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Angus is a real name of the Huntsman, when he was still a human. (Huntsman is shown here)
Back then he was much younger, had a waaaay better temper and lived a more or less normal life for a nobleman.
Paladins Fancomic 7.2
Ok, now I can get back to work! :) I'm soooo happy and excited. I tried finishing this page asap and it took me 2,5 hours. It's nothing special happening here. All action will go to next pages!

Previous part: Paladins Fancomic 7.1
Next part: soon!

Way to the Unknown
GUYS, I HAVE MY DRAWING TABLET!!!! HURRAY! That means that now I will upload drawings and comics waaaaay more often!

So, this is my practice with tablet: a magical way to the unknown future.
 There are 3 things I can watch forever:
1. how the fire burns                  
2. how the water pours               
3. and how Predator kills humans.

If you hate spoilers, haven't watched the movie but really want to in the nearest future, not interested in topic, don't like Predators, please refrain from reading further! All thoughts on this movie are totally subjective! You've been warned!


A few days ago I went to the cinema and watched a movie named "The Predator". Most people say this one is a bullshit, but I am here to say something good about this film. So, where do we start?

If you want a Triller/almost Horror with suspense and hebbie-jeebbies and cold sweat running down your forehead, then forget it! Go watch the one and only original Predator and also Alien. This one is half-sci-fi action with elements of comedy. Really. They don't say that, but I'll tell you a secret: it's a dark comedy. Especially, moment with "thumb up". I won't describe it here. Really. You may watch the movie after all. The movie has its flaws, but all in all if you just want to enjoy some sci-fi action turned comedy, you've come to watch the right one. This time, movie is divided into 5 parts: Predator vs Humans, Predator vs stupid Humans ("guys, really, I just want my spacecraft controller back!"), Predator vs HUGE Predator, Humans vs Humans, Humans vs HUGE Predator.

The smaller Predator really wants his controller back, but... I really felt sorry, for smaller Predator guy. He wants to bring technologies to humans to help them fight against other Predators, risks his life and what he gets? First, he gets robbed by main protagonist and knocked out with hist own weapon, then he comes to senses at some kind of lab (what would you feel if you were in his shoes?), then another Predator arrives to kill him, then those supid humans don't want to give controller (even if they don't know what to do with it) and don't even want to talk, then he gets killed by big guy Predator. That's what you get for helping humans, man!

"You want to know, if someone f***ed an alien!" Yeah, a quote from the movie. After this one, I hoped things will get even funnier, but it turned out that the Predator was injected with human DNA. And I had veeeery high expectations for that moment. Don't look at me like that!

Now, a few mentions about movie logic. Untypical for an action/thriler, but typical for comedy.
The Predator catches your friend, doesn't harm him and asks to lower your weapons and acts more or less friendly, even though he has already enough reasons just to kill all stupid humans in this stupid town. What do you do? SHOOT AT HIM! L is for Logic.
Big guy Predator appears and wants to take smaller one down. The smaller Predator hasn't killed the main hero or someone from his current party even after that skirmish. You have a weapons. What do you do? RUN! Leave these Predators and RUN! Seriously? So the bigger guy comes after you next? Why don't you help the smaller guy? He didn't seem so bad... Btw, that's what you get for helping humans again! They will just leave you and run away! They are some ugly... (you know the rest of the phrase).

I won't say more. Enough about logic and stupidity. Let's get to the end of movie.
The smaller Predator brought humans some technology to fight against Predators who want to move to the Earth. Tille the very last moment I haped that Arnold Schwarzenegger will come out from that cryogenic pod... But alas... Though Arnold was supposed to be cameo in that movie, but refused due to minority of his role... Maybe, he WAS supposed to be in that pod, but after refusal, they had to make something up quickly? We'll never know...

So, all in all, I enjoyed this one as a funny movie. Despite being absolutely different (can't say that in a good way) from the origrnal Predator, this one isn't as bad as everyone says. Just don't take this one too seriously. And if you want some real action take a fake scull with attached backbone, cover it in tomato juice and ask a person near you to pass it along during a very intense moment. If you hear the screem somewhere in the cinema room, then it worked.
Or you can buy a predator mask and blades, make dreadlocks, put them on during the movie, stand up during very intense moment, turn around and jump at the row behind you.

Also, I guess, you've already figured out who's my fav character :)
What do you think about The Predator and all other Predator movies? Let me know! Predator Emote 
Bye now! Have a nice day! 
Been some time, right? I'm not totally back, but at least I am able to draw from time to time...
Hope, you all are doing great!
I am alive and still here... Just have a loooooot of work to do... I'll upload some drawings by the end of August.
Now tell me, how're YOU doing?
So, have you ever had a feeling that you don't care about something that was important to you some time ago? That you've lost something, but you no longer care? 'Cause that feeling is sooo wrong that it feels right.

So, your humble servant has some personal life (don't look at me in that tone of voice!)... And I used to care about that person a lot. I used to solve problems, help... When that person had trouble, I couldn't sleep, work, study, eat until I solved that problem. Even when that person treated my awfully, I always felt guilty, even though I never did anything wrong... Ok, sometimes, I can ask everyone not to bother me, 'cause I am tired. But I sleep for 4-5 hours every day. I sometimes need rest during day. I helped that person to find job, to study, listened to every problem and found solutions to ALL of them. And this has been lasting for 3 years! When something went wrong I blamed myself, even though I could do nothing! 
But things got different recently.
I feel pretty aloof. I no longer care. I try to care and help, but... Nothing helps. I don't know what to do. Anyone had this?
Should We Dance, M'lady?
Omen once asked the Huntsman about his favourite dance and he offered to teach her that dance. Poor Omen didn't know it was tango. Here she's saying something like "I will tear off your face if you don't let me go!.." After all, she doesn't like him. She wanted to create at least a bit warmer relations (at least on her behalf), but the Huntsman decided to have fun with her. And made her furious.
Huntsman doesn't pay too much attention to Omen's anger. He does what he thinks will be right and what he wants to do. Omen sometimes really wants to blacken his eye, but he never lets her do so.

P.S. On the background I used a photo of my favorite medieval styled restaurant. :)


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