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Rhizard WIP by Senretsu Rhizard WIP :iconsenretsu:Senretsu 0 0 Another Vincent WIP by Senretsu Another Vincent WIP :iconsenretsu:Senretsu 2 1 Vincent Switch - Shadowrun Character by Senretsu Vincent Switch - Shadowrun Character :iconsenretsu:Senretsu 0 1
Official Apology to Chaos Doom
Official Apology to the Spriter once known as "Chaos Doom"
Preface: Spriting is an amateurish form of Pixel Art meant to imitate the art style of 2D videogames in the pre-3d era.
A very long time ago, in my teenage years, I got into an Internet feud with a Spriter who went by the handle of Chaos Doom.
Me and Onikage Wolf, my IRL friend who got my hooked on the Spriting subculture, formed an artistic team known then as Onikage Comics. The name was my own creation as I was a huge Wapanese loser back in my preteen days. I began Spriting when I was 12.
We shared our personal avatar sprites with one another as Spriters typically do who work collaboratively as teams on sprite comics. And then he began editing my avatar, poorly I might add, and using it as his own.
I asked him to stop but he wouldn't, he even mocked me for being protective of my personal avatar. In the Spriting world, it's akin to having someone very blatantly "biting your style" and showing up to school wearing your same out
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Mature content
Dias Irae Part 2 :iconsenretsu:Senretsu 0 2
Vault 9 - Issue 001 by Senretsu
Mature content
Vault 9 - Issue 001 :iconsenretsu:Senretsu 0 0
Mature content
Dias Irae: A Novel, By Sen :iconsenretsu:Senretsu 0 2
Letter 7 - To an Ex Crush
Dear Ex Girlfriend slash Crush of Mine:
I hate you. No wait, I love you. I loved you so much and I want you back just as much.
No, wait, I don't. I wanna smash your fucking head in with a rock and grind your stupid brains which have splattered across the pavement deeper into the ground with the heel of my boot.
No, wait, all I wanna do is hold you close, so close to my chest that I can hear your breathe, hear your thoughts before you speak them, feel the warmth of your circulating blood, remember that beneath all the beauty, all the amazing and sheer intense amounts of beauty, under that unfathomably awesome personality of yours that I'm addicted to like crack cocaine, that there is a girl underneath all that makeup and beauty and she's oh so very human and afraid of social situations and what her mom thinks of her and how she did on her math test. I love that girl so much.
And I hate how she could just throw me away like nothing. So very, very much. I just wanna take a big fucking roc
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Big Sen Little Canada by Senretsu Big Sen Little Canada :iconsenretsu:Senretsu 0 0
Letter 6 - To A Stranger
Dear Stranger:
Howdy! I s'pose you don't know me, well, of course you can't, that's the whole purpose of this letter, but how are you?
As usual, I'm opening this letter completely uncertain about what I should be writing. I hate going on and on about myself... well, that's a Lie. Actually I love blabbing about myself. But it's egotistical. Egotistical tends to turn people off and I favor myself somewhat a social butterfly. Or at least a social sleuthe, a practitioner of the Charismatic Arts.
So, I don't know you. I don't know you but I have a suspicion of what you may think of me, upon first impression. This suspicion is only a compound of what I've received over the years from people who don't really know me, but assume themselves good judges of characters.
I've been called Emo. I'm not Emo. I'm mentally unstable. But I always favored myself (You'll notice I use the same psuedo-intellectual phrases repeatedly, if you study my body of work) more of an intellectual sociopath (different
:iconsenretsu:Senretsu 1 0
Letter 5 - To My Dreams
Dear Dreams of Mine:
You inspire me. You inspired my attempt at a book, which is currently stagnating on my shelf, "Day of Wrath". You inspire my spritecomics and sometimes I dream about spritecomics.
I wish I finished my biggest dream of them all, Project 7. I'm always gonna feel sad when I think about that.
Many days, I don't feel like waking up. My dreams are so much kinder to me than reality. Yet, when I'm awake, I don't want to go to sleep. It feels like I have so much more to do on this planet. I wanted to be Tony Stark at this age but I'm still just.... Senretsu. I still haven't seen Japan. Hell, I've barely been out of Alberta.
I just don't know sometimes. Grasp the reality of my situation as a bottomfeeder and have-not, or keep dreaming that someday my dreams will be real?
As a Buddhist I accept life as it is but I always have the nagging feeling that I'm "settling for less" and this I do not like.
Anyway, I've spoken enough of dreams in other blogs. I ramble on about them end
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Letter 4 - To My Siblings
To My Siblings:
I'm really not sure what to say, or where to start about you guys.
We've had one fucked up, helluva long Journey between us 3. Four, if you count Paul.
But he hasn't been through the same shit as us. What with the Divorce, Uncle Brucey's Homicide and whatnot. I can imagine life was troubled for you guys as well, but when you were growing up, and you can say I'm biased for this if you want, you, in the least, had the benefit of two parents still married. I was only 8, or maybe 9, when they divorced. I wasn't old enough to know what to do when they were fighting. I didn't know how to deal with a drunk. I didn't know how to deal with that other man coming into our house when Dad was gone.
And when I went up North, I never knew a City could get worse than the one I lived in.
But then again, I'd never lived in a Native Reservation before.
I was 12 then, a little tougher, or rather, mushy and broken, after the divorce thing.
I thought leaving that town would be good for me, i
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Life Meme by Senretsu Life Meme :iconsenretsu:Senretsu 0 3
Letter 3 - To the Parents
Day 3 - My parents
I'm drunk so I don't know where to begin.
Maybe you made me who I am, but blaming you is the last thing I want you to do.
I really don't know who to blame myself on.
You showed me some screwed up shit, which is where I got alot of my screwed up personality from, but what is horrible is that I feel fine about it all.
I dunno. Will finish later
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Letter 2 - To My Crush
This is for all girlfriends, ex-girlfriends, one night stands, and every girl I've disappointed or fulfilled in my relatively-short life so far.
I love each and every one of you, or have loved. This you may find hard to believe, but a Man's mind operates on a completely different dime and reason than that of a Lady's. (A lady, anyhow. I do use less generous words for Women, but not as a whole. For this letter, I speak of the Lady's)
There's almost too many of you to count, but as of my latest, it's at thirteen for a whole that I've gone all the way with. Maybe some twenty that I've just "fooled around with". I'm not proud to admit that a few I have never gotten a first name for, and even less I have the last name of. For this, I feel some guilt. We like to think of ourselves and our minds as computers, but were that true, we're not Alienware running Windows 7, we're Mac-20's. And my mind is genetically pre-dispositioned towards a lack of monogamy. To live in a Caveman social structure
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Letter 1 - To My Best Friend
To my best friend, Myself.
You have a Dog, you have an amazing girlfriend, you have friends that are more or less always there for you, but most of all, you've had long, agonizing periods of being locked together with me: Yourself.
Lots of hard times, lots of bad times, and it takes you a really long time to figure out how to control yourself, and your life.
Sometimes you live in unbelievable awesome and blissful times, other times you're stuck in a hellride and you honestly ask yourself "Is this it? Is this the end of the line? Have I spent up all my good days? Shall I just end myself now?"
And then you find out they're making a Megaman MMORPG, or that place you applied at calls you back, or you smoke a really, really good joint, and all is Ok again.
You'll figure it out, in the end, eventually, for sure. Just keep trying. I believe in you.
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Senretsu's Profile Picture
Clark Kierstadt
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Current Residence: Canada, Alberta
Favourite genre of music: Industrial
Favourite style of art: All Kinds
Operating System: Xubuntu
Favourite cartoon character: Spawn
Just a heads up to all Pixel Artists out there: I am promoting your art. For free. Because I love the medium.

