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Fan Pose for Drawing Reference

By SenshiStock
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This if from the discontinued Fan Pack on More to come! :la:

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1752x3118px 2.32 MB
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10/600 second
Focal Length
20 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Dec 31, 2012, 5:18:09 PM
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Also, I apparently sent a request that you were the model in the picture a few times? Sorry about that, I'm still not used to the Eclipse. ^^;

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No problem! ❤️
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I used part of this pose here...

Geisha Eiko

I had to change the leg position so it suited the geisha look a bit more.

Thank you! <3

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Used here! Once again, thanks so much! <3
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thanks for showing me! :D 
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Thank you very much for your stock photos, so I can practice drawing people better. I used this stock as reference here Inktober #4 Sailor Moon OC by LadyMimikyu
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mmmm, i agree with sirsurcus, this is only a pose, but if she poses for the draw, that's art
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Yes, I make poses so people can draw from them. I am not taking photos as art, only as reference.
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Fan Dancer Ana by Sam-Firewolf

Used your stock Sakky :3
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Thank you!Clap 
Used here :
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Thank you again! :D

Used here:
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Used your pose as reference, Thank you so much :hug:

edit: lol forgot to put the link XD
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This is not art.
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Bravo! we have found a genius among us!!! Clap 
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It's not art for me, i dont know for you, but make poses it's not difficult.
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tat's why i said "bravo we have a genius among us" it was a "compliment"

She is not trying to make art. She is literally posing for us artists so we can use her stock as reference. She gives us resources to use in our art thus the name "stock". 

So tank you again for being such a "genius" and pointing this out for us because we plebs couldn't have figured that out.
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Ok, but instead of use her stock as reference you can also search in Google instead of DeviantArt, easy and fast. This is not art.
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she makes a living and a hobby out of this just as much as "stock" photographers do, they pay to have google boost their image on the internet. Deviantart is not just for art, its also about craft and tools and artists helping other artists. Posing is considered an art form because you have to be able to portray form, fluidity and structure. You may not consider it art, and thats okay, but saying "this isnt art" is like me walking up to you after you just took time out of your day to make a simple doodle and being proud of it and me telling you its "not art" simply because It's not a masterpiece.

screw off with your broken English and your even more broken opinion ^^
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Actually, making poses can be a complicated process.
It's not as easy as it appears, though I respect your opinion. :aww:
Just don't go around telling people that their art isn't art just because it's different.
It'll make you look self-righteous. So yeah, try to be more respectful before posting
comments like that.
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It's not art for me, i dont know for you, but make poses it's not difficult.
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Sirsurcus you annoy me right now... Stock is art and it's harder then it seems to do... Go f**k off (aka go away from this thread)
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