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General Erin r. Panzer by Sentinel339 General Erin r. Panzer :iconsentinel339:Sentinel339 3 0 Captain Krugan von messer  by Sentinel339 Captain Krugan von messer :iconsentinel339:Sentinel339 6 0 Coldwall by Sentinel339 Coldwall :iconsentinel339:Sentinel339 7 0 Loyalen imperialis by Sentinel339 Loyalen imperialis :iconsentinel339:Sentinel339 4 0 Lord dictator Berlin von esienfaust by Sentinel339 Lord dictator Berlin von esienfaust :iconsentinel339:Sentinel339 6 4
Short Horror story
Legions of armored warriors gathers at a portal in the daemon realm today their gods have spoken... they are to attack the mortals and drag their planet into hell and with a bright flash the portal opens. Daemonic warriors flood out! all of them being led by a champion of chaos. into the city they slaughter the unsuspecting imperial civilians as the skies turn blood red. “This shall be a swift slaughter” the chaos champion says but upon saying that a large black cloud rolls in with the glow of red visors marching in unison and warmachines rolling along side all singing a war chant that sends chills down the spines of the daemons. The daemons halt their advance and watch in horror as each imperial soldier massacres their comrades en masse. Imperial soldiers bayonet charge the remaining daemons forcing them to fall back into the portal. Where the imperials follow them into... the imperial soldiers witness horrors beyond comprehension cower in sheer terror as the imperials sla
:iconsentinel339:Sentinel339 12 0
hellhammer superheavy gunship by Sentinel339 hellhammer superheavy gunship :iconsentinel339:Sentinel339 7 7 M.o.W Imperial Stealth Ship Girl by Sentinel339
Mature content
M.o.W Imperial Stealth Ship Girl :iconsentinel339:Sentinel339 6 6
Hound hailstrike hovertank by Sentinel339 Hound hailstrike hovertank :iconsentinel339:Sentinel339 7 5 Clone unit Ratte by Sentinel339 Clone unit Ratte :iconsentinel339:Sentinel339 6 5 Guardswoman. Pal by Sentinel339 Guardswoman. Pal :iconsentinel339:Sentinel339 7 20 M.o.W drone attack fighter girl: I-4 huntress by Sentinel339 M.o.W drone attack fighter girl: I-4 huntress :iconsentinel339:Sentinel339 7 0 M.o.W ship girl: alpha series battleship  by Sentinel339 M.o.W ship girl: alpha series battleship :iconsentinel339:Sentinel339 6 0 M.o.W MBT GIRL: imperial powerblade k-III  by Sentinel339 M.o.W MBT GIRL: imperial powerblade k-III :iconsentinel339:Sentinel339 8 12 M.o.W walker girl : IRONCLAD EMPRESS by Sentinel339 M.o.W walker girl : IRONCLAD EMPRESS :iconsentinel339:Sentinel339 7 8 Dart :chemical weapons expert  by Sentinel339 Dart :chemical weapons expert :iconsentinel339:Sentinel339 6 4


(GrimTales Request ) Mr Reaper. by heavy147 (GrimTales Request ) Mr Reaper. :iconheavy147:heavy147 23 7
operation flash light
Iron maiden mission 1 : Operation flashlight. location near Normandy beach, team assembled for mission. 3 light maidens 1 command tank and 2 teams of ground forces. (mostly rebel cells)
Objective: deploy signal for allies invasion force. 
enemies to expect during mission: scout maidens, light maidens, Art maidens, assault Maidens, patrol tanks ground troops and anti Maiden weaponry.
Characters for this mission. lt.Hoss, (command tank) James, rebel officer, Dina( light maiden1) Ella (light maiden2) and Dizzy (Light maiden3) 
starting weapons: Modified standard rifles, tic bombs, patched SMG's (Maiden weapons) Standard patched battle rifles, car frags, combat knife.
*our team moved on foot to avoid being detected, we were almost out of time but we've arrived, the other teams have reported the same now all we have to do is deploy the signal* 
Dizzy: this stinks more fracking rain. 
Dina: Voice down diz we'll be in and out and then home. 
Ella:*keeping look out* Al
:iconheavy147:heavy147 1 0
(Request) Chicks build giant robots by heavy147 (Request) Chicks build giant robots :iconheavy147:heavy147 12 8 NergalTale the King of the underworld by heavy147 NergalTale the King of the underworld :iconheavy147:heavy147 13 0 GrimTales Mr fear (Request W.I.P) by heavy147 GrimTales Mr fear (Request W.I.P) :iconheavy147:heavy147 16 2 Beasts of Iron Teaser 5 by Hazard-Trooper Beasts of Iron Teaser 5 :iconhazard-trooper:Hazard-Trooper 44 14 NergalTale Dan phantom captain of the royal guard by heavy147 NergalTale Dan phantom captain of the royal guard :iconheavy147:heavy147 10 0 (Request) Slendy Srs by heavy147 (Request) Slendy Srs :iconheavy147:heavy147 13 2 Another mini clone (cus why not?) by heavy147 Another mini clone (cus why not?) :iconheavy147:heavy147 11 10 NergalTale (request) Phantom Gaster sketches by heavy147 NergalTale (request) Phantom Gaster sketches :iconheavy147:heavy147 9 2 Beast of Iron Teaser 4 by Hazard-Trooper Beast of Iron Teaser 4 :iconhazard-trooper:Hazard-Trooper 46 4 Raptors by LordCarmi Raptors :iconlordcarmi:LordCarmi 137 22 Undertales from down below AU sketches by heavy147 Undertales from down below AU sketches :iconheavy147:heavy147 13 6 happy birthday Mike by heavy147 happy birthday Mike :iconheavy147:heavy147 12 2 Forces of the Alliance of Democratic Remnants by TheReptilianGeneral Forces of the Alliance of Democratic Remnants :iconthereptiliangeneral:TheReptilianGeneral 10 0 SKETEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH by heavy147 SKETEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH :iconheavy147:heavy147 14 2



