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Sometimes it just happens that the rain is falling only in your world.

*A vision from a dream.*

Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts [link]
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Hello, I am a Nursing Student at Fitchburg State University doing a PhotoVoice Project on Depression and was hoping I could use this piece in my Power Point Presentation? I of course would reference it properly. Please let me know if you are ok with me using it. Thank you and I love it...very powerful.

Hello, I have used this picture in a small blog post I wrote. I have given the credit to you as well.
But if you're not okay with it I can remove it :)…
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amazing concept! would you allow me to draw this one in my style?
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of course
just don't forget to give me the link to your work when it's finished pls
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thank you!
I'll let you know when its done.
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Nice concept. I like it.
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That's... perfect, actually. You captured it perfectly.
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You know I've never seen anyone make a better way of puttting it. You know I once hear a guy discrible depression. See I was down in New Orleans on a mission trip. I went to help down there it was fun.

Then I met him. He was an old man with amber eyes. His face was rincled with the etces of time. he had smile lines on his face but he didn't smile much anymore. His face was hard from years of crying himself to sleep. He was a vet of korea and vietnam. He had seen how hard and cruel life could be. He was just sitting there and, me being me, I went over to him to talk. His wife was killed, he has 1 son now. he had one more but he was murdered by an anti war protester. He's seen so much sadness. We just talked. He seemed happier after talking to me, a white, 14 year old kid with his hat hiding his eyes. He seemed happier after talking. This is what he said deprestion looked like.

Great job :)
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i hate umbrellas like this lol kinda think of it i hate umbrellas in general...rain feals sooo gooood its realy relaxing
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Ain't that the truth
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i love the concept!!!
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Dude this is so true. Sometimes people just don't understand. They think something must be going on. but for me it was when everything was normal that I was depressed. Thank you for posting this. Its very insightful.
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О да, именно так и бывает. Вокруг всё хорошо, и только над тобой льёт дождь.(
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Эт точно.
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Я в замешательстве. Верхняя часть неба - это фотография? :confused:
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Нет, рисунок)) Просто контраст сильный и в этом дело)
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great concept! :)
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Sometimes dreams can be very fruitful)
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Депрессняк Х(
Арт классный, идея хороша, облака радуют глаз :love:
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Спасибо... идея спонтанная, и главное подтверждается всегда...
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