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Hello dear friends and... people who still look here!

I have failed you greatly! But alas, I'm making my way back into the con world!
You will see me at Anime Milwaukee and also at Anime Central!!
This will be my first time attending ACEN, so I'm super nervous!!! I'm so happy to
attend AMKE again because that's my favorite con to go to. I just love it there!
I'll be there with artists I know and haven't seen in awhile! ; A; )/ ~ Ahhh!!!

I know, I really suck with these.... Um, so what is everyone into lately?
This season anime's aren't really anything too spectacular... So I've turned
to gaming for comfort! Haha. I'm watching my sister play Final Fantasy XV -
which I love the four boys a lot... so there will be stuff for them soon! I'm
also into Mystic Messenger - but you know, I don't upload much anymore.
I've played all the Cheritz games cuz I really just love Cheritz so so so much.
I like Dandelion a lot, but Mystic Messenger still got my heart racing! Haha!
I'm still really into Tokyo Ghoul:RE and I've been getting into a manhwa called
"What Lies at the End" / "At the End of the Road" and it's really good!
Shounen Ai/light boy's love - the fluffy bits and oh, I can't forget to mention

Also I just started school again. Yay! This semester is really packed full of good
learning stuff... AH! But I mean, all of the classes are great classes you know??
But this semester feels different!! Also, hitting my junior year! AH. Yeah. Good

I hope everyone had a good time over the holidays! If not, it's a new year! So
let's work hard to improve ourselves and the world we live in! 
When did it become mid-way through the mid-year? Oh my. 

Thanks for the new follows, favs and whatnot.

I apologize every time for not being active... I'm sorry.
I'm not even as active on my tumblr anymore.
Social media stuff is hard to keep up with when you're not social. Haha.
I am always checking my social medias and emails at least once a day...
But I just don't do anything but lurk.

Thank you for staying with me anyway!
I wish you all a wonderful day, week and rest of the year!
Yeah, I'm late to the party, but - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

We survived another year!! Congrats! 

Not much has changed since my last journal in April. Haha. My Fall term finals were a lot, LOT, LOOOT harder than my Spring term ones. But I still passed and I'm pretty happy about that. 

Been doodling here and there... Oh, I did start my own comic though. The updates are painfully slow. :'T I should have planned it out more carefully before I started. Oh well... if you decide to follow my comic, please enjoy the ride! It's here. Haha. I'm trying to love my OCs more... but it's very hard for me.

I'm still Tokyo Ghoul crazy. If you want to see more of my TG related stuff (or more of my stuff in general), my tumblr is here

2015 recap:

major life related:
* Started college (again)
* Moved out to my own place!! (with 2 other sisters)
* Declared my major (It's animation!)

animanga related:
* TOKYO GHOUL:RE!! (Constantly challenges me to think critically)
* Death Parade (definitely changed my point of view)
* One Punch Man (inspires me to animate)
* Haikyuu!! (gives me good feels and hope in humanity)
* Gangsta. (makes me lose hope for humanity)

May this year bless you all!! Take care and stay warm!

What is up everyone?

I'm feeling super stressed right now cuz of finals and I just got a job (and they want me to start right away - which is great, but then finals are right around the corner). But yeah. Um, other than that, I've been working away with homework and stuff. I mean, it's not as bad as I make it out to be? I just happen to stress out a lot... Which is why I actually have a lot of white strands of hair... lol... (and my hair is really black). 

SO. I've seen this go around a couple times... and now is my time to ask. Lol.
Who are your OTPs? Tell me WHY!
Cuz I love knowing why people ship people. LOL. IT IS MY MOST FAVORITEST THINGS TO READ.

My OTPs include (but aren't limited to):
:heart: HIDEKANE from Tokyo Ghoul :heart: (Biggest OTP of mine yet)
KawoShin from Evangelion
KilluGon from Hunter x Hunter
MakoHaru from Free! / SouRin from Free!
KanNao from Persona 4
RoyAi from FMA
TaiShiro from Digimon Adventures
NezumiShion from No.6

and so much more... LOL. I am everywhere with my fandoms. Also, any animes you guys are watching this season? I'm keeping up with a few, but to name the ones I'm kinda interested in, I'm watching Kekkai Senien and Yamada 7. I can't wait for Digimon Adventure Tri!

Have a wonderful day/night/week/month/year/life everyone. Lol. 
Hey guys, I'm happy to say that I'll be attending AMKE 2015!

