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Spritely -5- Captured :iconsenor-refresho:Senor-Refresho 4 0
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Spritely -3- The Weirding Woman :iconsenor-refresho:Senor-Refresho 5 4
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Spritely -2- Call me Brianne :iconsenor-refresho:Senor-Refresho 8 3
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Spritely -1- I am what I am :iconsenor-refresho:Senor-Refresho 14 5
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Today, Ronni was a toy. A ballerina toy in a costume of white frills, puffy sleeves, and an oversized bow on her head. She had a bright smile, big glittering eyes, and circles on her cheeks. Of course, she had a tutu with pink layers and a frosting white top. Her friend Abby thought it made Ronni “look like a cupcake,” an image which delighted the ballerina.
They moved through a mostly quiet mall concourse, Ronni walking behind on pointe slippers that she hadn’t been allowed to break in. It was an uncomfortable walk, but as a dancer, Ronni knew how to work past discomfort. Abby had gone studiously quiet while she checked and played with her camera, the whole point of this excursion.
Abby had gotten idea for this photoshoot three months ago, imagining Ronni as a toy in various settings. They had already finished shoots in Ronni’s attic and in Abby’s sister’s room. But Abby was adamant to get some pictures of the ballerina doll on a toy store shelf,
:iconsenor-refresho:Senor-Refresho 36 17
Doll Court 7 by Senor-Refresho Doll Court 7 :iconsenor-refresho:Senor-Refresho 17 13 Doll Court 6 by Senor-Refresho Doll Court 6 :iconsenor-refresho:Senor-Refresho 11 0 Doll Court 5 by Senor-Refresho Doll Court 5 :iconsenor-refresho:Senor-Refresho 13 0 Doll Court 4 by Senor-Refresho Doll Court 4 :iconsenor-refresho:Senor-Refresho 13 0 Doll Court 3 by Senor-Refresho Doll Court 3 :iconsenor-refresho:Senor-Refresho 13 1 Doll Court 2 by Senor-Refresho Doll Court 2 :iconsenor-refresho:Senor-Refresho 13 0 Doll Court 1 by Senor-Refresho Doll Court 1 :iconsenor-refresho:Senor-Refresho 17 4 One in a Million by Senor-Refresho One in a Million :iconsenor-refresho:Senor-Refresho 44 7
Vignette - Cost of Being a Doll 3
Doll walked along and beside the woman, and she looked wide eyed from her mitten hand that she held onto to the beautiful face of this stranger. She was in awe. She had never ever been touched like this, never been pulled along, and never spoken to anyone but Owner. And here was someone else who wanted Doll and was taking Doll to her home. They stopped at a doorway and the woman fished her keys from her coat pocket. Doll continued to stare, and the woman noticed.
"What?" She asked.
"Are you going to be my new Owner?" Doll asked.
The woman shook her head, "What, no? How long have you been in the cold?" She unlocked her door and brought Doll inside. The toy was confused at the woman, but came along inside. She hadn't been cold, or at least, hadn't felt cold, until she felt the warm heated air inside.
"Ooooooohh." Doll breathed, standing by the vent that made the air warm. The woman went on to her kitchen not far and put down her bag. Then she traded her comfy boots for pink house slipper
:iconsenor-refresho:Senor-Refresho 15 7
Vignette - Heist-in-the-Box
Perry was stuck in a box. Dressed in jester's clothes a big hat, long purple hair, and cute tights, he crouched down in the dark. He waited for the metallic tune to play and the box lid to throw itself open so Perry could leap to the outside world. He would bounce slightly, as if on a spring, and let all the people of Santa's Village see him. After about a minute, the lid would push Perry back down into the dark of his box.
He had chosen this fate for himself as part of his plan to sneak inside the Springridge Mall after hours so he could rob all the stores blind. The mall was known for its huge Santa's Village, which this year included several life-sized toy decorations. His plan was as beautiful as it was simple: take the place of one of these displays and hide in plain sight for a day. Once the mall had gone to sleep, Perry would spring to life and take whatever he wanted.
He decided to take the place of the Jack-in-the-Box. It was centrally located in the Santa's Vill
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Hello Dear Readers,

As you might have noticed I've come to life with a new serial story about a human man who becomes a fairy woman. It's a story about magic, transformation, shrinking, TG, and, of course, fairies. If any of that interests you, here's links to the first three parts:

