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Shadamy Chemistry

Sketch is done by my favorite artist of all time :iconamythehedgehog666:


No matter how dark and hardcore erotic plots I made up after a rewamp of those scenes in her adoreable style they looked appropriate for everyone.
Even more than appropriate in fact.
I love you, girl *in a sisterly way :giggle:*

Importaint: My version of Shadamy is a lot more grown up than these two adorable hedgies.
I am sure the the maximum that these can reach is a tickle fight and a kiss.

The original "Chemistry" in english was removed from DA long time ago...

But I guess I can give you a glimpse of that story back again:
Amy lay on her stomach on the sofa in the living room of Shadow’s flat in Westopolis.
They’ve been living together for a couple of months, ever since he convinced her to continue her education which she abandoned a few years ago. Before that she used to work as a waitress in a café at Station Square.
Amy’s hand was automatically drawing some flowers in the notebook she had in front of her. Her eyes were lazily wandering between the lines of the boring text. She was almost falling asleep...
"Khem, khem." she heard.
The pink hedgehog jumped up instantly, her eyes widened and her ears twitched.
Then she spotted a shadowy figure that stood near the wall with an elbow leaned against it.
"Ah, Shadow... I'm glad you're back so soon." Amy pretended that she wasn't surprised or scared, not in the slightest.
"Hmph." the black and crimson hedgehog gave her an incriminatory look.
"What?" she asked.
"You have an important exam in two days. And you are fooling about."
"I'm not! Just this is... Sooo boooring..." Amy almost yawned.
"But you need that knowledge. And not only to pass the exam." Shadow frowned strictly.
"Ah, I'll pass. I know everything." the pink girl got off the sofa and came near Shadow "How was your day today?"
"Don't change the subject." he said through set teeth and squinted "Amy, right now you have to focus on your main goal and do everything to achieve it."
"Relax, dear. I have two days left." the pink girl wagged her tail and drew her ears to her head pleading for his mollification "I'll be ready."
"Oh, really?" the dark hedgehog asked distrustfully.
"Yeah, nothing to worry about. I know everything." Amy gave him a charming smile.
"Hmm." a weird mix of emotions reflected in Shadow's eyes and his lips twitched in an attempt of a smirk "Alright."

*few hours later*
It was getting dark.
Amy was passing her time secretly drawing flowers, daydreaming, touching the ebony hedgehog with her heels from time to time and doing nothing related to studying.
Shadow, who sat on the sofa near her, was looking through the books which she had to read through.
There was a list of topics that Amy had to know.
The ultimate life form was familiar with most of them...

Characters belong to Sega/Sonic Team
Sketch [link] belong to :iconamythehedgehog666:
Coloring belong to me, :iconthecruelone:
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nice!! this is really great!! youre really awesome btw!! check my art plz
some of the pics are old tho... but im making more
ive improved so i hope you will like them!!
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so cute and i love the word chemistey in a couple pic cuz it makes me think of the you know what i mean face
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Amy's mom" What are you doing?"

Amy"Just studying........"
shadowfangirl4evr's avatar
That is romatic WHY CAN'T THAT BE ME!!!!!
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There so cute Amy sees the best n him
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looks like they got some chemistry love the back story it fits perfectly to the pic!!!!!!!!!!!!
i <3 Shadamy!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps u be dah blue guy i be dah purple guy lol i make no sense...................
hmmm i wonder what happens wen u put a cat,a gerbil, and a butterfly in the microwave nd nukem! i wanna do tht one day nd it shall be my destiny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol still no sense
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I love this please don't look at my drawings it's ridiculous.
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Robotshadow47 I would like 2 b a part of ur group!!!!
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Use Reply button... >_>;
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[link] this deviant wants to be a part of your group
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I am not interested - that other girl is. Contact her. And stop posting stuff on my page.
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I love this its in my faves. Please add me as a friend
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Even though i am a sonamy fan that is cute.
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Love the pic and story behind it and the pairing! I just had this pop into my head.
"What are you reading Shadow"
"For a project"
"A project for what?"
"One that things...go...boom"
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:XD: Yesh, your variant is hilarious))

P.S. Love your icon *Deadpool rocks!*
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aaaaawz! :aww: looove that pic! I :heart: the story 2! lolz

:giggle: thats wut I do when theres big tests 2.....
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