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Out where I live, it's Monsoon season. The skies are dark with thick clouds and sunset is ushered in with purple lightening on the horizon.

Storms aren't just an act of nature, however. Such brooding displays can be expressed by characters.

Cosplay how a character is or relates to a storm. Are they violent and tantric like a thunder storm? Are they icy and wild like a blizzard? Is your character quiet but emotional like heavy rain?

I'll be ready to predict the forecast! :)

Contest Ends September 1st
Contest Reward Features in the journal and a written review on what makes your piece powerful
Our host of the prizes for the Fallen Pride cosplay contest has gone MIA.

Again, i really want to keep the spirit alive and encourage people to cosplay, but there wont be prizes, and sadly none of the prizes that were promised by our host GingaDreamer

Her phone number has been changed, DA has been left, and facebook has been abandoned. There's not a whole lot i can do. I'm sorry.

I'll be announcing the winners and runner ups of the Fallen Pride cosplay contest in a few days time, i believe. And i'll be looking forward to getting all of your opinions on what our next contest should be on.
The rock out contest is finally being brought to a close. Sadly without the prizes promised, until our leader GingaDreamer can get back in contact with us.

:bulletred: Our first place winner is: Sinitar-des
Careless by Sinitar-des

:iconclappingplz: The makeup, the costume, the scene, the photography, it seems the people that voted really appreciate your work and find you deserving of the first place position.

:bulletpurple: Runner Ups:  :lady-i-hellsing:Flame-RSmiling-Moon

Hachi by Lady-I-Hellsing Yuuko by Flame-R Downtown by Smiling-Moon

:iconclapplz: Again, the make up, costumes, scene, photography, you've earned the votes you won as runnerups and i encourage you to continue participating.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in this contest! It was great to see what everyone could whip up, and I love to see the skills that you all hold. I cant wait to see what else comes from these contests. Keep an eye out for the next contests.
This contest has gone on for a long while, It's time to bring it to an end, and for this, YOU will be the judges!

Go to my profile page TheSinisterLove and vote for the winner in the polls! it's as easy as clicking a button!

Good luck to all of the contestants, i'm thrilled for the participation!
It pains me greatly to say this, guys, but i'm giving an update rather than leaving you all in the dark.

Our founder, GingaDreamer has pretty much disappeared, she hasn't been answering her phone and i haven't been able to find anyone who has been in contact with her. Whatever she's going through, i hope that we can all pull together and support her through this time.

In the mean time, I welcome your opinions on possible things we should do for the contests.
:bulletblack: Wait for her to return before closing any contests/ starting new ones
:bulletblack: Nominate a winner on our own and start/carry new contests

Unfortunately I can't promise the same prizes she can. I still want to give this cosplay community the attention it deserves. Is being a part of the community and participating in contests still fun even without prizes? What are your thoughts?
What if the first place prize is journal interview on you and your work where we get to know you and what you do as a cosplayer, hopefully spreading the word about your talent and encouraging the community aspect of this cosplay community?

I eagerly await everyone's thoughts.