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PasandolaHobbyist General Artist

is magic? because I ended up spellbound:nuu:

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cutegem Digital Artist

Beautiful details. It's like 2 worlds kissing in harmony.

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FankifaluHobbyist Digital Artist

Well I should say : INCREDIBLE !!

Its nice stuff for wallpaper for ur desktop :)

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EduardArisARTHobbyist Traditional Artist
wow this is amazing! I wanna try to make something like that too, what programs do I need?
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SenzuneHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! I used Apophysis 7X 15C/15D to create this fractal, and Chaotica 1.5 to render it (a paid program).

Note that it's incredibly difficult to learn, it took me several years before I reached this level and it's still a challenge. If you wish to create fractals on your own, I recommend you start with basic tutorials ;)
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EduardArisARTHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow it sounds hard alrdy lol :) thanks for your answer. I just usually fall in love with such things.
I liked very much this one too:
Hyght by Senzune
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Absolutely bewitching!!!!Magic Wand 
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Reckless15581Student General Artist
This the coolest thing ever! :D
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CeiferaRGHobbyist General Artist

What is this mystifying universe you have created? This is incredible!

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SHAIRLProfessional General Artist
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Bladeninja76Hobbyist General Artist
This makes for a beautiful wallpaper. Thank you for sharing this spectacular blend.
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DeathInTheReaperHobbyist General Artist
This is such a gorgeous fractal. I love the colors.
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LalailokenHobbyist General Artist
Incredibly appealing! Like a fantasy underwater world
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WattsJohnsonStudent Digital Artist
What a lovely art Heart [Patreon] SansFangirl4Life Icon 
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LynneHendersonArtProfessional Traditional Artist
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lamblynHobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful tear drops. 
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Douglas-Maxwell-Myer General Artist
Wonderful design!
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DinkydauSetHobbyist Digital Artist
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Fluffypuppy77Hobbyist Digital Artist
in the sea
get away from me
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Kiwi-R Artist
So beautiful! This is absolutely mesmerizing! :love: :clap:
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TheRevivalProjectProfessional Filmographer
when you eat a funny mushroom and suddenly reality breaks apart
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Good morning, AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CURSE YOU!CURSE YOU!CURSE YOU!CURSE YOU!LoveLoveLoveLove.        
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carlxHobbyist Digital Artist
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