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Welcome to SenshiEvolutions! Please read our rules!

.:little bullet star:. by Chipi-ChiuWelcome!
Senshi Evolutions is a Sailor Moon fan group with a focus on fan characters and new interpretations of canon characters. We welcome senshi, villain, knight/prince, guardian, and any other Sailor Moon OCs you can think of, as well as costume re-designs for the canon characters. We love your serious OCs, and we love your goofy parodies and Mary Sues. We accept many different mediums, including drawings, fanfic, handmade crafts, and cosplay. No matter what skill level you're at or what version of Sailor Moon you love-- the manga, the musicals, live action, or either anime-- in the name of the moon, we will welcome you!

Membership is open to anyone and will be automatically approved! Before submitting, please make sure you have read the rules and guidelines below.

Submission Rules & Guidelines_________________

tick by DiegoVainilla All submissions must be colored (except for Lineart/WIPs).
tick by DiegoVainilla Please submit to the correct folder (descriptions here).
tick by DiegoVainilla If you use a base or someone else's line art, credit it properly.
tick by DiegoVainilla Keep questions about declined art in the correspondence comments.
tick by DiegoVainilla Appreciate, don't judge! Be cool, be nice, and have fun!

Please Do Not Submit...________________________

pink x by DiegoVainilla Copied or traced artwork
pink x by DiegoVainilla Poor-quality photographs of traditional art
pink x by DiegoVainilla Excessive blood, gore, or violence
pink x by DiegoVainilla Overtly sexual artwork or tasteless nudity
pink x by DiegoVainilla Dollmaker images, screenshots, or other things that aren't yours
pink x by DiegoVainilla Non-Artistic/For-Sale photos of merchandise
pink x by DiegoVainilla Hateful, bigoted, or offensive content

We reserve the right to decline or remove anything from the group based on admin consensus. If you have questions, please send us a note!

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Gallery Folders

SM: Outer Princesses-2 by Kay-I
The Girl from Moon (Sailor Moon book cover) by tropicalraccoon
Chibiusa and Guardians by kyaanii
Sailor Silver Moon by ArtByFlan
Usagi, Sailor Moon, Serenity
Under the moon by ImperialMoonlight
Shine just like the moon FANBOOK COVER by ImperialMoonlight
Eternal Sailor Moon by StarMVenus
Sailor Moon Moon tiara by SailorBomber
Canon Senshi
Minako Aino by Pillara
Lonely Setsuna by Pillara
Chibiusa - Sailor Chibi Moon by LorinellYu
Princess Serenity by HelloSunniLove
OC Senshi
I am strong and I will prevail - Sailor Rose Red by TheOfficialKaeChan
Please help me from this hell... by TheOfficialKaeChan
This is the rose that saved me - Sailor Rose Red by TheOfficialKaeChan
Powerful Grace - Sailor Rose Red by TheOfficialKaeChan
Canon Villains
Wicked Lady by MoonlightArt13
Ail by ainessa
Dark Lady by teriopi
Ail ~ by ainessa
OC Villains
CA ~ Sailor Lithium Mau by SailorAlcyone
Pin Up Sailor Chromium Chiroptera by nickyflamingo
Chiyo Sorano - Sailor Eternity by DarthTepes
Destiny Senshi by DarthTepes
Other Canon Characters
Royal family by teriopi
ACEO #39 Venus by AlexaFV
Luna's Family by ann4rt
Chibi Chibi Chibi by ann4rt
Other OCs
Commission 57 Sailor Moon Andromeda by Remuchii
Sailor Moon - Fanfic OC Prince Saturn by TheKissingHand
Galaxy Portraits Amelia and Ambrose by nickyflamingo
Planet Princes by DarthTepes
Fan Personas
They Are the One Named Sailor Moon! by disneyfan056
Miracle Romance! by Yutaan
Sailor Vee and Tuxedo Flask by AstuteObservations
Sailor Scout Inkuu by Hero-Of-Ink
Mary Sues
Dear God, What Have I Done? by Cionie
Ultimate Galactic Cosmic Sailor Everything by Leaf-nin
Pretty Princess Sailor Vampire Moon by MistressLegato
MSP 2013 BAD EXAMPLE Round 1 by nickyflamingo
Pairs and Groups
Ladies of the Next Generation by Moon-and-Sars
Crossover Fan Art
My work here is done by NikaInfinity
Cosplay and Crafts
I'll punish you in the name of the Moon! by BakerStreetDolls
she's fine, guys by doodlemancy
Screenshot Redraws
Sailor Mercury by NikaInfinity
Holiday Themed
SS: Sailor Israfel by sailor-aqua353
Wand and Item Art
Jupiter Power, Make Up! by hip2b2
Event Archive
Senshi of Song: September by Washu-Dark-Ira
Lineart and WIPs
Patreon Reward February 2018 Sailor Hecate by nickyflamingo
+Sailor V Shirt Tutorial+ by Lovely-Autumn
Sailor Huya (a platformer game) by kid-blue



Come Join Us.

We Are now on Discord.
There is a new folder named "Usagi, Sailor Moon, Serenity". Since Usagi was at least half of the Canon Senshi folder, and is undeniably the most popular character in SM fan art in general, I split her off into her own category.

It took me about an hour to do it, and I probably made a few mistakes but it should be mostly moved. :dummy: Please make sure to submit fan art of Usagi in any form to that folder.
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I appreciate you asking to add some of my work to your gallery. :) I am a little confused though. I was reading through your rules for submitting pieces, and one of them stated that doll-maker programs weren't allowed, but the piece which was requested for your gallery was made on one. Is that rule still a thing or was it just overlooked in my case? (Because, if it isn't a thing I might think about joining your group, since I use those type of programs to make Sailor Moon art.)  
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