except for it being Bastion related?
skyedeathwolf's avatar
Well I thought possible pecker the squirt and the ani... ( the crocodile thing, could you do un moving)
MrMortuus's avatar

Oh mah lurd.

Bastion is amazing, truly the best indie game I`ve ever played and better than most AAA game titles.
Sepent's avatar
Dude, ikr.

It's pure brilliance.
MrMortuus's avatar

It was WAAAAYYY too short for my liking though, I am really disappointed when they said that there would be no Bastion 2 in the foreseeable future
Draagyr's avatar
Very, very nice :)

... wait, what is that? OMG! IT JUST BLINKED! ;)
Sepent's avatar
Haha, thank you - and yes, I wanted to see if I could figure out how to animate 'em!
( apparently I could... :'D )
pludrpladr's avatar
Yes, that copyright info is correct.

D'aaaawwww :iconshaplz:
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