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BWJ: Office DRama by senorpapel
Mature content
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Eku v Ranma: A BWJ tale by senorpapel
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#bloaty buffet part 6 of 6 by senorpapel
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I said Good Day! :iconfukureru-shogun:Fukureru-Shogun 23 8
Stacy's Big Toot (Commission) by LilWuffler
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Stacy's Big Toot (Commission) :iconlilwuffler:LilWuffler 48 14
Snake Storage by Allstarman
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Snake Storage :iconallstarman:Allstarman 61 6
Is This What 'Sexy' Is? by Axlwisp
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Is This What 'Sexy' Is? :iconaxlwisp:Axlwisp 323 18
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Final Push :iconstupidcat208:stupidcat208 18 4
Bella Wants a Belly
The sounds of the city reverberated in the cool breeze above until they fell down and mingled with the rattle of the sidewalk, becoming locked in a battle of sensations with the sweet smell of the street cafe.
Jill looked up from her phone to take a sip of coffee but paused as her field of view fell on something down the street. “ THAT is a shame right there,” she whispered to the other girls as she raised an eyebrow and nodded for them to look.
Her attention was focused on a particularly handsome and clean cut young man making his way along the street within the bustling throng. What made him stand out however was his immense belly. Tall and relatively healthy in all appearance, his belly was almost abnormally huge.
“Dude needs to lay off...something. Good Lord!” said Katherine as she turned back around and pretended to look at her phone. “For real,” added Jill as she shook her head and sipped her coffee.
“I wish I had a belly like tha
:iconbigger-n-bigger:bigger-n-bigger 14 0
black cat cola'ed by ThotBubble black cat cola'ed :iconthotbubble:ThotBubble 220 9 MaximAlanis by MilkyBody
Mature content
MaximAlanis :iconmilkybody:MilkyBody 196 9
Froth'd milk.
Another cafe chain, another job. Tuva had sat near the window of the barista, viewing the goings of the town centre. Her sided hair wresting down to the small table, trying to cover the paper that quoted, "Funny things these cafe chains, purely developing income from 'light snacks'", trying to hide the embarrassment of writers block and lack of imganitive variety.
She was broken from the hypnotic repition of showing her pen and was drawn by a chunk of cake and a bowl of milkshake, a wierd sight indeed, it was just like a punky soup, a specialty of the cafe. Without hesitation, she stopped attempting to consume the pen and went to pick up the cake, a modestly large piece. She took a bite, savouring it's sweet sensations and then took another and another, the fourth bite starting to cause her stomach to try and force her sweater back, peeking more and more. . Crumbs contrasted her sweater as she lay back and put her hands on her stomach, rubbing gently, thinking of how one thing to menti
:iconyou-likey:You-likey 7 0
Inktober 2018 day 19 by Ray-Norr
Mature content
Inktober 2018 day 19 :iconray-norr:Ray-Norr 358 12
You Know What They Say
"Madame, don't you think you've had enough?"
There was a long, hollow groan, like a penny rolling down a well. The source of the sound didn't bat an eyelid, just bare her teeth.
"you know what they call this restaurant?" she asked, not retracting her snarl, her voice flat and menacing.
"Other than Burger World: the bigger health code violator in the tri-state area?"
The customer raised an eyebrow. "other than that?"
"I dunno, Burger Hurled? Cone for the fries, stay for the flies?"
She shook her head, for a second causing a small sheer of broken ceiling tiles.
"What about 'Home of the Flame Grilled Bellybuster'?"
The man's expression changed with sudden revelation. "Oh, you mean in the official marketing! Right, yeah, they do call us that."
"Good. Now, how many of those have I eaten so far?"
The man consulted the paper in his hand. "about 254, give or take."
"Now, it may be me just being a tad sensitive, but surely if you Jane your prized menu offering a belly burster, surely t should d
:iconfudgepops:Fudgepops 73 24
Feeding Five, pg. 13 by Hexalt
Mature content
Feeding Five, pg. 13 :iconhexalt:Hexalt 330 39
The Girth of the Titan Slayer by Green-Glutton
Mature content
The Girth of the Titan Slayer :icongreen-glutton:Green-Glutton 288 9
Mature content
The Devil's Due :iconvalthewitchgal:ValtheWitchGal 72 19
Mature content
[Bellies n Bloating] Stomach of Holding :iconbigmanbigger:BigManBigger 16 0


by Purrine

Still not sure what the impact slider thing is for, but i am going to assume that it creates cookies. Storywise it is a good piece, the...

Picture wise, the shading and coloring are great, always a strong suit. Posing has improved quite a bit as well, background is good, no...


223 deviations
24 deviations


United States
Hey this whole page has been pretty quiet, but i've been thinking of getting in on some more writing for peeps. So here's a general question if I opened em up would you guys buy a story from me?  

Here's some samples of my work

Mature Content

BWJ: Office DRama by senorpapel
                  BWJ LifeguardFweeeeet! “Hey, you across the pull, stop running. HEY NO DUNKING!” Ranma shouted pointing at
different kids rough housing and horsing around the pool. She sat back in the chair looking up into the
cerulean sky. Despite the blazing sun, it was a fairly cool day, a swift breeze was blowing, sending her
crimson hair streaming to her side. She had no idea why she took this lifeguard job, other than being
desperate for money, her pale skin was already starting to blush and even though she had been working
for almost a month she still came home red as a lobster every day. “I just hope the rest of this day goes
as smoothly.” She sighed, tilting her head back to relax a bit.
Far in the deep end on the other side of the pool a set of almost piercing green eyes set their
gaze upon Ranma, looks shifting from glowering displeasure to almost unbridled fury. Those eyes
belonged to Angela a girl not too pleased with Ranma’s existence, let alone her lording presen
                               BWJ OrcaThe blazing summer sun, hung high in the sky, baking many a park goer as they made their trek across the sizzling concrete. Not even a blazing heatwave could dissuade the plethora of people from the parks biggest attraction, crowds had gathered, people were almost piled on top of each other clambering atop the guard rails, trying to get the first glance. People gasped and whispered as the saw the faintest shimmer of white underneath the crashing shore, the crisp blue water hid something in its fathomless depths. Those sitting in the grandstands only supplicated for a brief glimpse of some sort of tidal turmoil in the vast expanse of the lakelike tank. Down below, underwater viewing was only slightly more crowded, grumbling guests sacrificing prime viewing for extra seating and some relief from the unforgiving summer heat, as they peered through the murky depths. Straining their eyes to stare as far into the great sea as they could, looking past the myriad of fish and hoping catch even  

There's some others and then a lot of ghost writing I do. Feel free to comment


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