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This is a Splatterpunk Post-Apocalyptic Novel I've been working on for quite some time, on and off.

The story's quite complex, and strange, but basically tells the story of Clyde, a seven-time survivor of the monthly apocalypse, scavenging what's left of the world and trying to cope with his own deranged mind and what's left of the world.

I've been using the "Snowflake Method" for writing this story. You can google that, but basically it means I've been working on whatever parts spark my muse, and therefore, this sampling I've decided to post here is missing large parts of the continuity and is not reflective of the finished work.

I plan to have it published, possibly, by late 2011. I'm going to either publish it myself or submit it to a couple publishing company's via my English Professor at my old college. She's knowledgeable about such things.

Anyway, I'm deeply interested in having some comments, criticism and questions about the story so far, so I'm posting it here. I've been quite secretive about it and the few I've allowed to read into it have chosen not to do so...

So, critique away. I need some motivation. I've had writers block for about a week and a half now.

Also, I must warn those unfamiliar with works of splatterpunk fiction, the story can get QUITE explicit, and very often does so. I'm a Cyberpunk, but I've been reading Splatterpunk & Zombie Anthology's by Schow and have been greatly influenced by these works. I've decided to give a crack at it myself. Besides. People say I'm a great writer.

If the story is published, I'll be happy. If it becomes popular, I'd be interested in making a graphic novel, animated movie, live action movie, etc, out of this.

So, just to prove I'm not dead, here's my work in progress, Dias Irae. Or, "Day of Wrath". I do so hope you enjoy it.


The Fineprint:
This work may be reprinted only with the permission of the Author (Me, Clark Lee) and may not be used in any other method without strict permissions. You may contact me here, at Deviantart, or at my email address/MSN;

I have no idea who did the artwork used in the preview but kudos to them and I take no credit for it, I just found it added flavor to the style of this story. Thank you.
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This is very creative.
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Thank you =)
Coulda gone with more specific commentary on specific parts but I appreciate the feedback