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After getting 200 points I will announce the winners and contact them to agree on details.

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So, have you ever had a feeling that you don't care about something that was important to you some time ago? That you've lost something, but you no longer care? 'Cause that feeling is sooo wrong that it feels right.

So, your humble servant has some personal life (don't look at me in that tone of voice!)... And I used to care about that person a lot. I used to solve problems, help... When that person had trouble, I couldn't sleep, work, study, eat until I solved that problem. Even when that person treated my awfully, I always felt guilty, even though I never did anything wrong... Ok, sometimes, I can ask everyone not to bother me, 'cause I am tired. But I sleep for 4-5 hours every day. I sometimes need rest during day. I helped that person to find job, to study, listened to every problem and found solutions to ALL of them. And this has been lasting for 3 years! When something went wrong I blamed myself, even though I could do nothing! 
But things got different recently.
I feel pretty aloof. I no longer care. I try to care and help, but... Nothing helps. I don't know what to do. Anyone had this?
Should We Dance, M'lady?
Omen once asked the Huntsman about his favourite dance and he offered to teach her that dance. Poor Omen didn't know it was tango. Here she's saying something like "I will tear off your face if you don't let me go!.." After all, she doesn't like him. She wanted to create at least a bit warmer relations (at least on her behalf), but the Huntsman decided to have fun with her. And made her furious.
Huntsman doesn't pay too much attention to Omen's anger. He does what he thinks will be right and what he wants to do. Omen sometimes really wants to blacken his eye, but he never lets her do so.

P.S. On the background I used a photo of my favorite medieval styled restaurant. :)
Care to Share a Drink?
Omen is in one of her "good moods" and asks the Huntsman if he wants to share a drink with her.
Honestly, Omen drinks pretty much. Unlike Huntsman, who does not approve of such habbit. Of course, he can have a beer from time to time, but he usually doesn't drink anything stronger than that, while Omen prefers whiskey, rum and gin. Huntsman tends to call Omen a "drunkard" after she got so drunk, that she wasn't even able to walk. He had to carry her to her room and look after her all night as she... ehem... felt the consequences of such excessive drinking veeeery soon. Well, on the other hand, she had a reason to get drunk. But she will not get that drunk ever again.
The Crow and the Wolf
Girl's name is Omen, the man is known as "The Huntsman". Both hunt monsters, but their relations are more love-hate kind. Omen is pretty unbearable person and says whatever she has on mind. The Huntsman is calm and always sarcastic about Omen's attitude. Omen hates him, but is in his debt for saving her life. The Huntsman isn't sure about his feelings: on one hand, she irritates him, on the other, she amuses him. Maybe, I'll write a story about them in time.

P.S. Omen is a "crow", the Huntsman is a "wolf".
P.P.S. Yep, it's a photo on a background. Tbh, I hate drawing backgroungs :)
P.P.P.S. Styling is mostly inspired by Isbjorg artworks.
So, you might have noticed, I've been away lately. I have a very serious reason to do so.
I have fornd a full-time job as a game designer! Celebrate Fireworks Celebrate Fireworks Celebrate 
So this month was partly dedicated to my exams and partly dedicated to settling into new home and getting used to new schedule.
This means 2 things. First, I most likely won't be able to draw as much as I used to. That's bad.
On the other hand, I will be able to FINALLY buy myself a graphic tablet!!!! Which will make drawing process faster at least 2 times. (Seriously, drawing with mouse is killing me)...

So, I will be back in few days with new page of Paladins and some other arts I've been drawing!
Thanks for your patience!
Sorry for being away this month!
Have a great day! :)
SO, I have almost finished page of Paladins Fancomic. And my PC crushed, reloaded and somehow damaged file. Now I can't restore it. Great. My PC officially showed me middle finger today...
Lately, 90% of my mornings begin like this:
- Hi! I need your help with smth...
- Ok, do this or do that.
- It's not going to work!
- Have you tried that already?
- No, but it's not going to work!
- Maybe, you should try?..
- No!
- Maybe...
- NO!
- Then why the f*ck do you ask me to help you?!
Paladins Fancomic 7.1
I just realized it's been 3 months already since I uploaded previous part... Sorry for the wait! And thanks to everyone who is still here! :) Now, I'm back!

What happened? Any ideas?

Previous part: Paladins Fancomic 6.6
Next part: soon...
My life has been veeeeery funny during last two months. (This is gonna be a loooooog story - don't say I didn't warn you Wink/Razz )
First, in case you've been carefully reading my previous juornals, you most likely know that I have 2 friends. So the three of us usually hang out. And now the spring has come and... and some problems. One of my friends is pretty stressed out. There are some reasons, I can hear him out, but two months is a bit too much for me! I've been in horrible situations and I was pretty depressed then. And I got myself together in less than 1 week. Even though I wasn't able to eat, sleep or properly walk because of stress. Nevertheless, ok. I thought I can rely on my other friend... But hell I was wrong! He's been getting drunk from time to time during these 2 months and then he starts whining about not having a girlfriend... UGH... It's ok for first two-three times... But NOT SEVENTH TIME! Plus, I can't understand him. I'm not too much into relationships...
Second, my studies were getting the best of me. I was really nervous and ready to kick anyone who dares come close. I tend not to communicate with people during such times. Btw, I'm not done yet, but it's getting better. I just have to write Investments, Innovation Development Management, Modern Economic Systems and Human Resourses Management tests. That's all. Oh, and finish my research!
Third, is more of good news to me... I'm learning the art of swordsfight! I have classes at weekends, 1 class = 2 hours. But I'll be using this knowledge in my Paladins Fancomic and some arts. :)
Fourth, I'm back to playing Paladins, so I have more inspiration right now! And less time...
Fifth, I had to take care of my dog, who somehow managed to pick up a mite. So I had to take care of that...

But now I'm back in range!
I am back from my hiatus! Life's been pretty busy...
So, yesterday a little "encounter" happened between my sleepy forehead and a doorjamb, so now I have a little mark on my brow... I suppose, this is the result of my head getting hurt.
As usual, Androxus and Cassie. I wanted to write a little story for this picture (like the one here), but... idk. Only in case you are interested.
Have a nice day! :) And enjoy the spring! Butterfly

P.S. Just in case, partly insired by Gregorian - Fleurs du Mal


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