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My first try on an amigurumi and I am totally pleased with the outcome.
I had to redo the head, since I was doing it wrong the first time, but after this it was kind of easy thanks to the pattern by :iconaphid777:
The positioning of the head wasn't really planned, but while pinning the limbs it came out like this and I thought, it's so cute, I kept it.
I am especially proud of the face, since this is completely my own. I didn't try to copy just that of Aphid777, since I knew I could'nt get to the same result but tried to get a cute face near to the original I could pull off. And i really love it. Hope you like this little fella, too. 

The guy I gave it as a birthday present was absolutely thrilled. And I will definitely do one for myself soon.

If you want to try this Baby Pikachu too, you can find the pattern here.

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Hi, dein pikachu sieht echt süß aus. Ich bin gerade dabei die gleiche Anleitung von aphid777 zu benutzen und mein eigenes pikachu zu machen. ^^ ich wollte sich nur kurz fragen, welche wolle zu zum filzen der augen benutzt hast? Ist das merino wolle im kammzug?