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Vincent Switch - Shadowrun Character

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This is just a quick concept sketch I drew of my Shadowrun Character, Vincent Switch.
He was originally an Elf Decker with a penchant for Motorcycles, but he's been growing and changing so much in my mind lately tha I'm not entirely sure what he is anymore. The only thing that seems to be consistent about his design is his red tipped, spiky hair and bad attitude.

This was drawn using the help of a base as inspiration, which will be tagged once I find the appropriate link in my favorites.

Anyway, I drew it with Artflow on the Android and an Adonit Jot Pro stylus, on my Samsung S4, as part of my project to Reboot my original Shadowrun Story about Vincent and Gabriel, two elf Deckers. I've been debating whether to continue it as a comic, but a part of me is also tempted to reboot it as an RPG Maker MV game that was scrapped named "Jackt Up" which is an original Cyberpunk tale based on my old Shadowrun games, similiar to an RPG replay like "Record of Lodoss War". RPG Replay's are very popular in Japan.

Anywho, this is somewhat of a work in progress. And as much as I admit that, I also like it the way it is, so it's debatably finished. I like the smokey, rough art style I've come up with, it reminds me of, and is very heavily inspired by, the art of Anna Muckraker in "GodKiller" and the Comic Book adaption of Chuck Palahniuk's "Monster".

I hope you all like it, I've had this sitting on a hard drive for an awfully long time now, I thought I should share it with everyone to prove I'm still working on stuff. HAGD ya'll :)
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The graphic novel that inspired my art style