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I wanted to make a good illustration of Orianna from League of Legends, since her original splash is quite old and bad quality... and that's what came out! As you can see, it's not exactly finished, I wanted to put too many details and in the end I was too bored to define the background and stuff XD It has been on my desktop for 2 months, but in the end I just decided to post it anyway :D
Still hope you like it, have a super amazing day!! :hug: :hug:
(and thanks everybody for the lovely comments, you're so kind :heart:)

Other lol fanarts that I did :la:
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woah amazing!! *_*
I love all these details and your background
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Thank you that's awsome!! :>
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beautiful, love her expression and the colorwork.. well done!!
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Absolutely amazing

*tips hat*
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Omg, you should definitly this artwork; it's amazing ♥
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Wow welldone... the her robot body looks insanely good!
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Ohhh so wonderful *.* but also creepy.. but in a good way, you know? <3
I really love the atmosphere
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Wow if only this was the true colours of Orianna! I would love her so much more!!! =D
Great job I hope you have a fantastic day as well =D
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Amazing work !!! :)
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Nyaaa :'DDD Oriannaaaaa!! Awesome job :la:
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You're welcome :333
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Wow, it looks amazing! But... where's the Ball? D:
You can't forget about the Ball!
That's what makes Orianna... Orianna!
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Actually there used to be a ball XD But I had to cut it away cause it was taking too long... this was the original idea [link] :>
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Have you heard of the Orianna and Ball theory?
Where the robot Orianna is the outer shell, and the Ball is actually the real Orianna?
That's why I think Orianna and the Ball shouldn't be separated :3
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OMG I didnt *^* That'd be super cool, I never thought about that XD But then it wouldnt make any sense that the ball protects Orianna with shields and stuff, right?
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