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This is one I have missed! It is very beautiful work. I saw it featured here:

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This is my favourite fractal art ever. I love these colours, shapes and shimmer. Just perfect.

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Please can you link to any tutorial that shows how to do this style? I can't find anything that has both foreground plain thick lines, together with different sets of intricate lower layer patterns.

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Never mind, I found elliptic-splits tutorials, I see now:

Tutorial - Splits elliptic
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Very beautifull !!!
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Oh, I love this! There are several patterns, but they are divided by clear lines, which makes the whole picture very harmonious. The mix of colours is also great -- soothing blue and warm orange.
The title is well chosen, because adrenaline can be released in reaction to fear (fight-or-flight), and the top left corner, with its darker tones and touches of red, feels kinda ominous, hahaha! The bright center evokes energy, which also fits.  ;)
This is definitely my new wallpaper. Thanks for sharing!
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Glad you like it :D
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Please re-submit to Painting-Abstract. I didn't approve it in time. My apologies.
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Okay, will do!

Edit: Hit the global filter, will have to wait a while :<
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Nice complex pattern :heart:
... But try to reduce gamma and give it some more time to render ;)
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Neither render time nor gamma are the reason it's too bright here. ;)
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Wooo this is really fantastic and woo i lovi it <3
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Looks wonderful!
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It really gives the feeling of adrenaline.
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