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Stamp - Windows AND Mac

By senshuu
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There seems to be a severe lack of people who can handle both operating systems.

If this stamp is as true for you as it is for me, let it be known!

And let me know, too. Comment/fav/note me if you use it so I can love all over you.

Also tell me if you'd just like a still stamp of the mac or windows parts alone.
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Rubie-GoldProfessional General Artist
I love windows, apple (not as much lol) and android but I still rage at all of them when I die on Minecraft! :XD:
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PowerRCP-G3Hobbyist Filmographer
I like both Windows and Mac too. Windows is good for gaming, where as the Mac OS is easy to use. Both of these operating systems are good in their own ways, unless if you're a Linux fan.
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Handle both? Yes. Like either? No.

#LinuxMasterRace Linux Icon
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That90sGuyHobbyist General Artist
I'm gonna use this. I just recently got a Mac Mini. I'm already loving the thing! XD
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Vermin-StarProfessional General Artist
I use both also :) both have their pros and cons. You kinda need both for different things...
Anyway, I'm totally using this. Thanks
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That90sGuyHobbyist General Artist
I agree with you. Mac's have a long history of better stability and less virus business. They are (commonly) used by the creative side of our society. (i.e. graphic design, animation, audio engineering, art) PC's have a long history of ease-of-use and familiarity. They are commonly used by the professional side of our society. (i.e. business, telecommunications, medicine) While it's common known that PC's are better when it comes to gaming, there are some great OS X titles out there! :)

In fact, I'm using my new Mac right now to view this.
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Vermin-StarProfessional General Artist
*raises hand* :)
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I use both. It's nice to combine the strengths of each. :-)
We used the Macintosh Classics in high school, and I've been a Windows user at home since 1995. Got my MacBook in 2007, and I still love it. ;-) It's only needed a new hard drive. Nothing else died in it. And I just got a cheap, 2nd hand laptop computer to see what Windows 2000 is like. I seem to be collecting computers of recent years. :D
(I did dabble in Linux for a little while as well. ;-) )
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ThatWeirdAnimatorStudent Filmographer
Used it!
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AtlanticMadManStudent General Artist
I like both, but I still like Mac just that much more!
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I use both and I prefer a little mac... But I like windows too !
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It's true, used it ^^
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and you hate linux?
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I used it! It is so cool :>
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MommaWoofHobbyist Photographer
I used it! I prefer Mac, but I like Windows too. :aww:
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FoxoliveHobbyist Digital Artist
Same here :lol:
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MommaWoofHobbyist Photographer
Awesome!! :happybounce:
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I have a (kind of embarassing) story to tell you.

Back before 2011, I used to be...*gulp*...a bit of a Microsoft fanboy.
There, I said it.
I loved our computers running Windows. There was not a single Mac in the house. I was happy. And I had no plans to get a Mac anywhere in the future. I didn't WANT a Mac! I wanted a PC running Windows! I LOVED Windows! And a Mac can't run Windows! It can only run...whatever that operating system Macs run is called!
Little did I realise that years later, I would learn that pretty much any Mac with an Intel processor could run Windows...but there were no Intel Macs before 2006, so I guess "a Mac can't run Windows" may have been an acceptable reason for a Microsoft fanperson not to get a Mac.
I think I also got irritated whenever I saw an ad for Apple products.
Now I kind of miss that MacBook Air ad I saw once at the food court of a shopping centre.
But then, one day, in early 2011, at high school, we were doing some natural disaster research for science. My (research) partner had brought her MacBook Pro, which she let me use (she only let me use Mac OS X...she hadn't Bootcamped her Mac), and I...actually didn't mind it.
Then, later that year, I learned that all Year 8 students would be getting MacBooks, and for the first time in my LIFE, I was actually excited about having a Mac.
Now, here I am, waiting for 2012 to end, loving both Mac OS X and Windows. Even with my Mac, I still love Windows, but when the school gave me my Mac, they had installed quite a bit (including Photoshop) on the Mac partition of our hard drives, and hardly anything on the Windows partition. So maybe the fact that they installed Photoshop on Mac OS X is what keeps me on Mac OS X more often than Windows. I don't really use Windows to do much other than play Terraria.
But as I said earlier, I still love and use Windows.
And my story is finished. I hope you like it.
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CleverunStudent Digital Artist
I actually like both too, but I've spent so much time on a PC that I barely know how to use a Mac. I've only ever gone on one for Photoshop.
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Miemii Digital Artist
Well I just brought a mac yesterday, but I still like my windows laptop. So I love both of my os, they just work fine and I can work on them, so I don't see a problem to use both systems.

I am rather annoyed by all this mac users which things windows is shit, just becourse it doesn't has an apple on it or has a few problems. Windows is fine for the most pc users, so what?!

thanks for making this stamp btw n_n
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lusylegitHobbyist Writer
They're both awesome systems, each of them good for different things.
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I have a bad time with both systems. Then again, I'm not much of a computer guy.
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citynetterHobbyist Traditional Artist
I've used Macs since '95; Win since 2000.
I don't play favorites "(favourites) when it comes to operating systems.
*yoinks stamp :lol:
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I've been using Mac OS X since 2011, and Windows since…well, it was a very long time ago, so I can't really remember. But i do remember that the first computer I ever used had Windows 98 Plus!.
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