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Mirror Pose Reference for Drawing Illustration

By SenshiStock
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Image size
1236x2896px 1.8 MB
Shutter Speed
1/60 second
Focal Length
18 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Oct 23, 2015, 3:33:49 PM
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beautiful girl
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Yes! I've been waiting for this one for actual years!
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Used this stock in my newest art post!  The Past... by TheUltimetta
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A very useful pose!
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Honestly your stocks are great and I can see how it benefited many users online, as I enjoy looking at the submitted works based off your references, it actually keeps me happy in a way

I don't think you get put down by these types of lame comments or anything, but if it does somehow affect you, I think it's good to remind yourself of the great help you've been to for many users online, I really appreciate your stocks and I hope you get the support you deserve
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Agree , keep up the stunning works that inspire and help a lot of people like me !
Cheers from Japan , i really love your works girl :smooch: !!!!!
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Talking shit on a user submitted art platform with your free time? 
That's where too much free time and too little creativity will get you.
I assume you don't work - only thing you contribute to the world are these dogshit comments.
Bet your folks are the same - I mean your mom; god knows your dad ain't around.
Good luck buddy, hope you find love - but sadly it'll probably just be child support payments.
Bumpy road ahead. (pats back)

Submit some art breh. :)

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At least you updated your profile pic. :)
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oh god
another edgy teen who probably wants to appeal to other teens

I'll admit, being edgy is a great attention seeking method, works everytime

It's like trolling by writing a random 'you ugly' on a youtuber talking about carving and expecting some reactions, how sad is that

honey, while yes shit talking is free speech, you're literally wasting your time and others through saying some useless ass SUBJECTIVE opinions which barely are of any value, respect yourself and others and get a life

keep your insecurity to yourself, and fuck off

ps stereotyping or classifying people into the "tumblr" groups or "liberals" (I don't believe you brought it up here, but you seem to be type of people to do that, as there's literally a swarm of you in the internet running around in diapers and assuming it's funny) is really not funny. 
MajicJane's avatar
Well you seem pretty anti liberal nonetheless, I'd suggest you research more on each political view or side and really find where you belong

And you really can not tell me you're not insecure, what you're doing right now is some sort of a defense mechanism (whether it helps you feel good or not- which it most likely helps you feel good), it makes you sort of beg for attention without begging for it, more like
"Hey, I'm saying different stuff, that's cool right?"
And as people response, it validates your identity
As I said, that's kinda how trolls are, because their comments are genuinely just lame remarks

And to be fair, as I said, beauty is subjective, you can not call a woman or a man ugly if you're gonna act like it's an objective opinion, otherwise you just sound stupid- you can not insist on such opinions if they are subjective

And, "Bitch", this is not tumblr, this is Deviantart, you can not assume anyone on here uses tumblr, not to mention not every tumblr user acts a certain way, so stop playing victim and claiming things which are obviously flawed opinions

Which goes back to my point that you're just insecure and want validation for your identity
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At least you value free speech, but there's also something called respect and it's a normal human virtue. I don't think almost any of us like those feminazis lol.

I didn't really mean the act of calling her ugly was what gave me the idea that you're insecure, it's ore of texting or typing style, or wording, it's really common to a certain group mindset hence it's really easy to call out, most often found in meme related chats- not to mention but your profile picture also hinted out to that.

Liking to trigger people is liking to receive reaction, to receive reaction is to receive validation, by validation I mean more security in your identity, that you are "edgy" or whatever of the sort, which does prove insecurity 

My role was not to protect anyone from any trolls, as I really simply view them as people in need of attention, I just like to remind people that they shouldn't really bat an eye

Oh and thank you for finally saying that you were simply voicing your opinion, took a while.
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Dude if you can't say anything even remotely nice that keep your trap shut
WeirdPrimroseCat's avatar
I am all for critiques....but they have to be critiques...not bashes. And I think you meant shit art instead of "shut art". Also...maybe you should post some art....hell you probably don't even know how to draw lol.
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