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The Fool

By senshuu
For :iconaquafeles:'s contest.…

I chose the Fool arcana. Infinite possibilities, all going towards the future... A young boy (in this case a younger Ronou, although he looked a little different back then) with all the world ahead of him! He's poor, he's dirty, but he's got tomorrow to look forward to.

So yes, that's a younger version of Ronou from my comic Millennium, with Sky Streamer Kogen as the tag-along dog.

I keep seeing things I want to add/change. @_@ I've been up for 28 hours for some reason and working on this on and off all day. For once, something comes out looking as it should...and I complete a picture in a mere two (or three) days.

Feedback's appreciated! :heart: :boogie:
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HenrikeDijkstra's avatar
That is so beautiful! I love those warm summer colours and all the strange little details! The two characters look awesome, the designs are very good. Awesome work!!
NikkiWardArt's avatar
If you were to do an entire deck, I would buy it in a heartbeat <3 Love this!
senshuu's avatar
D'aw, thank you. :heart:
jennymstead's avatar
this is amazing... i love the brushstrokes on this one :D
senshuu's avatar
Ultra-late reply of thank you :heart:
newmoon-oldsoul's avatar
oh wow! Are you doing a tarot set?? I've always wanted to do one of those. I love the tarot.

This is a great fool!!
senshuu's avatar
I'm not doing one myself yet, but maybe someday when I find a simple, nice style to do one in. And I'll do all 78 cards. All of them! O_O *nuts*

By the way, did I invite you to this? [link] If I didn't I hate myself, lol *forgot*
newmoon-oldsoul's avatar
oh no I didn't know about that! I've always wanted to start one of those.
Hooray! It's about webcomics!

I totally wanted to do the whole sword suit XD That Spades thing and all.

I submitted some choices :) Thanks for the invite!
AppleSushi's avatar
The blue dragon-dog thing is cute. ^^
Negshin's avatar
wow <3 Sen-chan this is AWESOME <3 love love love
senshuu's avatar
mirupants's avatar
I still love love love this. :heart:
The colorfullness, Ronou's cheerful determination, and the grainyness of the background that makes it look like .. um... pastel?
senshuu's avatar
Thanks :heart: :D

I had trouble deciding whether or not to texturize the BG, but I like how it came out :heart:
enchantma's avatar
wow, Sen, i think this is my favorite image of yours in all of your portfolio! this is so beautifully done, and the coloring is just unbelievable! great work! <33
senshuu's avatar
Thank you ;x; :heart:
sammich's avatar
This is beautiful work. I really love seeing how that one sketch has become this bright and colorful picture. And I think The Fool is one of the most interesting from the Major Arcana of the tarot.
senshuu's avatar
It is! >D Thank yoooou :boogie:
eveningstar's avatar
This looks really awesome!!! Great work!!!
senshuu's avatar
Thank you *_*
aeromachia's avatar
ooh, I meant to comment on your LJ about how much I liked the sketch for this, but the coloured version is even nicer. Really like the little dog creature, for some reason, and the lettering & frame at the bottom goes perfectly with the whole.
senshuu's avatar
Yay thank you!
Yeah I'm glad the letters fit too, especially. It's like...+5 coolness points. XD
blu-ish's avatar
very good, i'm amazed. this would do so good in a children's book. also love the detail of the frame.
senshuu's avatar
Aw thank you, I'm glad you said that. I wanna be able to do children's books, too. XD :heart:
blu-ish's avatar
welcome, and you should do something with that, i'm sure loads of publicers would love to work with you, I say give it a try you'll be suprised :nod:
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