Just thought some of you might like to know that. How? I am uploading Pixel Art Masterpieces and any interesting works I find, daily, on my facebook account. (You can find me at slash senretsu. /senretsu) I'm thinking I might open up and administer an Pixel Art Page eventually. But I need to organize my time a little better because, as it currently is, my attention is being split into several different directions and I'm coming to the realization of "jack of all master of none" and trying to focus my efforts on the pixel art.

Even Professionally.

Yes. Looking into starting pixel art Professionally.
I'll be accepting commissions shortly after I've built a fresh new portfolio to show off what I'm capable of here on Deviantart.

Right now I'm working for PhantasyRPG, under the Alias "Charon", the name of my Rhizard Character, as a Graphics Artist.

I'm working, very hard and seriously I must add, to redo their existing graphics to re-ignite player interest and hopefully build something I can be proud of, something to show off. Right now I'm at the stage where I'm trying to publicize myself and really "sell" myself out on the market. I'm making a product out of myself, making my name a brand name.

Anyway, I'm hoping over promising and over delivering on my Phantasy RPG obligations will help publicize my work.
It'll be an even trade off, since I'm not getting paid anyway.
"He does it for free" keke

Anyway, with permission from my Boss and all, I'll be posting up selections of my work here on Deviantart to help build my portfolio. Eventually I'll be Programming and designing a new Website for myself as well and looking into hosting space. I have a few friends with servers who might be able to help me get off the ground with that.

So anyway, that's just my PSA and update on what I'm doing.
For a really long time I've been waiting for my compatriots Kahou/Kris and Porg/Gabriel to join me on this endeavor but, similiar to what happened to me a few years back, and still to this day to some degree, it seems real life has caught up to them and they're currently too waist-deep in shit to join me. And honestly, I'm tired of waiting. Fuck those guys. I'm gonna do it on my own. Just like how I started.

(Kris, Gabe, if you're reading this, that was a joke, I fucking love you guys and if you ever come back there will be room for you in my company xD)

But yeah. I'm serious about all of this.
Honestly I have like, no marketable skills whatsoever besides being a half decent chef, a decent Janitor, and a decent artist.

So the idea is to go out and MAKE work for myself, like I've seen countless others do.

Anyway, coffee's kicking in. It's time to stop talking about being an artist and go be an artist.


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