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Fan Comic Full Anime Style by sentaikick Fan Comic Full Anime Style by sentaikick

Why is drawing so hard!

Also this is a sketch for a Power Rangers/Super Sentai fan comic I’m working on called Tamashī Sentai V-Ranger. I suck at drawing but I thought to try and make a web comic. I may try the Panty and Stocking style for it. I just need to figure out the right style.

If your wondering about what the story is about, the comic will take place a couple of years after Zyuohger. The multiple worlds that were established in Go-Onger (I’m currently forgetting what they’re called) started fusing together this includes the human world, engine world, and worlds that I added like the animal world and the demi world. The team centers around Max the red ranger having to move to Japan because his parents died and he has to live his grandfather (a previous red sentai member), Daisuke the blue ranger a rare male Lamia who is to into games (and I hate using the word for personal reasons) a weeb, Yumiko the yellow ranger a centaur who is to into her study’s, Dan the green ranger a dragon-person (there was a term that I’m forgetting what it is) who was orphaned at an early age and raised by Muslims and when he move to Japan due to complications where he grew up he became Muslim in name only to honor the people who raised him, Nina the white ranger a werewolf and she is basically a moe-blob (which now that I think of it she probably won’t come across that because how much I suck at art), and Jack (Max’s older brother) the dark Ranger who I can’t really talk about because there is some secrets about him. 

I’m currently working on the roll calls for the characters and when they’re all done (and I think it’s good enough) I’ll start the comics.

Team ups i have in mind for this fan comic is another fan series I’m trying to develop Kamen Rider Mega Man (take the Mega Man Characters and put them in a Kamen Rider style), Zyuohger, Steven Universe, and some others that I’m going to keep seceret!




Tumblr: www.revolveroshawott2.tumblr.c…


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June 9, 2017
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