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The Birdcage of Ryujo

This pic is the 2nd/cover page of my comic strip : 'Ryujyo Shouro',

Ryu-jo is a girl who appears in a Japanese Buddhism legenda.
She was a daughter of the king dragon, and attained spiritual enlightment - SATORI - at the age of 8 !
I can't get even a hint of it at this age........
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Ya, understanding of the enlightenment is not so difficult,I guess too... but realizing of it might not be so easy for me. I'm very seducible :9

Yes,they are Kangi-ten, the god of rejoice.
But i don't know why they apear as elephants.
Maybe,a elephant face looks like human male's .... *snip*

Thanks for comments anyway!
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are those elephants hugging
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Very nice picture! Fantastic detail. As far as enlightenment goes, I would'nt think too deep into it. Hear say it's overated anyway. :)