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The OFFICIAL Fanlist for Sailor Moon OCs

Heart Waffle by hazimah552 Welcome!

♥ About Us
We are the "Official" fanslist group for all Sailor Moon OCs. We are not the first of our kind, but it seems all others who attempt this fail because the job is so huge and impossible. But we aim to succeed at the impossible... which is why we are forever accepting new admins ^^ There are just too many awesome senshi of every variety to not have a group like this succeed.

♥ Getting Listed
Simple, become a member and have a list or one of the Senshi Archetypes illustrated in some way. Comment on the journals your works apply to with links to those works OR send the group a note with your list and we will just add them all for you :3

♥ Being an Admin
Just ask and have Sailor Moon art in your gallery. You will be accepted as a Contributor. Only Contributors can be considered for Co-founder status. Being a waffle is a priviledge, so bring your syrup! please don't eat the admins!

♥ What else do we do?
Our waffley hearts will not be satisfied until we have featured your awesome Sailor Moon related groups and contests! Especially those that have awesome people create awesome new senshi! We love adoptables too!

:heart: Lists of OCs by Artists :heart:

A - EF - JK - OP - ST - WX - #'s

:star: Senshi Archetype Lists :star:

Asteroid SenshiChibi/Neo SenshiConstellation/Zodiac SenshiEarthElementsEvil SenshiMary-Sue'sMoonMythologyNemesisObject/AnimalParallelSeason/HolidaySelf-InsertsStarStarlightsSunUniverseVirtue/Sin

Free Waffle Icon by Edible-Rainbows Group Rules

♥ RESPECT RESPECT RESPECT - one disrespectful comment or outburst by anyone will result in being banned from the group.

♥ Membership is automatic - click JOIN THIS GROUP. You DO NOT have to have a master list of senshi to join the group.

♥ Don't join if you don't like Sailor Moon. We are a Sailor Moon fangroup!

♥ We are always accepting new admins at Contributor level to help with features, gallery moderation and backroom voting.

♥ Only Sailor Moon related characters are allowed here - in any form - at any skill level.

♥ Submit art to the correct folder please! No infringing bases, traces, dolls, etc.

♥ Waffles are delicious.

♥ Senshi OC lists do not have to be complete but should be close to complete. We understand that all lists are always a work in progress :3 Here is an example list.

♥ Only one list per artist may be submitted - not one list per joined account.

♥ Signature Senshi are those senshi who define you such as Sailor Galatea or Messier88 (Singing-Kiwi), Sailor Astera (Sakkysa), Sailor Aquila (Chaddar99043), Sailor Iris (Re-Pyper), etc. They are senshi that you draw and use far more often than any other senshi you create... spending countless hours perfecting their bio, fuku, personality, etc. If you commission an artist, you usually have them draw that senshi. When you draw senshi, you usually draw that senshi. She is a senshi you created that you are especially close with.

♥ Groups need only be Sailor Moon related to affiliate with us.


Hi everyone! It's your friendly Co-Founder :iconusako89:, formerly known as blakkatt here.

First of all, let me say welcome to any new members we've had since the last journal was posted last April. I apologize for my inactivity since then but I plan to try to change that.

Second of all, let me remind all that if you haven't already submitted thumbnail links to your master Senshi list, then please do so so that I may add them to the directory. Also, if since submitting your list, you've changed your username, please let us know so that it can be updated.
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