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Art trade with Kairisk

Art trade with the amazing *Kairisk - seriously, did you see her part of this? I am not doing her justice in any way with this. >_<

Anyways, I wanted to make something that reminded me of her and her characters. So I made this. I really hope you like it! c:
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You drew Relicanth really awesomely. :O
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Haha, thank you! >u<
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You know, I don't care if that kind of joke is ancient, I still laughed. :iconheeplz:
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I agree, sometimes even the oldest of jokes are good - which I guess is how they managed to stay alive..? :XD:
Also, I thought it fitted her team pretty well! :'D
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That is what we like to call "classic". :iconshroomsworthisayplz:

Yeah, uh, I read the description and thought, "she reminds of you of stealing people blind?! :o" XD Oh, Kairisk...

By the way, you're saying there's no point looking at your stuff, but I like the Gunpowder painting a lot too. :D
And I see a terrifingly large amount of corny RPing in its comment section. D: XD
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The most annoying thing about that is, I know the word and how to use it, but I'd never think of using it myself. Argh! :iconraisayplz:

Lol! Maybe I should make it a bit more clear..? :XD:

I think I could've done better, however I'm not entierly sure how. I mean, I know some things not to do, but not how to do it better, or to correct it. :c

As in pirate speaking? Sorry, it was fun at the time. :XD:
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lol I know that feeling, you forget it only when you need it. XD A bit like Murphy's law. :P
No need to clean it up, maybe she does rob people blind, who am I to judge? That would explain why she has Knights/Squires as her icon. XP

I feel that too, I'm like, "okay, I know what I want to do, but how?... O______O\" XD Oh well, we can only try~

OH MY GOD THE :iconcornplz:!!!!!!
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True, true. =p

Oh dear, better not tell her!
that would explain a lot, though
jk, jk, all in a good fun. :XD:

Exactly! It's so frustrating! >:C
And sometimes, trying just ain't rewarding. Oh well indeed!

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I don't think she would care. XD
And if she does... O______________O She's only in Ireland, I'm screwed! :nuu:

I don't know about you, but I've said for a long time, "it's only a lack of progress that demotivates me. T-T"
Yeah, trial and error on something that, to me at least, only feels rewarding when it helps you know what TO DO, as opposed not to do, is not my idea of a good time. :/
I still try though, I think I stay motivated by what I'm creating. :D

I have no corn. :P
But your Gunpowder comment section sure has a lot of it. :noes:
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Well, that's probably true.
Good thing I'm from the little country called Denmark. She'll never find me anyways. :'D

Actaully, that's what motivates me; the thought of progress. xD
But, yeah, I agree. The lack of progress often tends to get me slightly down.

I'm usually motivated by the people of the group. Sumbitting more stuff means that I have more to talk with those wonderful people about, since they're got some of their own, too. :')

Oh, come on! :XD:
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Your art is so good here! It's so cute!
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Hah, thanks a lot! :D
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It's well done! Gratz!
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Omigosh! Wahahahaah :icondragonlaughplz: Oh my goodness, Witt's "..." face is priceless ;U;
Oh Squires, you ridiculous klepto you XD

Thank you so so so so much Sepent! It looks awesome and the expressions you drew are fantastic!
You really captured Witt too, which is super hard to do, I should know XD
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Thank you too for suggesting an art trade in the first place, I'm actually using your part as my desktop background. :XD: (Which I hope is alright with you..?)
It's just so cool! ;u;

Really glad you're liking my part! It was a pleasure to do; your team is so lovely and fun, and a joy to draw too! >u<
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No problem at all! I really love doing them and I'm so glad you wanted to do one with me ;U;
Dude! Of course! It's your picture you know, you can do what you want with it :D

It's so awesome :iconmonkeyloveplz:
M-a-y-a-l's avatar
Nowhere! lol Huahua :XD:
Sepent's avatar
Hah, glad you like it. :XD:
M-a-y-a-l's avatar
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Haha, I love the way deino is drawn! And relicanth, but especially deino! I really like the nice coloring, too.
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Hah, thanks a lot! It really does mean something. c:
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No problem! I really mean it, I love teh artwork!
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