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Alessia kept a tight grip on the tin box she held against her chest. She wheezed and breathed while running down the empty sidewalk. Her legs burned, but she didn't want to stop in this part of town. The buildings here had bars and boards on the windows and their own gang tattoos on their walls. But her feet were starting to give out on her after carrying her so far. She took a hard turn into an alleyway, a thin canyon between two buildings. Alessia tripped and slid to the asphalt, her jeans tearing, but saving her from nasty scabs on her knees.

But she never let go the box in her arms. Alessia scooted behind a trashcan, pressing her back against the red brick wall, and balled herself up. Her chest and throat burned as she gulped down air. Alessia risked a peek around the trashcan, and sighed when she didn't see Francesco running by. She lost the big man.

She uncurled a little and looked at her prize: a shoe-sized cash box stolen from the safe in Carmine Salvator's office. She didn't know exactly what was inside, but it did come from the crime bosses office, and that usually meant money. The wisdom of stealing said box from the most dangerous man in the city could be debated, but Alessia didn't dabble in wisdom.

She was a girl of average height with uneven brown hair that she tried to keep short. Her jeans were ragged, torn, and dirty. She had a too-thin frame brought on by not finding enough food. Alessia was a street rat, orphaned at three and bounced from foster home to foster home for over a decade, until she finally escaped at sixteen.

A teenage girl shouldn't have stood a chance in the Newark streets on her own. But Alessia was lucky and quick, able to get out of fighting by running. And when she did have to fight? Well, she didn't play fair. She learned to steal and filch from passerbys and stores barely staying above water. She had been a lookout for a few more dangerous heists. But Alessia had never before done something like this.

Alessia shouldn't have been able to get to the cash box. She had no real plan. She had no skills. And she had no idea what she was going to do if she got caught. All she knew was where Carmine Salvore's office was. And she had a compulsion. A nag. She had an insane plan that would never leave her head until she carried it out.

Alessia was lucky and quick, she didn't play fair, and she got the box and got out. It was easy. Every time she turned a corner or ran across someone, something happened to distract them. And she felt at times as if there was something helping her along. But that was all behind her now. The only thing left to do now was claim her prize.

Alessia held her breath and broke the box open. She didn't know what she was going to find, but certainly didn't expect to see a battered oil lamp with a bent spout wrapped in thin foil paper. This was it? This was her prize for risking her life in the most ill advised and improbable theft in history? A wretched lamp whose beauty was long worn away by smoke and fire?

But . . . if the mob boss had it and kept it safe, it had to be worth something, right?

"There's no way." Alessia whispered as an insane thought crossed her mind. But she heard the rumors. Every street rat and thug in the city heard the rumors about Carmine Salvatore. That he was more than a mob boss. That he was a wizard. Or, if not a wizard, then someone who believed in magic. "There's no way." She said again.

Alessia's hopes began to get the better of her, and she was already thinking of her wishes. I wish I could get out of this miserable life, she thought. But even though it was crazy, and even though she knew nothing would happen, Alessia took one hand and brushed it along the dented side of the lamp.

For a moment it looked like something happened, and Alessia thought she saw a whiff of smoke come from the dirty spout. But it must have been her overly hopeful imagination because no Genie flew from the lamp.

Alessia threw the battered vessel into a red brick wall, denting and scratching an already battered surface. She rubbed her head and tried to not think about the trouble she was in. She had stolen from the city's biggest crime boss, who would have no compunctions about throwing her into the river, and had nothing to show for it. No money, no jewels, and no Genie. And still no way out of her wretched life.

She looked back at the discarded and lamp and gasped, jumping to her tired feet. The battered bronze lamp with a dented body and twisted spout had vanished, and was replaced by a golden lamp. The vessel was a long and thin with a swirling decorative handle. The lamp gleaned in the alley, though there was no moon and barely a light. Alessia walked to it, leaning closer to the lamp and saw words engraved upon the lid in a flowing Arabic script:

تجد في هذه السفينة موظف من الجن.

"Find in this vessel a servant of the djinn." she said aloud, somehow knowing the words in the language she had never learned. Relief flashed in Alessia's mind, knowing the lamp was magical and did contain a Genie. But the more sensible part of her mind, the part that kept her alive and free on the streets, warned her that all was not well. She backed away from the golden vessel, and turned to run. That's when she heard a deep voice whisper in her ear, a whisper that shook her entire being.

"ايا كان يملك مصباح يقوم بلدها".

"Whomever owns the lamp shall own her." The words sent chills through Alessia's body. She looked for the source of the voice, but saw nothing except the lamp. Another voice, a breathless woman, spoke into her other ear.

"اتمنى على ثلاث رغبات لها ، وتكون مصنوعة الحقيقية".

