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Arcanine X Dialga

A commission for :iconblacklistrival1: ^_^

I also drew it during today's live stream :)

Bullet; PinkI take commissions! Simply send me a note and we will talk about it :) (Smile) 
Bullet; PinkSee… for the complete price list !

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MagmaDaFwoofLord's avatar
can I use a pixel sprite version if one gets made for my game???
Seosaurus's avatar
I'm sorry but no. This was done for a commission, which means someone paid me to design this for them. It belongs to its respective owner and may not be used for anything else. Thanks for understanding
MagmaDaFwoofLord's avatar
okay ^^
still pretty cool tho :D
Jandkatisameme's avatar
I wanna kill things on my doggo that controls time
yas my doggo that kills peopleeeee
Zeldienne's avatar
You do a lot of pretty fusion ! *-* They are amazing !
Lishadra's avatar
I love this one so much!!
KagamiNoHikari's avatar
It's just as gorgeous as it's Ninetales counterpart~♪
Tenshineko01's avatar
It's so pretty and awesome!
PossessedBunnyPlush's avatar
this came out really good!
Landasher12's avatar
Thatd the coolest thing so far
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