I've been [very] busy, so I won't be selling a lot (if any) prints.
I'm working on [a bunch] more buttons/magnets and stickers though.
Also, my double-sided keychain blanks will be making a debut here!
(Cuz I don't think I have sold it here before??)
I will also be selling what's left of my clear acrylic charms. 
Once I sell out completely, I plan on reordering or remaking new ones.
School is sucking the life out of me... and there is so, SO much homework.
I'm really not used to [so much] homework, so trying to adjust to my new lifestyle.
[And I think I'm getting sick...]

I'll be going to the con with Art-on-a-Stick but we apparently aren't sitting next to each other.

I hope to see some of you guys there! Have a great week everyone!
Even if you're single, enjoy your weekend!!! Do fun stuff! 
Thank you to everyone who stopped by my table!!!

I'll be honest - I was really, really, REALLYYY nervous! I didn't think I would make it, since I'm in MN and Ikkicon is in TX. The con was fun though, despite the lack of signs and stuff. The staff were helpful and led me to the right place! I got lost every time I tried to go to the con, including trying to go to the hotel and even finding parking was a pain (especially on Saturday)! But all is well. I'm alright and well and most con-goers and artists were very nice!! Haha! I sold out of a lot of stuff that I need to replenish soon. My tokyo ghoul stuff flew off my table! I didn't know how popular it would be down there ANNNNDD super surprise that the people of TX reads manga (as I had a lot of manga-related things in TG)... as oppose to up in MN, most people up here only watch anime. Lol. Well I'm glad. It was a nice experience! Also, met some pretty cool artists. Really awesome people down there. I'm very happy! I'm still trying to recollect myself. Lol.

Aside from that, I will be at a school con - EverCon in WI! If you're gonna be there, feel free to stop by.

And wow guys, I'll be going to school in about 2 weeks and I haven't gone back to school in like... 3 years... Wooow, I'm really nervous. Lol... I hope everyone's holidays were nice!! I haven't gotten around to doing my personal stuff, like sending letters and whatnot. I feel that things will only get busier from now on. I'm limiting myself on cons this year (no fall cons) and maybe even put a hiatus on cons next year. I appreciate all the support I've gotten thus far! You guys are awesome and I really want to have more confidence in my work! To better myself and to bring out better stuff, that's part of my goals for 2015. See you guys around!
Lol not getting anything done (for Daisho).

I'm so unmotivated. It's horrible. Sometimes, I'm inspired, but I can't get myself to draw at least one thing every day. It's so hard... I've been having so much personal issues, and I'm sure that's the problem. I'm an emotional artist (I draw best when I'm full of emotions) but not when I'm stress/angry/worried... which I have been (a lot) lately. I also feel like my art is going nowhere. I'm at a slump. It's not improving and it's steadily getting worse... It's not even staying stable!
I've also gone as far as looking up ways to stop procrastinating and how to stay motivated... But it's not working... I want to get things done, but whatever I'm creating looks like crap...
But once I get over this slump, I will have to (openly) open up commissions.

I just have a lot of problems, hahaha. I'm so down, but I need to look up! Things will get better!!!! I've already come this far!!

Thanks for always reading my journals. I really appreciate it. I feel like I've been so disconnected from the people I've used to talk to. I'm sorry. I would like to talk to you all again. How have you guys been? I really miss you guys. ;__; So lonely...
Youmacon is finally done and over with. I'm still exhausted but I have to get ready for Daisho Con in a few more weeks. I rather not get into details BUT I met up with amazing artists!! I'm super happy to see them, since this is the only con I see them at. I don't have the business cards on hand, but this is what I remember. Lol.

:iconshibird: :iconyummysuika: :iconohmonah: :iconofskysociety: Mightier Brichibi


For Daisho, I'm hoping for some Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Haikyuu, Hunter x Hunter and video game related (FE:A, Tales, FF, KH, etc) stuff. I'm planning on making 8.5 x 11 prints. I have a few more clear acrylic charms. My FREE! Eternal Summer set has paper stars on there, but it's limited. Once the charms with the paper stars are out, it's out. I'm remaking some button designs in the near future. I may make sticker sets as well (along with new stickers). Ahh, gotta update my stuff...

Overall, so much to do, so little time... again.
Hope everyone is doing alright!
What happened to April?

Ah. It flew by... just like this year.

Not much going on besides work... and I'm out to find more work.
I'm not in dire need of money, but I would like more money since
I'm trying to save up for multiple things and stuff... I'm currently
taking a class (not really formal class) in my small groups about
financial stuff and it's been really informative!! I want to save
up so I have more than enough money to help myself and others.
My goal is to be DEBIT FREE at least by the end of NEXT
YEAR. I don't have a lot of debit, thankfully... but debit is debit!