"Wish upon her three desires and they shall be made true." Alessia ran. It didn't matter where she went, as long as she left this cursed lamp. And though Alessia was always lucky, her shoe found a crack in the asphalt that brought her to the ground. She looked up and saw the lamp was in front of her, blocking her path out of the alley. White smoke poured from the spout, waving like the sea toward her.

The male voice whispered again, still behind Alessia. His words were stronger, cutting deeper into her soul.

"وقالت إنها قد تكون المصباح".

"May she serve the lamp." White smoke surrounded Alessia and she saw shapes form in the cloud. Shapes of people and their dreams. She felt her fingers and her legs begin to tingle with pinpricks. She saw they were beginning to vanish into a beautiful golden smoke. She gasped and tried to back away from the lamp.

"No, no, no, no . . ." She whispered. This wasn't possible.

"وقالت إنها قد تخدم سوف".

"May she serve the will." The woman's voice spoke as Alessia turned completely to smoke. Her vision opened for just a moment and she saw everything around her. She saw every crevice and crack in the alley, and their entire history back through the centuries. And then, the tide of smoke went away, and it pulled Alessia's soul away. It pulled her like the tides of the ocean, inexorably to the lamp's delicate nozzle and into it's golden walls.

Alessia panicked, pushing and swirling in her cloudy form, crying to escape the smoke and break the bounds woven into her spirit. But the lamp never yielded to it's new occupant.Energy wove through Alessia, golden, pure, and powerful. It bound her spirit and bound inside golden walls.

"وقالت إنها قد تكون إلى الأبد."

"May she serve eternally." The voices spoke again, echoing through the vessel and Alessia's form. They completed the incantation and made her into a servant - into a slave - into a Genie.
I've been trying to do a good turned into Genie story for a while. I think I got a pretty good start with this, and I have a few interesting places to go with it.

NOTE: The arabic script in the latter half of the story was Google translated, and is probably not accurate. I debated tossing it, but thought it just looked really neat.

Reading order (Links coming soon)
1 - A Lamp for Alessia
2 - A Master for Alessia, pt 1
3 - A Master for Alessia, pt 2
4 - A Wish for Alessia
5 - A Lesson for Alessia

Special thanks to Masteroftoys and Hippo2, who made some suggestions that got worked into this story.
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charlee718 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2017
Very good story
Goldendoctor Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017
Didn't Alessia watch Aladdin before because she should know this fact 

Senor-Refresho Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017
Hehe. She did not, but she also didn't ask for phenomenal cosmic power, just a way out of her miserable life.
MoonstoneAdopts Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
links! DX
Senor-Refresho Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2016
MoonstoneAdopts Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
links to the next part. :)
Senor-Refresho Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2016
All of my Alessia stories are in this folder:…
MoonstoneAdopts Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hippo2 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2011
Here are my ideas about the story.

Generally, I think it's very good. The character of Alessia is very clearly drawn, her intentions are mostly clear and the ending is good. There are only a few minor changes I would to.

1st) You get the feeling that Alessia want's to get out of her miserable life. But this desire could be more clearly. IN the scene, when Alessia rubs the lamp, you could add a line of internal monologue with Alessia wishing to get out of her miserable life. This wish will be granted ironically in the end when Alessia gets the new life of a genie.

2nd) I'm thinking about changing the oder of the last lines:

The lamp siphoned Alessia's spirit and bound it inside golden walls. The voices spoke again, echoing through the vessel and Alessia's form.

"وقالت إنها قد تكون إلى الأبد."

"May she serve eternally."

Thewords broke into her consciousness and reshaped it. They completed the incantation and made her into a servant - into a slave - into a Genie.

For me, this has a better impact on the reader. But this is just my personal taste. If you prefer your version, you should keep it that way.

3rd) I wouldn't continue this story. It's a perfect short story with a good ending.
Senor-Refresho Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2011
Thanks for the comments and fave. It means a lot.

1) I think that works and I have an idea how to fit it in. I'll give it try.

2) You're right. In general, I think the order of the lines in The back half of the story need a change.

3) I actually screwed the pooch on this one already.
Masteroftoys Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2011
Wow, you nailed the feel on the head. This ithe first genie transformation i've really liked, it felt more mystical and powerful story wise than your other stabs at this.

One thing I didn't get was a feel for Allisia's character other than being a orphan. Her age is never given save for the fact she is over 13, but that's very young to be stealing from crime lords and turned into a genie.

Great job so far. Leaps and bounds ahead of your other stuff if I do say so.
Senor-Refresho Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2011
Thank you, good Master Toys.

Alessia is in her early, early twenties. I think I had a line in there about that. I think it got cut.

Other than, that, are there any details you think I should have? I feel like I should mention her appearance somewhere. Or did you mean personality-wise?
Masteroftoys Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2011
Both! We already know she's either desprite or skilled enough to pull of a grab from a crime lord, she she's no fairy princess. and I think it would be fun to see that reflected in her wish giving. Twisting words on people's wishes per say.
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