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Sai's Token icon set updated

By Sensei-Sai
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Sai's Token Icon Set for iPhone updated

With the permission of Brsev, I finally release my icon set.
You'll find in the rar 169 icons (in fact a bit more) containing some of Brsev's token icons, and some icons designed by me with token's style.
All those icons are 57x57pixels² to perfectly fit to the iPhone.
I've done all the base icons, a lot of cydia's apps, a lot of appstore's apps, some folders, and some more.
This is to use with or without winterboard (I don't use it, but if correctly renaming the icons, it should works with winterboard).
You will find too icons to replace those in SBsettings, in order to fit with the icon set.

Credits goes to Brsev for is token icon set!

Hope you'll like it.


you'll find a new version, in light gray and in HD for iphone 4 here :[link]
and an update of the white version :[link]

PS: comments are welcome! :D

erf... I mistaken myself on the preview image. the label "AppStore Appz" should be "Base Appz"... Sorry, I will perhaps correct the image if the time is relative enough ^^...
© 2010 - 2020 Sensei-Sai
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answnstlr111Student Digital Artist
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you're welcome!
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Nice. Thank you!
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AtimixStudent Traditional Artist
all useless lol.
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U are a very great ARTist. Token is Fashion! Token is a Art de Vivre! Congratulations for your big work. Faboulous!!!
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thanks you very very good
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I have a request ,
can you make a white token icon for assassins creed brotherhood.. i couldn't find it anywhere

thanx in advance
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just found out how to make an icon!
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how to create token icons? i would like to create my own ones for a iphone mod!
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may sound abit sluggish but.. white?
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shangraf-srhStudent Digital Artist
thx :D
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Awesome set! Im trying to make an Android icon set. Would you happen to have a template or a quick guide on how to make them? Just a few different ones from what you have already made. Thanks alot and GREAT WORK!
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Thank you!
the template I used for this icon set can be found in the Token icon Set from Brsev. there are the photoshop layers with the right properties and effects.
have fun ^^
For a quick guide.... I can explain the way I've done my icons. you find (or draw) the image you want to put in icon. you put it in black and white, and push the contrast to the minimum, and the luminosity to the min.
once you're image is totally black, you apply the layer style from Brsev icon set, and that's it!
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Thats a great start! Thanks alot! Im still having a little trouble making some of the icons. Im trying to do this for my Android Phone and they look awesome just dont have them all. And rather than have someone do them, I used to be pretty good with Graphical Design. I understand you are probably really busy, but maybe if you could put together a Step by Step or a video I would be willing to Pay for it through a donation of say 20$ Just for your time and saving me time :) thanks again if not, thanks for what youve already done!
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Bayushi-TaiHobbyist General Artist
Excelent token set !!
Do you have it in PNG for the PC ? 'Cos i want it !!
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and thank you for the fav ;)
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Bayushi-TaiHobbyist General Artist
YW !
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this is all in PNG. but the size may be too small for use with PC...
And I will not make a larger version of the set, as I don't plan to use it. the original token set is largely sufficient for my use!

But feel free to make your own ;)
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Bayushi-TaiHobbyist General Artist
Well, i'll look at them anyway !
Good work, see ya !
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Where's the white set? :D
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hum... I don't plan to do it. I don't have enough time.
but you can do it if you want!
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