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Arcanine X Luxray X Mega Houdoom X Ninetales

A commission for :iconthlyatara: ^^ I've worked a lot on the sketch to make sure I included a little of each Pokémon, and since they are all canine/feline looking it was a little hard, but I think I managed to make something very good looking and well balanced in the end :) And I really enjoyed drawing that one <3 


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Can you make sylveon vaporeon espeon and glaceon fused together?
Flash-Moon's avatar
gabbycat17's avatar
Wonderful combinations! :love:
Inuko69's avatar
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Brilliant work done on this~ this is looking excellent overall :]
Tenshineko01's avatar
This thing looks awesome, and bad@$$.
DarkArtist491's avatar
Absolutely badass!!!
TimelordHobbit's avatar
I love all the pokemon in this fusion. And you did a great job! *favorites*  However...I would make it look a little less.....fluffy. A little thinner like Houndoom.    
Seosaurus's avatar
Fluff comes from Arcanine :3 I though about using Houndoom's body, but after that I would only have the stripes and the ears from Arcanine and that wasn't very balanced with the rest ^^' So I chose a mix of Luxray and Arcanine for the body instead :) But I did think about it ^^
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That's mega badass! Love it!
theburningskycloud's avatar
Whoa! Wicked! This is the coolest pokemon fusion yet!
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this one looks awesome
Landasher12's avatar
If only pokemon fusion existed

(Gets ready for the people saying it happened in black and white2)
Seosaurus's avatar
And in the manga ;D Articuno + Moltres + Zapdos 
Landasher12's avatar
Thats really a thing i didnt know thay
Seosaurus's avatar
yup, but it was kind of an abomination in my opinion xD Just a bird with 3 heads (one of each legendary bird) xD
Thlyatara's avatar
I love this bab so much!
Celioxa's avatar
OMG. This is awesome! 
I think I'm in love Heart 
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