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Stamp - I'm a FREAK

By senshuu
For fans of Freakazoid.


Comment/fav/note me if you use it so I can love all over you.
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© 2008 - 2021 senshuu
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dakotasapphire's avatar
ahhahaha. poo gas. that guy is CRAZYY.
whipscorpion's avatar
I loved this show growing-up.  I posted this on my front page btw.
Forev-Amore's avatar
Gonna use when i actually add stamps to my page :XD:
CattBon's avatar
Takineko's avatar
There are never enough Freakazoid stamps <3
DaughterOfRevolution's avatar
Cool! I'm sooo using this one.
The-Misfit-Toy's avatar
I miss this show!!! :D
Ealaain's avatar
LOL this show is so funny!!!! love it! :D
CyanidesLove's avatar
Oh my God,,, I miss that show so much!
CavyWolfe's avatar
I didn't watch this show much, but I do know the Candle Jack meme came from t
senshuu's avatar
There's a Candle Jack meme? (I'm stuck in the past!)
CavyWolfe's avatar
Mhm, you can't say his name, or else your sentence will just end, or something like that.
'Cause if you've seen the episode with Candle Jack, whenever someone says his nam
somersdream's avatar
I fav becuz i love you for making this!!! lol :D
All-These-Kiwis's avatar
those were the good old days... don't you miss the 90's?
senshuu's avatar
Yes I do. ;x;
cookiekurama's avatar
man, i can't use it, but i love it!! <3333
JLMacDonald's avatar
I used this on my main page!
Tane-P's avatar
Oww! That’s nostalgic! I loved that show! Now I'm gonna go look for episodes online :D thanks for the flashback!
senshuu's avatar
Thar be a DVD too!
Sugizou's avatar
I used this in my journal. :3 It's so cute, I miss the show, it's been years. D:
GiselleRocks's avatar
LOL how awesome~
Kelliestar's avatar
senshuu's avatar
So do I. The DVD helped me cope though... :heart:
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