I would open up my commissions formally, but I'm way too slow
of an artist and I don't have as much motivation as I used to...
I've been babysitting my baby nephew who just turned one a
week or so ago... My mom left with my dad on what you can
call a vacay... Working a new job is tough... I have some plans
for future cons this year! Mainly they will all be at the end of
the year. I've been secured in one artist alley, and approved
in two other places (but awaiting the email for more info).
There are still other places that I've applied to and sorta hope
to hear something back from... but if not, that's totally okay.

I'm trying to get into the habit of drawing again. I stopped for
awhile. Hmm... I want to draw more... but everything I draw
is not worthy of being posted up. So, I'm starting back with
basics!!! Whenever I don't have motivation or I lack confidence
in what I do, I'm going to go back to basic poses, proportions,
shapes, and etc. I've also been drawing a lot more original
characters and making random personalities for them. It's
kind of on and off though. My designs aren't that great and
they are really ordinary, but HEY, we're all a little ordinary,
right?? Wow, now I'm just talking on and on... Hmmm...

How is everyone doing?? I feel like a shut in, but not really
since I'm technically going outside to work. Sometimes I
meet up with Art-on-a-Stick and hang out for a
couple of hours... but yep, that's my social life!! I don't
even talk to anyone online since I'm not on my computer
long enough to stay and chat. I'm only on for what I need
to do (like draw or fill out job applications). And now I'm
going off again. Yikes. Ahaha, well, have a fabulous month

PS: I'm thinking about adding some new inventory for my
conventions!! I'm kinda excited about it, but at the same
time, I'm not sure if I should do it or not! Ah! Joy.
I really, really need to say this somewhere and I hardly use my journal here anymore, so why not.

I can't wait until I leave my job!!!!!
Don't get me wrong. I enjoy my co-workers. I actually enjoy doing what I do at my job. It's just that so many things are changing and it's making my boss stressed out - and let's just say he doesn't do so well with stress. I don't either! None of it really compares to how the atmosphere is though. I have mixed feelings about my boss. There are times when he is nice and there are times when I can't believe that he would say or do something like that. I'm happy that I'll be leaving in about a week and a half - to a hopefully better place. I am starting my other job tomorrow after I come back from my current job. The people there seem really nice so far and it feels like a nice relaxing place. Not to mention, it's super nearby and I can conveniently walk there within 10 mins. I will definitely miss my co-workers (especially you Katie). I doubt I will be able to find awesome co-workers like the ones I have now, but there's a time when I have to move on without you guys.

More thoughts of mine... I'm planning on attending more conventions for the rest of 2014 to 2015. I want to go out there and make a name for myself. I've made an art drawing schedule for myself too. Once I buy ink, I will print it out and put it up. This year will be a year of art improvement!! I'm tired at staying where I am. I want to move forward, if only a little. YEAH.

Well, that said, I plan on updating my shop and stuff soon... with prints and what not... and magnets... and yeah. /sigh

Okay, I gotta get ready for work now.

Have a fabulous day everyone!!
Hey good people of dA,

Long time no see - or update - etc, etc. I'm here today to announce that MY ONLINE SHOP IS NOW OPEN!! After many, many, many weeks (which turned to months and so on), I finally have it up. Unfortunately, I only have buttons up so far! I will be adding double-sided keychains and prints later. BUT FOR NOW, it is open for those who have been looking for it (or not, haha).

SHOP HERE and use the coupon code "GRANDSOLACE" to get 10% off your ENTIRE purchase for my grand opening! Hehehehohohaha. Merry Christmas everyone! This will go through until January 5th. Have fun everyone! I know the holidays are right around the corner, so use your time wisely and be nice!! Don't forget about your family and friends.

I've been okay, more or less. Pretty busy and lazy. How are you all? I hope you guys are doing fine! Another update is that I will be attending Anime Milwaukee 2014 again and SAGA con in WI as well. That's all that I have to update in terms of conventions and stuff.

In terms of daily life (not including work), I've been playing Fire Emblem Awakening!! That's right, I finally got a 3DS!! Ahaha! SO, if you guys wanna swap friend codes, let's do it! Along with that, I've been playing Tales of Graces F for the ps3 my nephews let us borrow. I seriously LOVE the tales series and I seriously love Graces!! The childhood arc made me ball my eyes out. Oh geez. But aside from that, I haven't really been drawing--doodling more or less. I'm trying out some new products, so maybe you'll see some new stuff (if it works out)!! Ahhh, yeah. I need to draw more. Yuup.
Hey guys!! I'm still alive and well (for the most part, ahaha...)

