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A club for yuri or girlXgirl Sailor Moon pairings.
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Nov 24, 2003

North America

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Fan Club

1,382 Members
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I am trying to get this group and my others back on their feet thought might be a bit hard because I think my computer just died last night. I have been checking on this group but I know I have been gone awhile. I have things in life that I will not go into here but you can find out on my page if you want.

I am working on clearing out the deactivated accounts.
I have had a few people submitting yuri Doujinshi so I have made a Doujinshi folder. Keep up the awesome work people!
Just made a group on Facebook for Ami and Makoto.…
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Senshi OC
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The black moon strikes 1-3 By Lufidelis by Kamenrider1
Stamp4-AmiMako by Tibby-san


:bulletpink: To join click the join button.
:bulletpink: Members submit their own art. (All art will be voted on by the three of us)
:bulletpink: Art must have at least two girl characters from Sailor Moon to be allowed into the gallery. The exception to this rule is single pictures that display a yuri relationship. Examples:……

Accepted art Girl/Girl ONLY!!!!!!!
:bulletblue: Fanart
:bulletblue: Fanmanga
:bulletblue: Fanfiction
:bulletblue: Nudity
:bulletblue: Stamps
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:bulletblue: Dollz

Originally founded by seasaidh and Songficcer in 2003. DavisJes took over 6/28/08.

Senshi Love Sites:…

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Seductive Guardian by Zoe-the-Pink-Ranger
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