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THE WINNER IS :iconsarahforde:!!!!
Congrats Sakky! <3
Proof of results: fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/f/201…

You win a free bust request by GwenMayhem!

:star: GwenMayhem will be giving away one free bust request - all you have to do is:

:bulletblue: Favourite this journal
:bulletblue: Be a member of this group
:bulletblue: And promote this group!*

*That can be in a poll, a journal, on your front page, etc. On dA, Twitter, or FB!
Just make sure you comment below with the link of the advertisement.
Winner will be chosen by a random number generator.

Deadline is March 8th 2013!


This is a group devoted to the senshi of the world!



Everyone knows that in the Sailor Moon story line, canon senshi are reborn here on Earth under new identifies, to new families, and in new countries!
Hence the idea behind this group!


This is basically a mass project/movement to diversify the OC Sailor Senshi! You're objective is to create a new senshi that has been reborn on Earth - her original origins can be anywhere in the universe. Her fuku should be redesigned and inspired by her new country of origin.

She should not be a Sailor Country, but rather a senshi from anywhere in the universe, who's fuku is inspired by her country of origin!


:bulletpurple: Please read the rules and guidelines before claiming a country and submitting a senshi.

:bulletpurple: Please check the list of taken countries before claiming one! It is located in the rules and guidelines box.

:bulletpurple: Absolutely no drama, racism, and/or blatant stereotyping are allowed.


This is meant to promote the love for Sailor Moon around the world and to diversify the Sailor Moon OC Senshi. ♥

***Please do not submit anything to this group gallery until you have claimed a country for your new senshi's origins. You may however submit any senshi to the corresponding favourite folders.***


And remember to have fun - in the name of the moon!
Usagi La Emoticon by Pink-Lady03

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alright Congrats Sakky!! :D
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Yay Sakky! Way to go :D
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Congrats Sakky! :la:
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Hey guys, I Favorited this journal, joined and promoted via poll! :D
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Yeah! Favorited, promoted and done!
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Just wondering, but shouldn't Ireland be split in two? Politically, Ireland is divided between the Republic of Ireland, which covers just under five-sixths of the island, and Northern Ireland, a part of the United Kingdom.
GwenMayhem's avatar
Ireland is kinda tricky, but we're counting it as one country. Like Israel is politically a part of Europe, but geographically it's a part of Asia, which is what we put it as.
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I think we're just sticking with countries as a whole, not really with political cuts. Ask =Singing-Kiwi though! <3
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It's okay, I found one that works for me! ^.^
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can I have Austria plz? :3
dedizenoflight's avatar
you sure can! all yours! <3
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Promoted on tumblr, if that's okay~ [link]
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Yes, that's perfectly fine!
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