I just thought it was time to finally update my journal again! Lately, I just don't know what to write... So... Yeah. But now it's less than one month until my next convention! I will be at Anime Fusion during October 18 - 20! If you can, come and visit! I have lots of new stuff. I've been drawing a bunch (sorta)!!

Friends who is also attending fusion:
:iconart-on-a-stick: :iconlucidsky: :icontoboewolf1: and my crazy Asian friends!! I don't remember your dA names but once I do, I'll post them up here!!
*can't wait to see you all*

Also, during October 31 - November 2, I will also be at Youmacon in MI! It'll be my first time there so if you're going, please drop by to say hi! ;///A///;

Friends who will be there:

On another note, my friend toboewolf1 lent me the first part of NANA the other day and my sister and I finished watching all 11.5 episodes. Lol. If you happen to see this Katie, could I borrow the rest of it? My sister is really into this series and I like it as well. I heard many good things about it! Hehe. Oh, but she didn't warn me that it was rated M. Orz AND ROMI PARK IS IN THERE!!! AND THE DUDE WHO VOICES KANJI TATSUMI (and many others, wow he is talented)!! It's great so far!!

And I'm currently waiting for my copies of From Up on Poppy Hill and Princess Mononoke to come in today. Again, Katie lent me From Up on Poppy Hill first and I just kinda had to get my own copy. I still need to lend her Natsume's Book of Friends and Steins;Gate!!! *___*

I love having friends who lends and recommends stuff to and with me. It's so fun! Heheh.
Hello lovely ladies and gents!!

This is a couple days late, but I've been really busy! I won't be detailed at all since I can't really recall and I'm tired. Haha. But anyway, I shared a table with the creeper :iconart-on-a-stick:. She brought her friend from Canada--:iconbrownrabbits: and she was kinda weird to be honest. But she's a great kind of weird!! Kind of how :iconart-on-a-stick: is a great kind of creeper--!! That didn't sound too good... but YEAH.

First and foremost, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO STOPPED BY!! To those regulars who I see at almost all the cons I go to and to the new people who came! This year was so wonderful because I met up with so many people!! I was so happy and nervous to see you all. Wow, it was great! Here is a list of wonderful people who I met (and saw again):

:iconart-on-a-stick: :iconbrownrabbits: :iconlucidsky:
:iconkaskachan: :iconshiiso-tikku: :iconcho-zero:
:iconcutiechibi: :icontoboewolf1: :iconakuma-no-kai:
:iconxanatos-leo: :iconcosplaymusicgirl: :iconyami-tsukiyomi:
:iconwangsterr: :iconkanamesama913: :iconasgaardian:
and soooo many more people who do not have a dA or etc.

Everyone was so sweet and so kind and laksjdaklda!! IT WAS SO NICE GUYS. You are all so sweet and wonderful. I don't really update a lot on dA, but I do have a tumblr for those who have a tumblr. MY TUMBLR. I'm more active there, but hey, I still check dA.

Thank you new and old watchers and friends. I had a fantastic emotional roller coaster ride that weekend! Heheh. To those who are still waiting for their commissions-- I'M STILL WORKING ON IT! Hahah... I'm hoping to have it done by this weekend and have it sent out. When I'm done with those, I may open up for commissions then. Thanks for all your support guys! Love you all so, so much!
So I watched "The Amazing Spiderman" movie yesterday and my brother bought it in blu-ray. I wanted to see it since, well, I heard many good things about it.

Overall, it was kinda crap. The only thing I liked about it was the new Spidy suit. That was an awesome suit. Personally, the first spiderman movie with that Toby guy was a lot funnier (and I felt like it had a plot?). The movie didn't even focus on the bad guy! The romance was confusing... and worst of all, Uncle Ben didn't say the very line that made Spiderman SPIDERMAN!!! A lot of loop holes in the movie too, and I'm pretty forgiving of loop holes--but when it doesn't make any sense at ALL (like how Peter was able to get pass security in OSCORP or whatever when it's a science and tech place--WHERE WAS SECURITY MAN?!! Omg...) I just don't get it.

The funniest part was when the croc/lizard guy found out it was Peter. His camera said "The property of Peter Parker" -- UH HELLO DUDE. YOU KNEW YOU HAD YOUR NAME ON YOUR CAMERA. GO GET A DISPOSABLE ONE OR SOMETHING. So my sisters, brother and I joked about if he had tagged his mask "The property of Peter Parker" on there too. Lol.

