9 Reasons to LOVE YOUR INK!

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1. - Ink can be used for drawing, writing or painting, anything you chose! You can use it with a brush, cartridge pens or drawing nibs, even a goose-quill will do!

2. - Ink can be water-soluble or, unlike watercolor, waterproof. Once dried out, it stays where you left it, it doesn't run away from you!

3. - Ink can be watered down and used as washes, just like watercolor, but it can be used at full strength, achieving more consistent results!

4. - Ink, when dried on paper, results in a very appealing velvety surface.

5. - Ink is in many cases a lot cheaper than watercolor, even school quality (very cheap) inks bring lovely and very satisfactory results.

6. - Inks are colorful! Forget the black ink, you will be able to buy whole variety of colored inks. Also, you can mix them together to create many more colors & hues!

7. - White ink is a perfect assistant in many other techniques, use it to create highlights and special effects!

8. - Ink does not stink! Yet, avoid staining your clothes, you might have troubles getting rid of them...

9. - Available acrylic ink can be even used on canvas!

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I agree with this post... ink is really good for making art works! I made a ink painting once for school and it made me discover the great posibilities of working with ink, not only as paint :)