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Locust - LCT-1V Miniature sculpt

This is the Locust Light Battlemech that I made for Catalyst Gamelabs.
It was designed and art directed by :iconshimmering-sword:

This miniature is slated for an upcoming Battletech boxset due for release sometime in 2018. This boxset will feature a total of 8 brand new mech miniatures the majority of which have been 3d modeled by me.
I will be showing off more of these mechs in the near future but for now consider this a nice high res preview of the upcoming mini.

Modeled in Autodesk Maya
Rendered in Renderman

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1920x1080px 8.1 MB
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Look at those cute stubby arms.  And those nice think legs.  So much of the old art and models had such skinny legs it was a wonder how they stood.
Thank you for sharing.
macphersonscircus's avatar
That is a box set I am going to HAVE to get!!
BishopSteiner's avatar
I'm a little hit and miss on this one.  The modeling is FANTASTIC.  The design.. is good.  But it feels a little too narrow and cramped for some reason.  Mind you.. it's only about a million times better than the ProPho Locust... but it's not quite instant love on this one.  Still, a mini based on that render?  Dang son.....
BishopSteiner's avatar
you do tops work man.. as does Shim!  But not every design appeals to everyone... that said, still can admire the talent in the work! (now where's dat T-Bolt?!?!?!?! :P )
The-Colonel-382's avatar
Oh man I can’t wait to get these new ‘Mechs.
Sentinel373's avatar
sometime in the 2018 the boxset should hit the market :)
The-Colonel-382's avatar
I’m going to get one of each box set.
Love the look of the new maps and minis.
I’m hoping that all the new seems will see the light of day.
prdarkfox's avatar
I want like, ten of these.
Sentinel373's avatar
you'll have your chance for that soon enough :P
prdarkfox's avatar
I hope so but I don't want to do that by buying 10 box sets. That's not cool.
Sentinel373's avatar
thats not up to me :P
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