Oh, and Spidy-- You never caught the dude who killed Uncle Ben.

That's my little review for the movie.

Now onto the NEW YEAR GUYS!!!
Happy, happy New Years! 2012 was a pretty CRAZY and HECTIC year for me. I'm ready for 2013 now. Whew.

Some new years resolutions for me (art wise):
- Make a coloring book (project)
- Make the Seeking Solace prelude comic (project)
- Start drawing some backgrounds
- Work on figures/natural poses
- Experiment with different mediums (Traditionally/Digitally)
- Make comics/doujinshis (for fun) so I get the hang of it

So what about you all? Want to share your resolutions? Art-related or not? What are you doing for New Years? What have you done?
Wow guys. I've been really busy. Since it's near the crazy holidays again, I'm working quite a lot... Being in retail and all...
I have another convention to go to in January, so look out for those updates.
It's actually going to be a yaoi con, so I'm going to have 85% new things (hopefully-- that's what I'm planning anyway) JUST for this convention since I normally don't have a lot of shonen ai stuff anyway. I don't specialize in that, heheh... but I hope it goes well!!

I've hit a hard artist block once again during a crucial time for me. Some times, I get ideas, but it doesn't work out. Bleh.
Because of that, I've been taking longer on drawing something rather simple. I don't know why.

Anyway, I make sure to keep up with my animes/mangas. It's my only stress reliever these days.
I don't know if I keep mentioning this, but I'm watching:
- Magi (LOVE/LOVE - omg, my OTP is Sinbad/Jafar but I also like Alibaba/Morgiana)
- Robotics;Notes (LIKE/LOVE)
- Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (watching this for Yamaken, Yuzan, Sasayan and Natsume only lol)
- Project K (watching this for the awesome -action- animation and Team Red only orz which is not happening anymore!?!!)
- Zetsuen no Tempest (don't like this show too much, but watching cuz my sisters are)
- Code Geass: Akito the Exiled (irregular)

Movies I'm REALLY looking forward to: Evangelion Q (in theaters in Japan right now) and Steins;Gate: Burdened Region of Deja vu (coming some time in 2013).

Anywho, how is everyone? Getting ready for Christmas/things you celebrate? Sorry that I'm so dead on dA. No one really talks to me here...
I think it's about time I make a little report thing since it's my day off!! Yay!

Well, just this past weekend, I was at Anime Fusion!! It was a lot of fun and I met lots of super nice people. The table space wasn't as crowded between artists and the table was HUGEEE. AHH. I didn't know what to do with all that space, but I put it to good use. Heheh. I talked a lot more than I usually do at this convention, since I really wanted to meet other people. It's was sooo much fun! I didn't expect to have this much fun!

I met some crazy people--and I mean crazy in a good way. I also saw a lot of familiar faces which was really nice. Unfortunately, like ALL the conventions I've been to, I didn't get much sleep, so when people shook my hands and introduced themselves, I forgot their names right after. Heheh. Sorry! I also thought it was really funny when people just kept coming back and looking at my table a lot... I mean, nothing's changed really... so nothing new! But I got along with so many people. And you crazy people who commissioned me a hundred times over (especially you Lavi/Dino... I have your name written down but I don't have it with me right now, orz )... WELL. Yeah. I enjoyed everyone's company. I love you all. Thanks so much for coming out and stopping by my table. I am so, so grateful!!

I'm taking suggestions for series (and characters?) to draw. Feel free to drop a comment. Nebraskon is coming up fast (next week!!) and so I've been really busy with work, watching kids, drawing and trying to keep up with the latest animes.

SPEAKING OF LATEST ANIMES--!! The ones I've been watching are: Robotics;Notes* , BTOOM* , Magi* , Blade of Tempest (something like that), Project K AND Code Geass: Akito the Exiled* ((the starred ones are my favorites so far!!))

Anywho, I have a bunch of dA names, but it's also not on me. I will periodically list some at the bottom of this journal when I have time.
Anime Fusion is fast approaching (Oct. 19-21) and soon after that is Nebraskon (Nov. 2-4) -- meaning I have roughly one week between the two. That one weekend so happens to be my older sister's birthday, in which she wants my other two sisters and I to babysit her four kids (we already babysit the kids every week day so the weekend is our only day off from them). I don't really have much time to make anything decent, but I did add a few more things. I changed some prices up as well.

