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Team Harmony

By Seoxys6
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Since there's this Pokémon Go team war going on I decided to draw a 4th team: Team Harmony. I am myself a member of Team Valor, but let's not forget:

"Disturb not the harmony of Fire, Ice, or Lightning lest these three Titans wreck destruction upon the world in which they clash. Though the water's Great Guardian shall arise to quell the fighting alone its song will fail. Thus the Earth shall turn to ash. O, Chosen One, into thine hands bring together all three. "

Edit: It went completely viral on facebook omg ;_; 41K+ shares, 1.7K comments and 3.5 millions reach, almost 6k new likes on facebook, this is crazy ;-;  Kotaku made an article about it too, which made me burst into tears. I wasn't expecting so much love from this, I am seriously speachless!
Edit 02: Omg, I was featured by Deviantart on facebook ;v; Is this real life? And I want to say thank you everyone for all the nice comments <3 I am swarmed in messages right now so I can't answer everyone super fast, so thank you for you patience and for all the love  <3 


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I was thinking about this beautiful design I remember seeing years back and I so I took a look in your shop to see if I could get it as something and for some reason it's not there at all!

Are you not offering Team Harmony items in your store anymore?

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It was removed by Nintendo unfortunately

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Oh no! D: That's a shame... Are you going to try to sell them again later?

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I don't think so, it's not legal to reupload a design that was previously DMCA'd :/ And they keep removing more and more of my fanart so I just dont risk it anymore

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Harmony is okay team soul would work way better in my opinion

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Harmony is a reference to the 2nd Pokémon movie with Lugia, where a prophecy mentions Lugia bringing back Harmony between the 3 other birds (quoted in the description)

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okay that makes sense

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cool logo, I can see it being the Syble of a paladin - caviler guild.

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I choose team harmony hands down because I am a person that wants peace.

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man it'd be so hard to choose between lugia and ho-oh aha, lovely work!!
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I would love this to be a real thing in Pokemon go then all the fanfiction could have Team Harmony turning up when they’re needed and being very mysterious.
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I’ve loved this design forever, but for some reason red bubble says I’m forbidden, I don’t know why this is but thank you for the Great art and I hope to get some merch soon!
Seoxys6's avatar
Ohh that would be because I don't use RedBubble anymore! You can find it on my official shop at Teepublic though :)
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I shall forever, fight to stop this awful war under the name of the Beast Of The Sea.
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just a heads up, was checking a page that liked my pokemon art and found this:…

I already tried reporting it, but dunno if it went through. : \ 
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Hey! How does one pay to get this and use it for my phone's wallpaper without all the trademarks and stuff? Thanks!
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Hello, I unfortunately do not give access to my non-watermarked files nor do I sell licenses for it, sorry.
You are more than welcome to use my image as your wallpaper, but you'll have to make friend with the watermarks :)
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Hmmm I get that, but then why showcase something that people can't fully enjoy given the right price? IDK you have the potential to make good money off of it, and you're just putting that watermark for really no reason. Also if you wanted to protect your art, you'd merely have to register it at your local Intellectual Property office or whatever it's called in the country you may be in, and then charge in usage fees. IDK it's a shame imo.
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Because I am simply not comfortable with other people using my non-watermarked work and I think that's a good enough reason. I don't want to allow people to make money out of it, even if that gives me a cut or if they pay a fee to use it. I prefer remaining the only person using it for commercial purposes and that's my right.

The watermark is there for a very good reason which is preventing art thieves. If you don't know what that is, art thieves are basically people taking my image and selling it without my consent. It happens more than you know, and before I had that huge watermark on it I had to fill hundreds (yes, hundredS) of DMCA takedown request for stolen intellectual propriety to remove it from people's shop and such. 

My artwork is already copyrighted, it doesn't prevent people from doing that anyway. So it is safer to watermark it so it is harder for people to steal it. 

So for these reasons I am not removing the watermark. Want to use it as a wallpaper? Be my guess! But use the image I made available to the public :)
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Fair enough. Up to you.
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Amazing style. Pokemon Go is fun to play but great artwork ;)
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If this ever becomes a real thing I might actually start playing Pokémon Go
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What color did you use for the harmony logo?
I am wanting to make a gym badge in the same color. for a discord group and possibly for an RP group as well and i maight even uses your logo with full credit to you in the pic channel of both.
I may even request a miniture of the lugi for the two channeles.

I also added your pic to my favorites on here.
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