Spritely -1- I am what I amI walked into my room, curious at what was taking Chris so long, and went statue still at what I saw. As color drained from my face, my heart jumped into my throat. Chris, my roommate, stood next to my bed, holding the Call of Duty disc we had been looking for in one hand. But we both focused on what he had in his other hand: a short wand with a sparkling silver star on it. But only I knew what it was. Chris was holding my magic wand.
“Chris,” I said, my voice a whisper trying escape a suddenly dry throat, “put that down.” I didn’t know what I was more afraid of: that he would use the wand to do something stupid, or that he might learn the truth.
We had been friends as boys, playing the same games, the same sports, and eventually went to the same college. I knew just about all there was to know about him, and he about me. Except for this. But then, no one knew about this.
I couldn’t pass the wand off as a simple oddity. Chris was holding it, and if y
  Spritely -2- Call me BrianneChris didn’t say anything, he just stared at me, and despite his glare, despite having never spent one second in this house like this, I didn’t feel out of sorts. The opposite, rather. I had made my choice, and Chris knew the truth. It was liberating, instead of stifling.
I waved my fingers at him and smiled a spritely smile, “You alright? It looked like you hit your head.”
“You. . . you’re a . . f-fff. . .”
I walked up to him and kneeled down, “Mmhmm. I’m a fairy,” I said to him. The truth, now in the world, was surprisingly easy to speak. I held out one of my hands for him to take. He looked at my small and dainty fingers and smooth skin that had changed right in front of his eyes. He didn’t accept my help.
“Why do you have a tooth on your shirt?”
“Because it’s my job. I’m a tooth fairy.” I said.
Chris began to shake his head. “No, no. This is crazy. This is nuts. I’m hav
  Spritely -3- The Weirding WomanI sat on an uncomfortable stool, my chin resting on my propped-up hand on a wooden countertop in the middle of Common Goods Antiques. I sighed as I looked at my phone and scrolled through an endless series of tweets I had read before, glancing lightly at the time at the top of my phone. 6:50. Ten minutes till I closed the shop.
The last year had sucked, filed as it was by the long, slow, deterioration of my relationship with Valerie. Then, I had been fired, which initiated the final, terrible descent of that relationship. Two months in a haze of video games, job searching in this nothing town, and being angry at everything.
After the second month without a job, I admited to some amount of defeat and went back to talk to Royce at the antique store. Everyone knew everyone in town, and I had left three years ago with my bridges still intact. But that first day, I looked in the mirror and saw myself in the uniform I had thought I would never need to wear again. I nearly quit before started

OH, and very important: I am not very hooked into the TG community here on DA and I'm not a member of any groups that fit the subject matter for these stories. So if you, Dear Reader, are part of or know of groups or communities that would enjoy this story, please leave a message and let me know!


Marcus Frechette
United States
I haven't decided just yet. Sometimes I feel like a genie, others times a master, and yes sometimes I do feel like a nut. You probably won't get a straight answer out of me.

Current Residence: Tejas, Los Estados Unidos
Favourite cartoon character: Daffy Duck


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milaska13 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2018
tell me more stories where doll stole my life or body
Senor-Refresho Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2018
Do you mean That Doll Stole my Life!? I only have written the three parts posted here.
markzilla6895 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2018…

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creativesam Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2018
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Andrewnuva199 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2018
Considering trying one of your RPs or something, but I'm trying to get a hang of your style. A few questions, if its not a bother:

-With your inanimate TFs, do you consciously push for a petrified-esque angle where a humanoid shape remains? I kinda prefer going in the opposite direction with inanimate TF exploration myself.
-The character dynamics going on with others, particularly those who trigger a TF upon another, are you preferring to write these scheming, sly characters that get a laugh out of it? That sort of thing strikes me as a bit cruel and uncomfortable to read with TF content, personally.
-Just how far or creative do you personally get with TF? I can think of a couple many things based around materials or shapes. Doesn't even have to be Pokemon or anything, I can do beyond that.
Senor-Refresho Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2018
- I generally prefer humanoid, since I think I’m most interested in costumes and costumes with tights. Nearly everything I do starts with some variation on that.
- Ummm what kinds of characters might you enjoy? I like a bit of teasing, and using circular logic on the transformee.
- I mean I’ve written a woman-into-magic-carpet and woman-into-lotto-ball stories. Pokémon are too animalistic but like a ginjika (sp) concept is fun.

Does that answer your questions? I’m not sure I understood exactly what you were asking.
Andrewnuva199 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2018
I'm getting an idea yeah, so it helps. Sorry if I sound confusing, I did kinda stumble writing the questions in the first place.

Hm, I can do stuff like a living costume TF. Though In terms of less human-looking things, for example, seeing your antique RP, the chess piece option seemed interesting, though I'd want to do something more like traditional chess piece shapes rather than a humanoid piece.
Senor-Refresho Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2018
Just to clarify when talking about costumes I like people in costumes before the TF, not necessarily turned into a costume (thought that can be its own fun)

I’m ok with a simple shape chess piece. Part of the reason my transformees remain a bit human in RPs is that if I go too far then there’s nothing they can do. Which means I’m doing all the heavy lifting in the RP. Keeping some semblance of talking/movement/ability allows more input for you I think and can push the story in new directions. Rather than me just narrating a story to you. That make sense?
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