$10 for sketch (up to two characters)
This will give me a lot of artistic freedom. All I ask is if you'd prefer regular or chibi style.

$20 for colored (up to two characters)
Again, artistic freedom and I will use any traditional mediums as I feel. Also comes with either regular or chibi style.

All commissions will be done on 7x10 mix media paper.

If you are planning to commission me and know what you want (at either conventions), please tell me the details (note or comment) and I will try to have it already done by the time you come and visit me. You can pay me at the convention.

Thanks for reading~
:icontcookiem: and :icontemari-chi: are taking commissions~

Okay, I wanted to list the art supplies I like to use too ( idea taken from b-snippet )
cuz I really like to see what others use and stuff. I also like trying out new stuff when I have
the chance to~ I'll update it whenever I find something new I like too!



* Canson XL mix media pads - This is great for many things, like water colors, ink, markers, and oil pastels. It's thick enough to not really leak through. This also has perforated edges for easy tearing out! This is also the book I use for my commissions during convention times. The only downside about this is that it's uncomfortable for me to use my nibs on because this paper has a texture.

* Smooth Hot Press Illustration boards (Canson&Strathmore) - I loooooove these boards. They are the best for ink because of the super smooth surface it has. It's thick enough to handle most wet medias! But some are quite pricey because they come in rather large sizes, so be careful!

* Moleskine Sketch & Watercolor books - Super smooth paper and heavy duty. They come in small and compact sizes too so it's quite fun to take it with you everywhere you go. The only problem someone can really have with it is that the sketchbook has slightly tinted yellow pages instead of the bright white like the watercolor book. Great for sketches, watercolor and inks~

* Artist Trading Cards (Bristol & Watercolor) - Small and easy to use and send out.


* Copic Markers - Fun, nice softer colors, blend-able but expensive. A lot of people talk about them, so I'll leave it at that. If you want more information, feel free to ask. I know a lot about them because I studied them for a school project. Lol.

* Winsor & Newton Watercolor half pan set - I'm quite new to watercolor still, but I thought this was a great set for a beginner like myself. I'm not comfortable with watercolor tubes yet, so pans are very nice. I think they are less messy too (but still messy)!

* Sakura Micron pens - I'm in love with the different colors you can use for line arts. I have the navy blue, purple and burgundy. They are so lovely. I like to ink with very small nibs (005, 01, 02, 03) but the other colors come only in 05--and that's okay.

* Faber-Castell PITT pens - These were my very first set of art pens that I've received. It holds quite a lot of ink and lasted me a while. Sometimes I like using these more than the microns because these dry faster and doesn't blend with copics as much as the microns. Great pens but when you erase (I tend to erase hard, I think), sometimes the ink loses pigments, so you'll have to re-trace them.

* Derwent Inktense pencils - BEAUTIFUL bold colors. Inktense pencils are like watercolor pencils but are ink color pencils instead. Watercolor colors are more pastel or light, but ink washes are a lot more bold and bright. These are so beautiful to have and play around with. You can use them with water or keep it as color pencils or both! Once you add the water though, it's permanent!

* Derwent Colorsoft color pencils - Great and blend-able. The colors are wonderful and the pigment is strong.

* Nibs - Best way to ink, in my honest opinion, but I don't do it enough. Lol. I used to use them a lot and I should really practice more with them. I use 107 (harder nib) and the famous G-pen a lot of manga-kas use. Why? 107 - It's easier for me to control as to using 102 (softer). It really depends on how you like to use things. I don't like soft things because it usually results in me pressing a little too hard and ink spreads like crazy. G-pen nibs are great for a variety of different thicknesses in lines and it's also a harder nib. It looks weird though, but it's okay. I also use the Saji-pen which is more weirdly shaped, but very nice to use too! 107 nibs are more convenient to find in the stores (for obvious reasons).


* Krylon Workable Fixatif - This is super useful if you're like me. This is a spray that protects pencil, pastel and chalk drawings (practically anything that can be messy, but I don't think it can work with acrylic/oil paints--I haven't tried though). Sometimes, for bigger drawings that I want to watercolor but don't feel like inking/would possibly look better without ink, I use this spray. After I use it and let it dry, my pencil drawing is permanent and I could add my watercolors on top. This has several uses for me so I always have to have a can on hand for me!!


