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Third fanart of my favourite character from LOL <3 (with a bit changed design, eheh :D)
Hope you like it guys! It's kinda rough in some parts, but I got really tired of it in the end, it took me sooo looong with the details (and I wanted to add so much more <.<)

Other Ahri's fanarts, done in 2012... I'm so happy of the improvements *^* Have a look to my gallery! ^^
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Some nice boots there... =/////=

And those tails look like smoke...firefox? :3
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It's just a redesign of the original skin :3 The tails are in low opacity cause i wanted the focus to be on her, they'd have ruinded the composition otherwise xD
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"should I make your pulse rise
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(spins the blade on the unarmed hand) "My lady" I while as Talon and kneels. "At last you came. What took so long on top lane?" Ahri "Nothing what you should need to be worried" I while raises and aligns hands making an action to ask "can I hug?" "You mean you killed Nocturne?" Ahri "For you" I while gives the gold from nocturne and walks away silently. Puts a ward to bush and cutthrroat and I kill lux. "God what kind of man he is?" Ahri "Live and Die by the blade man I am" I while moves the body and throws another extra gold to Ahri leaves the Lux body to disappear to ground walks away again.

So beautiful art.
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Beautiful love story, ahaha :'D
Thank you :)
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Love story? Not really.

You are welcome (and shadow assaults)
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Yay, Ahri is just awsome :D Thank you for the comments! :hug:
Absolutely fantastic! I just love everything about this! Must have a poster of this!!!! :O :D :3
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Thank you so much!!! :D
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love the soft coloring and your take on her clothing <3 skilled~<3
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Thank you so much! :hug:
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Can't get enough of your art :P
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:happy bounce:
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*super happy bounce*
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Thank you! *^*
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Do you use a tablet?
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