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**FINAL EDIT (fixed/adjusted/enhanced background image)**


Can this be greater than Titanic???
Who knows, but I'm psyched about this movie and wanted to design a desktop for it showcasing its romantic theme.

This could very well end up becoming my favourite film and well...I kinda want it on DVD already! Haha.
I'm becoming an Avatar geek and it hasn't even arrived yet.

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I love the movie too. I read there's going to be a part 2 of the movie
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wooh this is really great! If I would see this as a wallpaper in a store, and if I had the space in my room, I definitely would buy this :D
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amaaaaaazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! major avatar fan!, ur awesome
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I liked the messages it conveyed and hope it's popularity keeps the sentiments alive
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Major WOW!!stunning!!
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I love the movie so much and I love Jaytiri so much!!! Thank you for this posting and adding something for their love.
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beautiful great job looking forward to seeing the film myself,cant wait looks amazing.bravo!!:)
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you are most welcome all your work is great
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Beautiful. I love the blue... They way they look to each other... I'm speechless!

Haha I want it on DVD too!
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It is FAR BETTER than Titanic. (And I haven't even seen it in 3D yet, only 2D.) The only negative critique I can give is that the story structure is nothing new under the sun and some clichés were not (or could not be?) avoided. But it is *such* a treat otherwise, you forgive that little slip. I felt shivers run through my body several times and some scenes moved me enough that I got a bit teary. James Cameron and New Zealand's Weta Workshop did splendid work!
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I couldn't agree with you more, man!!! Though, I still cannot decide if it's a better movie than Titanic. It's soooo close...thing with Titanic is that it attached me to a movie nothing up until that point has ever done for me before. But now Avatar truly is another gorgeous movie and go figure...directed by James Cameron.
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I'm not sure comparing the two is fair, really. They're different concepts entirely. It's like trying to compare a snake and and orange, you know? Anyway, can't wait to see it in 3D next time! And I hope that, when the DVD comes out - which I will most definitely buy -, there'll be an extensive "Making Of" for me to feast upon (it's the Weta Workshop that worked on Avatar, same as LOTR, on which they did a mind-blowing job). I feel like a kid...!!! (Oh geeze! and my cat just farted... ewww!)
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True true....waaaay different.
And hey, knowing Cameron he'll most definitely have an incredible DVD lined up for this - hands down! I'll be disappointed if there won't be.
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Thanks for the help SEnigmatic X. It really is a beautiful piece.
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Hey, no worries bud. I really appreciate the compliment, thanks! :)
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The movie was amazing.Not only was everything colorful but all the moments in the movie capture you.I wanted some backgrounds on the colorful plants and stuff.ZOMG!Great job on putting this together.
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:hug: Thank you!! :) Glad you like it!
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