* For small watercolor drawings - Usually when I draw on the Artist Trading Cards, I don't line art my sketch. I just wet my paper with my sketch and the pencils are permanent! Easy peasy.

more coming soon

If you have a question, don't be afraid to ask!! Heheh! I'll be more than happy to answer questions regarding art supplies!
PLEASE CHECK OUT :icontcookiem: CUZ SHE'S DOING AWESOME AND CHEAP COMMISSIONS. Her cheebs are so cute and adorbs. Please check her outtt!

And since I'm doing that, I want ya'll to check out :icontemari-chi: too cuz she's doing COMMISSIONS too! She has the story there if you wanna find out why.

Please check them out if you have time and can! It would be so awesome if you could. These girls are talented and just need some dough.
Thanks for your time again! <3

Also--I will be attending Nebraskon officially, so yup! See some people there!! AND STEVE BLUM OMG.

Things happened before the con and during the con that made this con not so great of a con. Lol. BUT IT'S NOT THE PEOPLE'S FAULT OR ANYTHING. There were AMAZING people coming by left and right and all over. It was a fun experience, definitely.

It's just that Wednesday night/Thursday morning, someone had slashed the tires of my sister's car. That was SOOO frustrating and I was so pissed. STUPID CITY I SWEAR. Anyway, we had to get the tires fixed and all because we needed both cars to be working. So that was very annoying.

:iconart-on-a-stick: shared her table with me-- SO if you grabbed my card thinking it was hers or ours, it was not. It's just mine. Lol. She didn't put out her cards until half of the day Saturday. Lol. Nan is such an awesome tablemate. Seriously, I love hanging out with her even though we're both so awkward.

Nan got a commission from someone who wanted her drawn with her friend cosplaying as Tifa from FFVII. She never came to pick it up!! So if you're here or know that person, please contact Nan ( Art-on-a-Stick ) ASAP! She was wearing a pretty awesome gear clock ring too. I remember cuz I really loved it. Lol. SO YEAH! PLEASE CONTACT NAN!!

I waited in line so darn long. LOL. It's because I didn't get an AA badge with Nan so I had to wait in line forever. JK, but it was for an hour. And I was like amsdkjslfa. Oh well, when they called for last names of "S-Z" my sister and I rushed over. THANK GOD. LOL. We got there, it was going really well until I noticed my short supplies of buttons. OMG. I WAS LIKE FFFFFF--- I MADE SO MANY NEW BUTTONS FOR THIS CON AND ARGHHHH. I thought I had enough to last through this con, but dang guys, people of MN love buttons apparently and I WAS OUT. I only had the unpopular people/animes as buttons left by the end of this day. AHHH IT WAS CRAZY. LOl.

I WILL BE HAVING A SALE ON BUTTONS SOON I promise! It'll be the same deal it was at the con and free shipping to the USA too. Since people's been requesting a lot for Digimon buttons, I will make them too. AND I will throw in a secret gift in every purchase. Gawd, I'm so sorry about it. EVEN SO, people still remembered that I had Tsuritama buttons and Kids on the Slope/Sakamichi no Apollon buttons. OMG. YOU GUYS. I LOVE YOU GUYS. CUZ I LOVE THOSE SERIES SO MUCH. MY TEARS. I just have to wait for my supplies to come in.
I'm such a fail.

STILL, I saw so many familiar faces. I really love you guys. Like :icontoboewolf1: :iconpapuruami: :icontemari-chi: :iconyami-tsukiyomi: :iconwangsterr: :iconkanamesama913: and there was someone else but I'm not sure who--sorry. I wanted to go see :iconinnocent-rain: but she's so crazy busy along with :iconnakira:. I only got to see nakira for just a little bit on the wee last hours on Sunday.

NAN GOT ME THE EVANGELION ART BOOK "Die Sterne". OMGOMGOGM. I LOVE IT AND IT WAS SO--askja;sklj;asd WHAAA!!! I love it to pieces. I stayed up all night Friday into Saturday morning. After AA, I slept for 3 hours and stayed up all night again.

Oh. My mind is all over the place cuz I keep getting distracted writing this journal. LOl. WHOOPS. AHH. Um...
THANK YOU FOR EVERYONE WHO STOPPED BY MY TABLE AND SAID HI/BYE AND/OR BOUGHT SOMETHING FROM ME. OMG. I LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLL!!! I seriously do. And many thanks too for those who commissioned me throughout the whole weekend. Gosh, it was really nice and stuff. You guys are great.

