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Poseidon - PSD-V2 Miniature Sculpt

This is the Poseidon PSD-V2 125 ton superheavy battlemech. it is based on the design by :iconmattplog: and was art directed by :iconshimmering-sword:
This miniature was the first Official Battletech design that I was commissioned by Ironwind Metals to make for them.

This was part of a GenCon Special set of 6 total variants of the Ares battlemech of which the Poseidon was the lightest variant. (some of the pictures of the other variants can be found in my DA gallery)
Despite this being the first official miniature I had ever done for a company it was a fun process and one that myself and Anthony have been refining over the past few years.
Please Enjoy!

Modeled in Autodesk Maya
Rendered in Renderman

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Did you draw some inspiration from the King Crab for the torso?

Interesting design. I admit I'm not familiar with any Tripod designs in Battletech, but I do know Quads are rather rare, something about stability I think, at least regarding the old 3025 Scorpion and Goliath mechs.

I think *he* didn't draw inspiration from the King Crab, the original classic designer did. It's even noted in the wiki I think. For one of the tripod designs at least. This is an evolution of the classic design I think.

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we don't get enough tripedal mech designs, sadly. good stuff.
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How much does this mech cost to buy? to use in a animated video or other shots?
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I'm afraid this model is owned by Ironwind metals. and i am not at liberty to sell it. since it could be used to make bootleg models of their product.
Cool,Powerful,and Menacing!
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Dont forget glorious :P
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Would be a pretty insane Armored Core boss.
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I've never played armored core. but from what i've seen this one is much too slow to be much of a challenge :P
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Slow but powerful. Those knee guns could probably cripple an AC.

...also Armored Core is kinds the only mech game I know of...and played.
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ah, also this mech is relativly small, its only around 15 meters tall. so smaller than the average gundam. not sure how big armored cores are
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...nevermind this would be an MT to an Armored Core. Armored Cores are about the same size as a Gundam.

But I do recommend the Armored Core series. Mainly AC2: Another Age (mainly because the money system in the original AC2 is bull. GOD DAMN YOU FROM SOFTWARE!)
Cry havoc, and unleash the Giant Konkerdong!
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very slowly it will spread chaos across the battlefield :P
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It has knee cannons?  If this is 'Light'  then I am interested in see some of the 'heavier' ones.
Thank  you for sharing.
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yeah it has knee canons :P
i dont know how useful those are but i didnt design it :P
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"Needs more legs, 9/10" - IGN
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