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Alessia - After and Before her Lamp



A wild picture appears!

So I discovered and then proceeded to play dress up for entirely too long. For whatever reason, the only character I've written about that I wanted to make was Alessia the Genie. I also played around with a 'Before the Lamp' version. Unfortunately, the options there weren't as robust as I would have liked.

In any case, I thought a lot about Alessia's character as I made this, how I saw her, and how I wanted her to grow and change.

I see her pre-genie self as someone who is angry and frustrated at the world that she feels never gave her a chance. It's something that's so much a part of her that she doesn't realize just how constantly angry she is.

Obviously, she's resourceful and clever. She had to be just to survive. She knows people, but doesn't really have friends. She's on the fringes even to the underworld.

She feels very trapped when she becomes a genie. Alessia is no longer able to do what she wants when she wants. Of course, what she doesn't realize is that she couldn't do what she wanted before. She was struggling just to survive.

The other major change that happens to Alessia, very soon after getting her lamp, is that her anger is taken away by her djinn mistress. And she starts to realize and understand just how much her anger had been clouding her judgement.

TL; DR: I haven't given up on writing more Alessia Stories

Reading order
1 - A Lamp for Alessia
2 - A Master for Alessia, pt 1
3 - A Master for Alessia, pt 2
4 - A Wish for Alessia
5 - A Lesson for Alessia

Also, be sure to check out character sketches of Alessia, and Chione.
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What about wishing for her to be my genie slave forever?