Apparently there was this rule that there was supposed to be no food in the AA, but I had food all three days without knowing. LOL. WHAT. I WAS EATING IN FRONT OF A DUDE IN THE DEALER'S ROOM. LOL. Since our table was RIGHT next to the dealers. Oh well. Lol. The dealer's room didn't have as much as I hoped for. I was mainly looking for awesome figurines and stuff from my EVA babies. /sob

Let's see... to finish off this random blurb, I'm planning on attending Anime Nebraskon 2012 (Nov. 2-4) in the AA and meet Steve Blum!! OMG GUYS, STEVE BLUM. I need a confirmation from Nebraskon first though. I'm hoping to draw a lot more things. I'm feeling really inspired and all right now. I have plans, BIG PLANS. Haha, jk.

RANDOM NOTE: EVANGELION 3.0 Q's japanese release date is NOV.17, 2012 GUYS. YOU CAN BET THAT I'M GONNA DRAW A BIG PRINT FOR IT. YEAAAAAH. I CAN'T WAAAAAAAIITTTTT!!!! Someone fangirl with meee!!

AND GUYS. If you guys got this far, my studio name is known as The Seeking Solace Project. I bring this up because this is an actual project I'm working on! For those who bought something from me, some of the money I make gets donated to different non-profit organizations. My sister megaling is working on a webpage for it right now, but once it's up and running, I'll give you more details. Since there are three of us in the Seeking Solace project (my two older sisters and I), we choose three different non-profit organizations that we feel somewhat strongly for to donate to. Feel free to suggest us some groups too if you guys know any! We're not limiting it to just the ones we know. I just wanted to say this here for the people who helped buy things from us--this is where 30% of your money went! The three we chose this time are Doctors without Borders, Share our Strength and Wildcat Sanctuary. I greatly appreciate those who've helped make this happen! Thank you!!
:icontcookiem: Go and check her out cuz she's cool.

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Five Things About Me
- I'm the 9th child in my family
- My tools of trade traditionally are copic markers
- I love watercolors (pans and pencils)
- Don't like history
- My favorite shape is a heart. Lol.

1. How tall are you? What do you look like?
I'm 5 feet tall, making me 152.4 cm. LOL. I'm a typical Asian with black hair, dark brown eyes and black framed glasses. Yeah. Lovely, right?

2. Do you wear make up? If yes, or no, what do you normally do?
Nope. I just wash my face and go.

3. Do you have any pets? Would you like any?
My mom has a pet, so I guess I do. She has a dog... and no I don't want any pets. Maybe a fish?

4. What is the favourite thing you like in your art? By art I mean what ever art you do.
Um... favorite... favorite... I don't know. I like some of my sketches? I don't know.

5. What sorts of art do you do? Stuff that people may not know for example, like sketching. (Because I'd love to see all your works)
Well, I do sketch a lot without posting them anywhere (it's a pain to scan or take a decent picture of). I take pictures. When I have time and the things I need, I make jewelry. I also mold clay but I suck so bad at it. OTL Um. Yeah. That's all I can think of.

6. Do you do anything musical?
I am the most musically challenged person you'll ever know.

7. What printer do you have?
Wow, somehow I'm really excited about this question!! LOL. I have an Epson Artisan 725. <3

8. What sort of clothes do you typically wear?
T-shirts and shorts/jeans/sweatpants depending on where I'm going. (I only wear shorts at home).

9. What are you wearing right now? Don't change!
T-shirt that has a sun and two melting ice creams screaming at the sun saying "YOU MONSTER!!" cuz it's too hot out and boy shorts.

10. What's in your bag right now? Seriously, as in right now.
I normally don't have a bag, but my sister got me one. * u * I have my small moleskine sketch book, pencil pouch full of different pencils and my wallet.

11. List a couple of your favourite songs. Like five. Oh, questions! Right, um. What are five of your favourite songs?
- Losing by Tenth Avenue North
- Stronger by Mandisa
- Me without You by TobyMac
- Britney by Bebo Norman
- By my Side by Hemway

I love a lot of songs, but those were just the ones off the top of my head.

12. Go to your fridge, what is the first thing you see? And in the freezer?

My Questions
1. What's your favorite food? Junk food?
2. What's a bad habit of yours? Are you trying to change that?
3. If you were an animal, ANY animal, what would you be and why?
4. Do you believe in love at first sight? Why or why not?
5. Favorite shows that you're keeping up with? (Anime or TV or etc)
6. Do name brands matter to you?
7. Do you want to get married? Ever want kids? Why or why not?
8. Tell me something you love about yourself!
9. Who do you confide in the most?
10. What's your favorite electronic you own? (MP3, kindle, laptop, phone, etc?)
11. Where do you get inspiration from?