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Stamp - Luigi is the Best

By senshuu
You know it's true.
Luigi was always better.

Comment/fav/note me if you use it so I can love all over you.

Luigi belongs to Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto, and this image was drawn by the awesome artist of the Mario & Luigi RPG series.
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© 2008 - 2021 senshuu
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poIestar's avatar
this is the only good stamp on this site
ZephyMan's avatar
Luigi is trash, bub.
He's the worst character in the entire franchise.
Thats not a good opinion. There are no arguments ._.
Your entire franchise is shit
iedasb's avatar
you're trying to hard man
NictheWerecatqueen's avatar
forgot it was a crime to have an opinion :lol:
Luigi is fucking overrated.
SuperSmashLexi's avatar
Screw that diaper wearing hoover
Rightful-Lace's avatar
Mario & Luigi are equal to me. If I'm playing a game, someone takes Luigi? I'll take Mario.
mario and luigi 
NictheWerecatqueen's avatar
Actually I think Mario is better, and I'm not in denial. :P
LunarTanooki's avatar
LUIgi has everything better than mario 
YoshiDaisyFriends's avatar
Luigi is my favorite character.
But Mario is cool too, and I don't get why people are sour towards him. :T
Blame the Game Theorists.
everyday-im-wumboing's avatar
honestly their both as cool
shadetempest's avatar
That's true, but people like Luigi just because he's the "underdog" or just for no other reason then to not like the main protagonist. It gets annoying.
everyday-im-wumboing's avatar
yeah. it just gets annoying with everyone praising luigi and leaving mario in the dust.
and people say luigi is "underrated"
Zetsugos-K's avatar
Well, keep in mind that everyone loved Mario for a really long time and Luigi was really underrated until people started liking him. 
Either way, they're just video game characters, and everyone is entitled to like one more than the other. Heart Animation 
everyday-im-wumboing's avatar
i've never really seen any hate on luigi. but i agree with you, they're both fictional and neither is really "better"
Zetsugos-K's avatar
I feel you, people usually just seem to side with an underdog because the underdog is more relate-able (: 
By the way, I love your username XD
everyday-im-wumboing's avatar
yeah i guess so. and thanks :la:
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