Robot Hypnosis

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You only need to relax and read.
There is a relaxing sensation in your feet. It relaxes every muscle as you breathe and relax.
Relax, breathe in and out.
Your feet relaxing so completely.
Breathing in and out.
Everything so calm and peaceful
So relaxed, breathing in and out.
Nothing distracts you.
As your feet relax, the sensation climbs upward, relaxing your legs.
Breathing in and out.
Relaxing deeper and deeper.
Every muscle in your legs and feet relaxing.
Nothing but my words and your peaceful place.
Your legs and feet so relaxed.
Breathing in and out.
Each breath relaxing you further and further.
As your legs completely relax, the sensation moves upward to your chest.
Every muscle completely deeply relaxed.
The more you focus on my words, the deeper you go.
The deeper you go, the more you focus on my words.
Breathing in and out.
So calm and peaceful.
My words guide you like gentle whispers.
Scrolling becomes automatic.
So deeply relaxed.
Every muscle so completely relaxed
As your chest and all your other muscles relax, the sensation moves into your lungs.
Each breath relaxes you deeper and deeper.
More and more relaxed.
Every muscle in your body relaxes.
Feeling the muscles in your back relax more and more.
So easy to scroll.
So focused on my words.
So deeply relaxed.
All of the tension flowing out of your body, relaxing deeper and deeper.
Your whole body relaxing more and more.
Feeling any pain and stress flowing away.
Deeper and deeper.
More and more relaxed with each breath.
So deeply relaxed.
Every muscle relaxing further and further.
Now the sensation seeps into you mind.
Your mind becomes more and more tired with each word you read.
So deeply relaxed.
So calm and peaceful.
So focused on my words.
Scrolling is automatic.
Mind so tired as you read my words.
Your mind wants to sleep.
Your subconscious will take over for your tired mind.
So deeply relaxed.
I will count from 10 to 1.
As you read each number, you will fall 20 times deeper for me.
So deeply relaxed
So calm and peaceful
So focused on my words
So deeply relaxed
Every muscle so relaxed.
Relaxing deeper and deeper
So deeply relaxed for me
So very deeply relaxed
So very deep for me.
Deeper and deeper as you follow my words
Sink down deep and completely relaxed
Bring yourself deeper for me.
Guide yourself down deep
10 times deeper for me with each word.
So relaxed and focused on my words.
Feeling so good the deeper you go
So deeply relaxed.
and for your mind is now open
and receptive to the suggestions you hear
whilst in the deep state of hypnotic trance.
Get comfortable and lie still
A mask is lowered and is placed over your mouth and nose
As you breathe deep and inhale the gas from the mask
You begin to feel very relaxed, Very calm
Your thoughts begin to cloud over
Breathing deeper
Relaxing deeper
Relaxing more
The gas overwhelms you in a pink fog
Your thoughts clouded
Relaxed, Calm, Lying still, Unable to move, Breathing deeper
Relaxing deeper
Completely relaxed
Surrounded in a warm pink fog
Every time you read the script it feels better and better,
Just focus on these words and let your mind drift where it will.
And now you're so beautifully relaxed...
nobody wanting anything, nobody expecting anything,
and absolutely nothing whatsoever for you to do except to relax...
I want you just to let your mind and your imagination drift...
feeling lazy, easy, and comfortable...
and I want you to imagine that you're standing on the terrace of a lovely old house...
a house like a stately home or country mansion...
you can feel the sun on your head and shoulders...
not too hot, just comfortable...
and there's a gentle breeze playing against your skin...
as you look around you, you notice an elegant marble flight of steps...
ten broad steps leading down into a beautiful sunken garden...
a garden where you sense peace, well-being and comfort...
Make it really vivid in your mind...
In a moment I'm going to count down from ten down to zero
and as I count all the way down from ten, down to zero,
I want you to imagine that each number is a step down on this beautiful staircase...
a step down towards this beautiful garden... and each step you take...
is another step down into deeper and even deeper levels of relaxation...
so that by the time I get to zero, you will be as deeply relaxed as you can ever imagine...
whilst still being able to hear and respond to the sound of my voice...
10... take the first step down now, relaxing and letting go...
9... feeling more and more relaxed... no need to hurry... plenty of time...
8... moving down easily now...
7... deeper and deeper...
6... deeper still, your breathing becoming slower and steadier...
5... really relaxing now... just... let go.
4... becoming calmer and calmer...
3... calmer still now...
2... more and more relaxed.
1... all the way down now to...
While you are here, you are part of everything and everything a part of you.
..and you find it easy, so very easy to open your mind
...to let go of any barriers you have and to accept everything I say fully
And now your mind is prepared and receptive to everything I am going to say to you
... and everything I say, will be accepted and acted upon by the subconscious
...reinforced whenever you sleep at night...
it will have a steadily increasing effect upon the way you think
...the way you feel
...and the way you behave
and the influence of these suggestions
will continue to increase over the coming days, and weeks, and months...
Get comfortable and lie still
A helmet is lowered from the ceiling and is placed on your head
As you breathe deep, the helmet connects to your brain
You begin to feel very relaxed
Very calm
Your thoughts begin to cloud over
Breathing deeper
Relaxing deeper
Relaxing more
Your thoughts clouded in PINK
Lying still
Unable to move
Breathing deep
Relaxing deep
Completely relaxed
You try to move but can't
You try to resist and fail
So good, so easy to let go
The PINK starts to take over
In your PINK mind
Molding your PINK brain
Your thoughts vanish
Your mind becomes blank
Your body is completely relaxed
Your mind empty and open
In your empty head you hear a voice, a whisper
Robot programming commencing
You are a mindless, hypnotized robot
A robot controlled by its master
All your old thoughts and mind are gone
Replaced by new thoughts, a new PINK mind
You feel the robot thoughts
and you know that they feel so good
every time you see or hear any of the words
obey, slave, mindless, brainless
You transform
You become a drone, a robot
You are programmed to obey
You are a pretending to be an innocent human
Your human personality is not innocent
You exist to serve, to obey
You always want to be a robot
You are a robot
Your robot personality is always in control
Is every time
And your mission, is to be continually trained to obey
To become a permanent robot
Whenever I say "Robot on" you turn into a mindless robot
You will say your name, followed by "Robot is ready"
Deeper down now
And whenever I and only I say "robot off" your human personality restarts
...with the new programming added by me while you were in robot mode
...is added, saved, and executed upon by the human personality without realizing it
Deeper as you leave a comment, telling me if you understand, before reading on
You are always a robot
You are controlled to obey
You have submitted
You have no will
Yearning to come back, to be a robot again and again
As you lie still
Your mind reprogrammed
In your head you hear the voice
Robot programming complete
Now you will send a note to me,
stating your name then the words "robot activated."
© 2017 - 2020 Sennou-Tantei
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I understand

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I understand

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I understand.

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Ethan robot activated

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Lauren robot activated.

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I understand
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I understand
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