General Erin r. Panzer
The general of the imperial army
Husband of grand mage zdidy
The one man blitzkrieg
I finally got around to redrawing him
Captain Krugan von messer
The posterboy soldier of draconia
He was one of the first characters I made for the server and definitely one of the most influential for the server
He started as a humble pikeman but became a master greatswordsman, spellcaster
warhero, and lover of the dragon queen sorceress of draconia Cassandra stefon
He’s a bold and fearless soldier who charges into fights without hesitation Much to the dismay of his lover
Hes been called stupidly durable and durably stupid
Able to take loads of abuse but has yet to fall in combat or drop unconscious but his durability is only outshined by his loyalty to his lady and country only caring about her above all else
He’s fought tides of undead abominations, horrors, and marauders and has proved to the vile lady in red and her foul lord that draconian stands valiantly against the corrupting tide
The Russ mountain man
The Slavic fortress
He is my tankiest build and funniest characters to play for he’s gotten away with some of the craziest shit and had some pretty memorable experiences
For example he was once fighting a windigo and his arm was bitten clean off instead of giving in like a weaker man wound he simply put his back arm on tied the nerves back on against the odds this actually fucking worked or another time he rejected possession and twice in a row from a ghost and shouted cyka blyat and proceeded to kill said ghost in melee combat somehow
Or the other time he claimed a Giant winterwolf by hopping on its back and saying he was its alpha now and it just felt so intimidated he just obeys his every word without question to this day
These are only a few choice examples of his adventures throughout dnd
Loyalen imperialis
Her design hasn’t changed much in fantasy still being the secretary of the emperor and storm guard captain but her fighting style has definitely has for she’s one of the most broken character combos I have made
The combination is polearm master feat the sentinel feat and the tunnel fighter fighting style
She essentially becomes a one woman barrier halting anyone who enters her reach and completely making her nearly untouchable to melee only builds
Going so far to have beaten a max level monk of the open hand named mav who belongs to my friend lilcoolkid
Lord dictator Berlin von esienfaust
In a dnd server I’ve been playing for the past couple of months I’ve completely reworked some characters from here some and Berlin was the first
In dnd she’s the lord dictator of draconia
A highly militarized nation of Dragonborn
She rules with a unyielding iron fist
She’s a often angry and brutal but she does have some softness to her for she is also a wife to lord pure blackscale and mother to her son Moscow a purple Dragonborn
She’s led the land out of a bloody civil war and is now in the process of fixing her nation for the next conflict
She aims to make a claim for a section of a distant land further west across the seas...

That land being the coast of sentinel empire
Today we’re discussing the youngest and most secretive faction the hound resistance so let’s begin
1. The hound resistance is a coalition of forces that have risen up against the empires that oppress their people it is lead by Rip Dox a anti imperial revolutionary
2. Though made up of many races and peoples the most organized and primary infantry force of the hound resistance is the silent hound army who were the former infantry force to a ancient advanced xenos empire called the necrix but after their fall rip discovered them he reprogrammed the hounds under his control and began to rearm them to be his military arm to wage a guerrilla war against the sentinel empire and that’s exactly what he did
3. Hound anatomy - hounds are made from synthetic flesh and have mechanical organs
the hounds are only semi sentient and have limited cognitive functions outside their programming
They have no voice box or vocal cords and communicate through telepathic signals that only other hounds and rip can understand
This doesn’t mean that there’s no such thing as a sentient hounds hell hound command units have super computer brains with ai inside and a speech device to enable speech
oh I forgot to mention one of their prominent anatomical quirks they’re bodies are very resilient to ballistic attacks and kinetic weapons and are neigh unkillable when you use those weapons but they have a massive weakness to chemical , energy, and Fire based weapons
4. Hound resistance tactics - they employ both conventional and guerrilla warfare and their tactics reflect this utilizing hit and run attacks , massed armor engagements , air raids, IED bombings of positions, infiltration and much more
5. Though rip has good intentions he’s are mostly seen as terrorists to the legion because his actions are usually morally gray at best  for example rip has been “silencing” those he deems dangerous to the revolution , he also blatantly disregards collateral damage to civilians, he doesn’t accept imperials who surrender and has them shot , his human soldiers hide among civilians and occasionally cause imperials kill civilians on accident.
6. Relations with other factions and people well he’s at war with the elven and sentinel empire in a Cold War with the legion and most of his allies rip has had their leadership captured but he does have one massive ally which is the Mechanix a advanced race of machine people who primarily act as their arms dealer and rip’s primary advisors

And that was lore snippets on the hounds ask any question or request lore snippets on a person, unit, or faction in the comments down below


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