A collab shoot with @SenshiStock, @null-entity, and @piratelotus-stock?! What would you want to see:
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Action and weapons groups
Casual interactions
Static group arrangements
Perspective Groups
I have more or other suggestions!!
Just do everything.
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By SenshiStock   |   Watch
Published: January 31, 2018
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SilverLady7Professional General Artist
I'd like to see some perspective people laying - on a bed, on a futon or the floor.  From different angles.
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SenshiStockHobbyist Photographer
yeah mutiple people lying is a great idea!!
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MoonFey Traditional Artist

Yay for group poses! :happybounce: Amongst your options I like perspective the best, I would especially love perspective poses that looks like you are all flying ;)

Other than that, something I would love to see is group poses with a fantasy or fairytale theme! Like doing magical things, maybe performing an ancient ritual or portraying something mythological like nymphs and satyrs frolicking about or at leisure. Not necessarily in a romantically way, but touching, leaning on each other cuddling up together. Or fairies interacting in a group animately talking with each other or maybe just people sitting around a fire telling stories :meow:

And dancing, if possible lifting each other up while doing it, twirling around, dancing like fairies in a ring. Or some medieval type of dancing or courtship. Maybe also two people dancing while the other one is playing an instrument. :boogie:

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SenshiStockHobbyist Photographer
great suggestions!!
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TzarimaHobbyist Digital Artist
 Hey, I have not seen your collaborators before, so thanks for opening my eyes to them^^ I voted perspective, because I find that the most difficult, but really, everything is valuable.
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BBMacTomaHobbyist Digital Artist
I voted casual interactions. But I do like it all. Perspective is needed if I am to grow; I also like romance--hammocks, walking, cuddles, proposals in different angles, near-kisses, etc.. You do whatever you want but I'm just here to brainstorm some things for ya. Thank you for reading!
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TenebrianHobbyist General Artist
I'd love to say 'do everything' but I voted for perspective groups. However, the top two I'd like to see more of are casual group interactions and perspective groups. I find that static 'portrait' poses, static poses, and even romantic or combat poses are common. That a lot of the poses take place with the group relatively on the same plane in the photo rather than having a clear separation of foreground, middle ground, and background.

For more advanced storytelling as well as a greater level of art challenge I think group interactions and perspective groups would knock the socks off of everyone and provide a fantastic, DD worthy, stock-photo/ref series.
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GilthorpeHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah I agree! I was kind of thinking of that but I couldn't figure out how to communicate the different perspective idea. Unique perspective angles on casual interactions would be super helpful since they only way to get those is to take awkward photos of your friends and then you still don't know how stuff looks since you can't properly see how their limbs and body look- you can only get stick figure guidelines at best. :/
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TenebrianHobbyist General Artist
Ty, I agree.
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KwiliaStudent General Artist
After seeing it on the list I realized that stock of people interacting in perspective/with a lot of foreshortening is really rare, and would be extremely helpful :D 
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Comicker-KaiHobbyist General Artist
A little of everything would be pretty great!
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ConsultTheBlackMageHobbyist Digital Artist
I'd really like to see some more advanced couple shots, like a couple in a tub, see some same sex couples, etc.
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AnonymousToastyboiHobbyist General Artist
I would like to see more mythical/magical things, like some combat between the three of your with magic or something? I thought that would be nice and helpful to many other artists like myself
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ClaineHobbyist Digital Artist
Woooow! So many great stock artists! This should be a great shoot. No matter what the result is I know I'll find something useful.

But one pose I've always wanted and can't find on DA is kabe-don pose. You know that stereotypical pose from anime and manga -

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PenumbraCheyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Have fun with it! Who knows where spontaneity will take you.
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zimajaProfessional Digital Artist
Maybe romantic or sensual embraces?
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GossArt1323Hobbyist General Artist
voted casual interactions, but i would LOVE to see some action shots too!
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GilthorpeHobbyist Digital Artist
I think a few group shots of you guys interacting while sitting down (on stools next to each other, on a couch, the floor...) would be helpful, especially for group scenes like characters just casually hanging out at home or out in a restaurant/bar. There is a lot of random photos of that you can find anywhere, but it's always hard to see how the body and limbs look since people are normally clothed. 

If you need ideas what specifically to do while "casually sitting" you could do a scene where one model is telling them a story and the other two are laughing, another one where people are leaning back relaxing drinking beer? xD You could even do one where they are leaning forward on a table/bar talking during a meal? o:

I'm not sure what angle it should be, but I did some doodle bobs to try and help show what I mean. Pose Suggestions
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CiragoHobbyist General Artist
you and Null are my two primary go-to stock artists, so it's amazing to see you doing the collab thing :D ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm so excited to see all the awesome poses and angles and lighting and inspiration you guys produce! <3
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TaCDLunaria91Hobbyist Digital Artist
Romantic couple stuff, please.
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SenshiStockHobbyist Photographer
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Null-EntityHobbyist General Artist
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TaCDLunaria91Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol :la:
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