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100% of my profits this weekend from pack and USB sales in my GumRoad shop are being donated to the Transgender Emergency Fund of MA! I'm keeping a running tally on Twitter as we raise funds. Current funds raised are $947.25! 🎉 The following packs go back into the archives after this weekend, so it's last call to grab these: Trio Pack, Good Bad Angel, Nova & Starlight. Shop now: Thanks for your support! ♥ Sunday 2/7 Update: Last day of the fundraiser and we're just over $1,400 raised! THANK YOU! ♥

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Name change! ✨ Can't go back and edit hundreds of watermarks but AH WELL, it is what is is. ♥

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My Zentai Suit Perspective Premium Gallery was updated this weekend! It now has 23 images which you can access through 100 DA Points or via PayPal/Card for $1.25. Testing out the new options for exclusive stuff here on DA! Could def see this being useful for comic artists and such. 👀✨

SenshiStock - Zentai Suit Perspective 1200x675
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Hi! It's fall in MA. Pretty leaves and crisp weather and the absolute and total existential dread of the oncoming winter during a global pandemic. HOORAY! 🤪 ♥ SenshiStocktober There is a new pose scheduled for every day in the month of October. You can incorporate them into another drawing challenge you might be doing this month, or use them as a daily prompt on their own! @Null-Entity is also doing a daily pose for the month with suggestions he got from the community! 🌟

♥ DA CoreLounge Commission DeviantArt commissioned me in September for a special pack of goodies to put into their @CoreLounge. If you are subscribed with Core, you can access the lounge and the Creative Crate that I did for them which includes some exclusive images, a written article with links and tips for improving your art, and a 20% discount code for my GumRoad.

♥ Other Stuff There's not a lot going on otherwise. I've been keeping up with new content and posts on my Patreon and GumRoad. Patrons are getting video references now twice a month, so I've started doing more shoots for that content. The learning curve has been fun! :P My Twitter account got really big this past summer so I've been really active over there. I'm very busy with my art lately, prepping right now for a huge online sales event in my exclusive Facebook group, AdorkaBows Select Bow-Peeks. Here's a super fancy bow I just I finished this past week with a center pin from Dreenicorn:

Princess Serenity Hair Bow

I guess that's all the updates for now! I am looking forward to getting back to doing collab shoots but in the meantime, I'm just keeping on keeping on. ♥ Happy drawing.

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If you have DeviantArt Core, pop over to the @CoreLounge!

DA commissioned me for an exclusive pose set, a write up with some art skills tips, and a discount code for my GumRoad! ❤️ ✨

I'll also be doing an AMA on the 14th! 🌟

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