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Stamp: Okami 1

By senshuu
I didn't like the Okami stamps I found here, so I made one. There're more in my gallery.

This is from the Okami artbook, and, as such, is the copyright of that particular artist, and Capcom.

Note/comment/fav if you use it so I can love all over you.

I should be making Okami fanart...
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© 2008 - 2021 senshuu
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using, 'cos it's fabulous uwu)
OwlComet's avatar
Maralise's avatar
Totally using!
Pyro-WoIf's avatar
I love Okami game version and upgraded version
ARCADE-PUNK's avatar
Amg soooo using this it's adorableeeeee!~
RayTheBishie's avatar
love it... ganna use it :)
MayaTeenLioness's avatar
0kami-Amaterasu's avatar
Nice! Gonna put it on my profile.
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Bayonetta was better.
Candy-Ice's avatar
This is really nice! It's a simple stamp that captures Okami perfectly, without crowding the space
TheGuardianW0lf's avatar
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Even if you don't have a premium account, you go to the right of the page and copy the text in the 'Thumb' box and paste it to wherever you want to use it :D
Candy-Ice's avatar
You need to have a premium account in order to use them, unfortunately D:
Poke12masta's avatar
Gorgeous just gorgeous :heart:
Cambrie9900's avatar
OKAMI! :3 Ammy For da Win.
Pipsqueak904's avatar
Love it. Ammy's awesome yes? I hate it when people say they don't like Okami. I start the head banging, lol
Chochomaru's avatar
totally using this thank you <3
pegasusfreeze5867's avatar
I have NEVER played the game, and I've only seen it once, but I love Okami artwork :) Including this!
MissFurry's avatar
i love this okami stamp :3
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