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The long awaited sequel to my Zombie Apocalypse short story, "Dias Irae" aka God's Wrath. This is the first draft, and I'm eager to hear opinions on it. It's a very personal work of mine. And I am quite proud of it. I made it for me.

This entire work of fiction is copyright (c) 2015 Clark Kierstead
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love it love it love it!    I would read volumes of this!!   Just one question.... why did he not steal a crapload of activated charcoal fish tank filters from an abandonned pet store???  And the buckets out on clotheslines to collect rainwater... fucking genious!!  They have not even done that on any of the 'commercial' zombie movies or novels.... not that I know of anyway.

one day I'll sit down and write the story that has been in my head for years...  I only hope it will be this good!
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I'm not certain if I ever posted a proper reply to this, especially because that's a good question and it caught me off guard, so I needed to think about it for a long time, but I suppose the answer is because the main character, Clyde, never thought about it and has no one to tell him better or spark the idea for him, since he's living in a post-apocalypse with little entertainment outside of daily survival.

I really do love this story and I've decided it will be an ongoing series, mayhap throughout my life even, as random idea's and things have been hitting my noodle and inspiring me to write a third chapter. I've also toyed with the idea of the third chapter taking place in a new characters perspective, allowing us to gain a third-person view of the main character of these first two chapters (Clyde) as the rancid, damaged sole survivor of an entire city gone belly-up.

He's basically the forgotten survivor in a land not unlike modern Chernobyl, possibly quarantined and forgotten. However, he has no idea of knowing  whether it's just this country of his, or if the whole world is destroyed. Or if he's even the final survivor anywhere. The last survivor of an extinct race.

Well, I planned on answering that in a third chapter, where he discovers, or rather, IS discovered by a small handful of other survivors. However, the group of them have friction and the lot of them are hardly likable people, being, like himself, hardened, cut-throat survivors who have nearly forgotten their own humanity. As well, I'd love to show Clyde from a third person perspective. He's got an awful lot going on inside his head, but on the outside, I wanted to demonstrate that he comes off as so cold and unemotional that it's questionable if he's entirely lost his mind. The first two chapters would suggest that, no, he hasn't. But he allows others to think that as a defense mechanism to keep people distant from himself.

It's inspiring to think about it, I hope I'll have a third chapter to show, maybe in another 6 months. I'll notify you all on FB if I do :)